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The World's First Duffle Suitcase: Premium Bag | 19 Features
The World's First Duffle Suitcase: Premium Bag | 19 Features
The World's First Duffle Suitcase: Premium Bag | 19 Features
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    1. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Tonya: will be in touch with you to get this resolved!

    2. Tonya Trusty Woldridge on

      @customerservice - I noted months ago that one of the wall loops in my bag detached from the floor. I was advised to get the bag repaired and send the receipt to W&O for reimbursement. No where local to me will repair the bag. What is the next step in getting my matter resolved?

    3. Ian on

      Still looking to sell my black leather duffle with toiletry case if anybody is interested. It's a great bag, just not a good fit for me. Still brand new.

    4. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Steve: Thank you so much for the follow up and we're glad that everything's been worked out. We're a small team working to fill big shoes–we're getting there! Enjoy your new bag!! : )

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve OHanlon on

      @Wool and Oak -

      I just wanted to say thank you for rectifying the below zipper issue with my Oak bag.
      Ryan was not only helpful, but super candid and honest. The replacement Oxblood bag is not only beautiful, but the zipper is so much smoother. The level of customer service I received (after learning that he was handling most inquires alone or part of at most a 2 person team) was stellar. He checked in every step of the way, gave me options as the Oak color was sold out, and even signed me up for fulfillment and shipping notifications. Wool and Oak keep making gorgeous bags and the growing pains of a new company will be easily tackled. Thanks again Ryan.

    6. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Steve: We are very sorry about this lapse in communication–we will be in touch via email very shortly.

    7. Missing avatar

      Steve OHanlon on

      Hello -

      This is my 2nd post here - I commented back on 12/19 that I had a defective bag. I reached out to the support contact (email address) on the Wool and Oak website and did not receive a response. I then posted about my defective zipper on my bag below and received a response in record time. Perhaps there is a better response rate on the kickstarter page?

      Long story short - Wool and Oak reached out and admitted that some of the oak colored bags were sent out with defective zippers. Ok, no stress I get it; they agreed to an exchange and sent me a return label to remedy the situation. I sent the bag back and waited for an update from their end. According to the tracking #, my bag arrived back to them on 12/28/2016. I followed up with Ryan on both 1/1/17 and 1/4/17 for a simple update. Both requests were met with silence. So I submitted a new issue (#1539) - copied below for reference for both Wool and Oak support staff and potential buyers of the product - on 1/5/2017 as now I have no original bag, no new exchanged bag with a non-defective zipper, nor have I received a refund or had any communication from Wool and Oak.

      Can someone please let me know the status of my exchange please? This is not the kind of customer service I would have 'backed" and am disappointed in how things have been handled so far. I will update all on the next steps as this is a good gauge of a company.

      (A copy of the new request below for reference - I removed the tracking number FYI)

      Hello -

      In regards to request (971) submitted on 12/16/2016, can you please give me an update on receiving a non-defective bag? According to the tracking information, the bag with the malfunctioning zipper should have arrived (returned for an exchange) at your HQ last Wednesday; tracking ####.

      Please respond as soon as possible with remedies for this. I've been impressed with the kick starter campaign and the look of the bag, but so far the bag quality and the support response time have been less that ideal. The only true response I received was in response to a comment left on the kick starter page. Should I reach out there?

      I look forward to hearing from you,

    8. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Scott: Please send an email to us right away at and we will look into this for you!

    9. Missing avatar

      Scott Tripp

      Mine still hasn't arrived??

    10. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Steve: We are so sorry to hear about this issue–please send photos to us at and we will get the issue addressed for you right away!

    11. Missing avatar

      Steve OHanlon on

      Love the bag, absolutely LOVE it.

      Unfortunately, to my dismay, when I went to pack for a trip this weekend (the first time EVER using the bag) the the main zipper broke. While zipped closed, it came apart and when I tried to open the zipper so I could try to re-close it, the teeth completely frayed from the cloth; without the main zipper the bag isn't usable. The teeth appear "off track." No undue force was applied in any manner. I can't move the zippers back or forth and it's essentially useless in this current state. Please also note there wasn't anything in the bag yet so it wasn't an overfilling issue.

      Is this a common occurrence with Wool and Oak bags? For the price tag and the amount of delays I'm seriously bummed out. I see below there have been some zipper issues.

