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Pier Solar is the biggest 16-bit RPG ever and it's coming to you in high definition for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux & Sega Dreamcast!
Pier Solar is the biggest 16-bit RPG ever and it's coming to you in high definition for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux & Sega Dreamcast!
3,519 backers pledged $231,370 to help bring this project to life.

Dreamcast and Other News ;)


Hello, Backer & Friends!

One more great update for you, this time regarding to one of the most wanted news ever: Pier Solar for Dreamcast!

In this video Tulio shows you parts of the game running on Dreamcast, also one big surprise that you, Dreamcast lovers, will be so excited to find out! And, of course... We made some extra juice just for you! You must watch it to get it! 

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We hope you have fun watching this video, and also that you enjoy the information we shared here today!

Remember, for any questions you can always contact our Support at We are also on Twitter (@watermelongames) and Facebook (

Take care,

- WM Team

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    1. Matt EH on

      Is that constant beep part of the actual game or just the debug version? Because.... :/

    2. Missing avatar

      clement hamel on

      What's the latest on the release date? I'm perfectly alright with WM taking as long as it takes to make the game the best possible game so this little delay is big deal for me. I was just wondering if the guys at WM had a projected release date.

    3. Seit Doresi on

      I had to pause the video to let me nerd-gasm calm the f*ck down.

    4. Blackmore on

      Oh yeah! Pledged for the PC version but kicked in extra on the WM shop for the Dreamcast version. BRING IT ONNNNNNN!

    5. Mogalious on

      2014 is going to be so awesome just because of this.
      My DC is already spinning in anticipation. ^_^
      Love you WaterMelon!

    6. Diogo Vasconcelos on

      Thank you for the update. :)

    7. AlphaOmegaSin on

      Looks absolutely awesome so far :D Was also glad to see the VMU functionality too. Keep it up guys and gals \m/

    8. André Silva on

      Nice update! Thank you guys!
      But I had to watch more than once to understand the informations, because I laugh a lot with Tulio as a newscaster! Very funny! He proves that really got charismatic communication skills!
      Next time, you could call RubyWoo to share the workbench with you and Fonzie to show the weather forecast. :p

    9. FlamingFirewire on

      Does the Dreamcast version have 16:9 VGA support?

    10. J.R. Raith on

      Fantastic information! Thanks for finally showing the Dreamcast version. :D I'm super excited to try it and to put a lot of batteries into my VMUs. :)

      Congratulations on finally hearing back from Microsoft! That sounds like it should be its own Achievement Unlocked. :P

    11. Kermit Enoc Rodriguez on

      This is great I'm looking forward to this game so much.

    12. DrLeatherface on

      Amazing job guys!! The vmu stuff is looking fantastic!

    13. Charles Smith on

      I hope we will see WIDESCREEN mode option on the Dreamcast , especially for VGA mode.
      Please also support RGB mode. This is assumed but I am looking forward to playing on my Sony PVM Monitor in RGB+Sync as well as my VGA Monitor

    14. Missing avatar

      naiaru on

      What about the anamorphic widescreen mode stretch goal we passed? Don't leave us hanging man!

    15. Missing avatar

      Anthony Arakelian on

      Ah, how I miss the simple joy of VMU games. 2014, get here soon!

    16. Hugo Desautels on

      Once more, PLEASE leave some way for US to be able to use the debug menu!! I just LOVE farming in fast foward in all thoses emulators!! :) PRETTY PLEASE!!

    17. Valeriy on

      "Vixen 357" mecha on the wall!

    18. Flavia Fernandes Cardoso Rocha Monat on

      Tulio, you look great as a newscaster! You should think about it, like a second job! Lol. I'm kidding! You're doing very well! Congrats!

    19. Missing avatar


      Looks great and i cant wait,really happy you guys have supported the Dreamcast so well-thank you!

    20. Pedro Luiz Failla Junior on

      Incredible. We will see in XBOX next video?

    21. Geondp on

      That vmu footage is #MegaMaxMagic !

    22. closedsocket on

      Yes.....!!! YES!!!!! This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Footage like this makes me say take as much time as you need to finish an as polished version as you can. This looks amazing! Super excited now! I no longer feel bad about the delay!