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Pier Solar is the biggest 16-bit RPG ever and it's coming to you in high definition for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux & Sega Dreamcast!
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Pier Solar HD Certification Status, Elysian Shadows & Juicy Diary.

Posted by WaterMelon Co. (Creator)

Hi Everyone, we're really close! PSHD has been in certification rounds and as soon as it's approved we'll have a release date. I'm very hopeful it will be by the end of September. Anyway, before I dive into that we have a have a bunch of stuff to talk about.

Elysian Shadows - an aRPG for Sega Dreamcast

Elysian Shadows is a brand new Action RPG for Sega Dreamcast, developed by ES Team. ES is developed using their own custom designed, proprietary game engine to offer a unique set of features such as: dynamic lighting and shadows, alternating 2D/3D perspectives, positional audio and platforming mechanics. 

We're excited to announce that we're publishing Elysian Shadows on the Sega Dreamcast (don't worry, this has absolutely zero impact on Pier Solar's release timeline)! Like WM, the guys over at ES Team are extremely passionate and dedicated and we couldn't be more excited to support them! 

Elysian Shadows is nearly funded on Kickstarter with over 100k in funding and about 2 weeks left. There are limited edition copies of Elysian Shadows available (limited to 550, available in every region, US, EU, JP) as well as regular editions and a ton of other cool pledges. 

For more details and to help make ES a reality check out their Kickstarter here. 

Make your own games for Dreamcast 

Moreover, ES Team is releasing their toolkit (ESTk) for developing Dreamcast games! ESTk is modeled after unity and can be used by beginners. Meaning if you've ever been interested in developing your own Dreamcast games, this will be by far the best kit available. And it will be free! Another reason to support their Kickstarter to make this all a reality. 

Pier Solar 

We know everyone has been waiting patiently for the final release dates for Pier Solar on Dreamcast and each of the modern platforms. We're in the absolute final stages of bug testing and submissions/acceptance with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. 

Pier Solar is almost here and as soon as we get our final acceptance (SO soon!!!!), we will announce the final release dates and you'll be playing Pier Solar HD in no time.

Juicy Diary Episode 5

Here's another episode of the Juicy Diaray. In this episode we show a bit of our insatiable pursuit of improvement. The subject was covered a few updates ago, but now you can have an inside view of how it happened. :)

 Best regards.


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    1. Missing avatar

      miguel Panaiagua on

      Hey i never got a survey to choose what region packaging i want. Do we get that later or should we have been gotten that.

    2. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      @ Stig Høgset: The Xbox 360 is held up because we can't get a license to publish on it, and publishers don't want to publish it. The Xbox One version is ok because we got the license.

    3. Stig Høgset on

      Didn't the Xbox360 version get dropped due to... disagreements? Or did I read that wrong the last update?

    4. Giga_Force on

      So close! I can't wait to play this on the Dreamcast! :)