      Please let me know if there is any way we can rectify this or what my next steps are to fix this zipper problem.


    12. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Frederik: Thank you SO MUCH for both your support, and also for letting everyone else know that you're happy with your Duffle Suitcase! We wish you all the best on your many voyages ahead!

    13. Missing avatar

      Frederik Trojaborg Julian on

      I thoroughly enjoy my bag! It looks great and I love the way it's structured inside. Definitely lives up to my expectations!

    14. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @September: Thank your for reaching out about this, and we’re happy to hear that you’re pleased with the Black Leather Duffle!

      Regarding your concerns about the Oak leather:
      We definitely do not use any lament leather nor would we ever! We only use full grain leather, and what we suspect in this case is the feeling of the high oil content needed in order to create the Oak color and effect.

      I spent months over out our tannery in India and saw this first hand. Full grain leather will have imperfections such as scars, barb wiring marks, bites, stretching and veining. One way to avoid this is by using calf skin, which at our price point is not feasible. Another way to avoid the natural marks, which was a personal choice and a demand I made to my factory, is when we die cut all of our patterns I specifically have them avoid 90% of any natural markings from the hide. This means we place our dies, each piece that cuts and makes the bag, and cut where the leather is the smoothest and with the least amount of imperfections. I also advise them to lightly spot buff the top of the hide. My tannery uses the lowest grade possible, which is the lightest amount of buffing, when spot buffing a hide. This light buffing improves the durability of the surface as well. Our oil pull process is a very heavy process and there is a lot of oil pull in this leather, thus making it a bit more high maintenance. All of our Oak bag come in a 10% color range and a 10% blemish range.

      If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to us at!

    15. September Roman on

      In fact, upon closer inspection this Oak one is definitely laminated Leather and not full grain.

    16. September Roman on

      The Oak Leather bag feels and looks cheap compared to the uber nice Black Leather bag that I got for my spouse. I am really disappointed in mine.

    17. September Roman on

      The Oak Leather bag feels and looks cheap compared to the under nice Black Leather bag that I got for my spouse. I am really disappointed in mine.

    18. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Ryan: Thank you so much for your praise of the bag, and also for sharing such a great tip the backer community about the large smart water bottle! Perhaps we should strike up a partnership with them... : )

      So happy to hear you're pleased with the bag! We look forward to hearing about more adventures you take–and complements you receive!

    19. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Finally had a trip where I could use my bag. Was gone for 3 days and I only brought my duffle. I usually bring a book bag to carry my stuff for the plane but with the design of this bag I didn't need to because everything is so well organized.

      One small thing I always look for with carry on luggage is a place to put a water bottle. Usually I can fit one underneath a strap on some other way but I did not immediately see a way with this duffle but very happy to report there is one. If you buy a large smart water bottle it fits perfectly in the umbrella straps.

      The bag looked very smart and I received a handful of compliments. I love this bag!

      Thank you again.


    20. Ian on

      @Billy sent you a message thru your website. Can't seem to contact through KS.

    21. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Hannah: We truly appreciate your very high praise of the bag, and especially your patience while we worked through your shipment!!! We are absolutely working on improving our logistics for international backers; with 2,400+ bags shipped to backers in over 70 countries since August, we've learned an incredible amount about how we can further improve our processes–we promise that these lessons are being put to work!

      Again, thank you so much again and enjoy your bag!!!

    22. Hannah Kosuge on

      Well, it's been a loooonnngggg time coming but today my bag finally arrived, and I have to say............. I LOVE IT! Definitely worth the wait! It's a great size for carry on, has a really sturdy build and is just freaking gorgeous. Zips are a little stiff but I'm sure they will loosen up with time. The clips on the toiletries bag seem tough enough to me and it going to be great not to have to rummage around to find liquids at the airport. The canvas is thick and clearly of high quality. Wool and oak, your shipping service has let you down, but for everyone out there who has had the same issue as me.... hold out! Like I say, it's worth the wait. For sure this is the best project I've backed to date. Good luck with your new venture!

    23. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Haiko: Thank you for reaching out–we will look into this right away & be in touch with you!

