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This English language edition tells the story of a Puerto Rican patriot--one of the world's longest held political prisoners
72 backers pledged $4,183 to help bring this project to life.

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Free Oscar Lopez Rivera!

Dear friends,

As many of you already know, the signed books were mailed out, and I have received happy emails from a number of folks pleased with the contents. I am writing this final update of this project to give you all some brief news, and to once again thank you for your support.

First, a word on the book and the tour: Last month, an energized Dr. Luis Nieves Falcon took us by storm, passionately retelling the story of Oscar's life and incarceration, motivating us to intensify our work for his release. At events in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York, he impressed us all with his strength of vision and spirit. Sadly, upon return to San Juan, he had to be hospitalized, but is out of intensive care and fully on the mend. We wish Dr. Nieves Falcon all the best, and thank him for his steadfast commitment.

Second, a word on the rewards: By now, everyone receiving this note who provided us with your address and pledged at the appropriate level should have received their copy of Between Torture and Resistance, signed by Dr. Falcon and myself. If you have not, please send me a note, and I will see what I can do. PLEASE NOTE, however, that the other rewards are still on their way, shipped separately through their publishers--Let Freedom Ring from PM Press, the Oscar book in Spanish and the Filiberto book from San Juan, etc. So those should be with you shortly.

Finally, we must not forget the most important point of all; we must intensify our efforts to free Oscar. Today is a little more than mid-way point in the "32 Days for 32 years" campaign of the National Boricua Human Rights Network. At the end of this month, Oscar will have served 32 years behind bars. Please check out the work of NBHRN, and continue to do whatever you can to aid the work of the campaign.

Thanks again for all your support, patience, and struggle. Together, we will bring Oscar home.


Matt Meyer

Brooklyn, New York

Luis Nieves Falcon en route to USA

Dear colleagues,

Our dear esteemed Dr. Luis Nieves Falcon, editor of Oscar Lopez Rivera's Betweeen Torture and Resistance, will be travelling to the u.s.a. in the next couple of days, for a series of events officially launching the English edition. The first of these will be taking place on April 11 in Chicago; he will be in NYC from April 17-21, and will make stops in Philadelphia and elsewhere. If you'd like more information about these events, please contact the National Boricua Human Rights Network at

During Dr. Nieves Falcon's time in NYC, he will be signing all of the books you have patiently waited for and warmly deserve. They will be sent out as soon as they are signed. We again apologize for all the delays, but trust you will not be disappointed when you see the beautiful publication, see your own name in the acknowledements page, and know that - through this effort - you have helped Oscar come one step closer to home.

Though this project is officially now coming to a conclusion, clearly the work needed for Oscar's ultimate release from prison - more joyous (and more needed) than any book release! - is far from over. Please stay in touch, and we will likewise let you know when other vital initiatives for Oscar, and for the freedom of all those many unjustly behind bars, take place.

Forward Ever,

Matt Meyer 

Books have arrived!

Dear friends,

At long last, and after too many delays, a box of books arrived at my door some days ago - and they are wonderful! I have just gotten off the phone with Dr. Luis Nieves Falcon, and while they have not yet made it to San Juan, plans are now underway for him to make a rare trip to the U.S. for a select group of book launch events.

We will be working over the next weeks getting all the signatures and collecting all of the premiums which you asked for and deserve for your essential early contributions to this effort. Some of you who did not request any items have received your copies of the book already. The rest will be sent over the next month.

At an event some time ago when participants expected the book to be present, I apologized for the delays - noting that the books would be with us soon. We were reminded at that time that the real work was to hasten the end of another delayed arrival: We must use this new publication to hasten the homecoming of Oscar Lopez Rivera.

With our work together, he too will be with us soon.

Forward Ever!

Matt Meyer

Books to be Back from Publisher and Sent Soon

Dear friends and supporters,

I have seen some of you in person over the past few weeks, so for some this is not news. But for those who have not heard already, let me first send apologies: Oscar Lopez Rivera's book was supposed to be back from the printers and on its way to you some months ago. The bad news is that printing delays (due in part to the full color center insert) have taken longer than any of us ever expected they would. The good news is that I have been assured, in a meeting a few days ago with our publishers - PM Press, that the printing is almost complete and the books should be hot off the presses very soon, and finally on their way to you!

For those of you who did not request a copy of the book, please note that they are available on line directly from PM Press, at They will also be available, as the saying goes, "wherever fine books are sold."

For those of you whose contributions included a book, and - for some - other additional premiums, know that we have not forgotten you!! We will gather your books first, collect the promised signatures and other items, and send those off to you in the coming weeks. 

In addition, we are currently planning for a short book launch tour to several major U.S. cities - hopefully featuring editor Luis Nieves Falcon and Oscar's daughter Clarissa. This will likely take place in early April, and we will let you know the specifics of it as soon as everything is confirmed.

We thank you all for your patience and your ongoing support. We know that together, with perseverance and unity, we can free Oscar Lopez Rivera.

Matt Meyer

Oscar Lopez Rivera book going to press!

Dear friends and supporters,

Though we are a little behind our originally scheduled time-line, I am pleased to report that the English edition of Oscar Lopez Rivera's Between Torture and Resistance is finally going to press. We will be gathering the gifts and thank-you's for your generous donations to this project over the next month, and hope to have them - along with the new book - in your hands at some point in November. Then the next phase of work - to spread the book far and wide in order to intensify the campaign for Oscar's immediate release - will be upon us.

with warm regards to all,

Matt Meyer