    24. Haiko Hörnig on

      Hi Wool & Oak Team. Two weeks ago, I wrote in an email to your support that my tracking status hasn't updated since September 26. I've contacted German DHL and they told me they can only give out information to the original sender of the package, so there's nothing I can do from my end to check were my bag ended up. I haven't heard back from you yet, I know you guys are busy, and I don't want to stress you out, but a simple line that you're looking into my problem would ease my anxiety :) Thanks! - Haiko

    25. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Sean: Thanks so much for sharing with everyone! It was an awesome piece! : )

    26. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Sam: Thank you so much for all of the praise about the bag, and also for the words of encouragement! We're a very small team supporting a very large number of orders, and it's awesome to hear that we're doing well as such a brand new company! We are indeed constantly working on improvements and design tweaks for our products, and you will all be kept informed as soon as they're available! Thank you so much again for the kind words & support! Cheers!

    27. Missing avatar

      Sean Sy on

      Conratz Wool and Oak Team! you were featured in Bloomberg!

    28. Sam Woods on

      Bag arrived this week. Absolutely stoked with it. The quality and the look of the bag is top notch. I saw comments unhappy with the colour of the oak bag which I think is crazy because it is very similar to as advertised and looks great in the flesh! I agree with the comments about zippers being tough but this should ease over time - nothing to worry about imo. As addressed the toiletry bag issue is present and it would be good to see a workaround developed by Wool & Oak... Overall though I'm a very happy backer.

      Big credit to Wool & Oak who have been super responsive and gave us regular updates. There were delays and challenges but I was very thankful to receive clear communication about these when they occurred. A pitfall for kickstarter campaigns is to serially undervalue the need for constant and open communication. I urge the team to take an even more proactive and engaged approach in their newest project (which also looks fantastic).

      All the best to the company.

    29. Daniel Nguyen on

      Hi backers! It's a long shot but wondering if anyone happened to miss out on the the KS campaign and was looking for the brown duffle suitcase with the toiletry bag (early bird)? It's a real shame but it's just a little bit too big for my liking and is just being neglected in my closet at the moment. If you're keen, send me a message. Cheers :)

    30. Missing avatar


      @Ian, possibly. Feel free to drop me a message. Should be able to via the website in my profile.

    31. Ian on

      Is anyone interested in purchasing a black leather bag with brass fittings and toiletry bag? I'm finding it just isn't a good fit for me. Still brand new, never used.

    32. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Sean Sy: Thanks so much for sharing, and awesome to hear that you love the bag! Yes we do plan to do an informative series on packing, bag care, tips, & etc, so please stay tuned for that!

    33. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Jason: We're very sorry that these issues came about with your bag! This is not characteristic of the quality we've committed to delivering to every single backer. We don't see that you've reached out to yet, so please shoot us an email with photos and we will get you taken care of ASAP.

    34. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Jason We are very sorry to hear this. This definitely should not have happened. Please send us an email at and we will promptly get you taken care of. Cheers

    35. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      After my first weekend trip with the bag, the main zipper broke. While zipped closed, it came apart and when I tried to open the zipper so I could try to re-close it, the teeth completely frayed from the cloth. The bag is completely useless now. I know a first run product can have issues but after one trip, this is a disappointment.

    36. Missing avatar

      Sean Sy on

      Got the bag! love it! Thank you!

      Will you be posting tips or videos for leather care for the bag etc? TIA

    37. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Frederik: Thank you so much for your patience! We're finally expecting to receive our inventory shipment into our US warehouse today–it was recently subjected to some prolonged customs delays but it has finally cleared! Once our warehouse has received the inventory we expect all remaining shipments to begin leaving by the end of this week. When we have a firm timeline we will update all backers. Thank you so much for hanging in there while we work through this!

    38. Missing avatar

      Frederik Trojaborg Julian on

      I have yet to receive my bag or a tracking number and would like a status update on the 2nd shipment...

    39. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Austin: Thank you so much for the kind words about the bag! For the comments regarding the toiletry kit, please reach out to us directly at and we'll be in touch!

    40. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Su-Li Chin: We absolutely understand that waiting for shipping updates can be frustrating, and we can confirm we've received all of your communications. We've been eagerly awaiting our 3rd inventory shipment so we can provide you (and all remaining backers) with substantive updates to their shipping statuses. Our current inventory shipment–expected early last week–has been delayed by customs which does not have a standard time of completion; we've needed to be patient while it has worked through the process, but we expect our warehouse to finally receive inventory later on this week!

      That being said we appreciate the importance of keeping the lines of communication open, so in the event of delays such as this (which we intend to resolve in the near term with our inventory buildup) we can certainly provide more frequent updates to backers that have reached out, even if it's just a check-in. Just like our backers, we can't wait to ship these bags out so they can be put to use, and as soon as we begin moving our new shipments out the doors everyone will be informed! We can't thank you enough for your patience while we work through this!

    41. Missing avatar

      Su-Li Chin on

      Or at least a tracking number?

    42. Missing avatar

      Su-Li Chin on

      Hi guys, I've written in twice to ask why my bags' delivery is so delayed and the first time someone said they'd get back to me soon. Now there's just been silence. It's really frustrating to see you can reply to others compliments here but not to issues brought up in private. It's even more frustrating and very difficult to be excited about your new proposed backpack when I haven't received the duffle I should have received months ago (since I was meant to be included in the first shipment).
      Could someone please just tell me what's happening, and if I'm even getting my 2 bags now?

    43. Missing avatar

      Austin Langlois on

      Love the bag. Except first trip with the bag... a snap on my toiletry bag fell off. So now I only have 3... instead of 4. Is there someway I can get it replaced?

      Also -- note: you can't check the bag at the airport with the toiletry bag on the outside... and when I tried to carry it on, the toiletry bag fell off when being jostled with the other bags in the overhead compartment.

    44. Michael O'Guin on

      It's a great looking bag with top quality leather and construction. It's obviously a well thought out design too. However, I just took my oak version on it's first trip, 3 days, and found some issues. First, the interior zip in partitions are a great idea and should work well in organizing your packing. The problem is that the pockets aren't gusseted and when you put anything in the pockets the partition wrinkles, which makes it darn near impossible to zip, at least on my bag. Even with nothing in the partitions they're hard to zip, especially around the curves. Second, if you use the shoe pockets it limits what you can pack, so it's an either or decision if you want to pack shoes in there or pack more clothing. I suspect that if you're a woman or a smaller man then the problem wouldn't be as big a deal. My shoes are a size 12 EEE. Which brings up another observation, the video showing the bag being packed must be using clothes for a smaller man. There is no way I could get that amount of my clothes in the bag. FYI, I'm 6'3" and 225 and I couldn't get anywhere near that amount of clothing so I wound up carrying a second bag as well. Last, the toiletries bag, that's meant to be attached to the side of the duffle, will not stay snapped, It was difficult to attach to start with, you need small and very flexible fingers, and it was continually coming loose. I realize that these are nitpicks and I really do like the bag, but I wish I could actually use all of the features as they're demonstrated in the video. I've got more trips scheduled and I'm sure I'll get more efficient at packing, however I doubt that the problem with the zippers on the partitions or the snaps on the toiletries bag will resolve themselves, so I'm looking for a work around

    45. Missing avatar

      Ross Lowry

      Awesome bag!!! Love the olive color.

      Two trips down, many to go. My only complaint is my shoes don't fit in the shoe slots. So, I just chuck them in my Red Oxx and move on.

    46. Travis Britton on

      It finally arrived, after much torment from Parcel forces website/delivery.

      What an amazing bag! Can't wait to take it half way around the world with me next week!

    47. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Craig: Thank you so much for the kind words, and also for the recommendations on potential influencers we could contact! Regarding the toiletry kit (and other products): Yes! We are working hard on improvements, new products and additional offerings–you will see some of these announced very soon, and as backers you will all be first to know about any new products we come up with! Thanks so much for backing us, and enjoy your bag!!!

    48. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Richard: Thank you so much for posting this tip for our UK backers! : )

    49. Wool & Oak 3-time creator on

      @Haiko: For cases like this we recommend that you reach out to your local DHL office to see if there are specific needs to have your bag released from local customs. If you browse the comments below you'll see a number of backers have provided helpful tips on gathering their packages that have appeared "stuck". And of course if you need additional information from us to have the package released please contact us directly at and we'll get you whatever info is necessary!

    50. Craig Severance on

      Guys one more comment about the bag, I love the toiletries kit, & wanted to make a suggestion about other uses such as using it to store some of my electronics accessories, or to store my medicine & vitamins while traveling. I hope you offer the ability to buy an extra toiletries bag or two, and maybe include it as an add-on to your next project. Good luck and I'm sure I'll see more articles on the bag in travel magazines, maybe even someone like Rick Steve's or Samantha Brown will recommend it as a travel bag for it's versatility.

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