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Pier Solar is the biggest 16-bit RPG ever and it's coming to you in high definition for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux & Sega Dreamcast!
3,519 backers pledged $231,370 to help bring this project to life.

Game Development Status + PlayStation Announcements!

Posted by WaterMelon Co. (Creator)

Greetings, Kickstarters, backers, and friends!

We are here today with fresh news about the development stages of Pier Solar HD for you. Since all of the topics for this update are major, we decided to produce a video where Tulio talks about everything you want to know. 

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We hope you all will be excited with the great news we have, and most of all, we count on your kind support during the last steps of the game completion. 

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for upcoming news!

You can contact us through our Magical Game Factory, Facebook Page, or Twitter.

Take care!

- WM

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    1. Missing avatar

      CM Lugo on

      I would definitely like to have mines switched from 360 to PS4 if possible. It would get played a lot more if that happened as I keep my 360 in the living room and the PS4 in my bedroom....where all my entertaining entertainment is.

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Cant wait. I hope that the widescreen mode on DC isnt only supported via vga. I'll be playing the game on a HD widescreen crt via svideo and then again on a xbox one on a Plasma widescreen hd tv. Also will test out the resolution of the dc on a LCD widescreen via vga box. Will be interesting to see the highest widescreen resolution they go with. The max resolution via the vga is 800x600 however thats not widescreen. Guess it would have to be 800x533 to maintain a proper 16:9 aspect ratio.

    3. Guillaume Drolet on

      Thanks for the news. Don't sweat it guys, take the time you need to release the game as good as it can be. I'm sure there is a good reason why you couldn't make it in time. There's not rush, there are a thousand other games to play in the meantime.

      I just wanted to add as well that, even though your news videos aren't necessarily very "professional" and that you might not have the best charismatic/communication skills, I really like your videos because of how honest they are about who you are and it's refreshing from the usual multi-million dollar corporations out there. Stay awesome and dorky!

    4. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      Hello, @Ryo Hazuki! We haven't yet sent out the surveys for Dreamcast, however we're preparing our next update to talk about Dreamcast status and some other important things as well! Thank you for the concern!

      And thank you all for your support towards WM and the whole situation with MS. It seems like things are working out better now! Like we said before, as soon as we have news about it, we will let you all know.

    5. Brett Morehouse on

      More console choice is always good. I'm still waiting to pick this up for Wii U. Hopefully, I can get it for $15 - just like this Kickstarter.

      Still, I very much want to enjoy this game, and I much anticipate receiving my OST :D

    6. Ryo Hazuki on

      Hello WaterMelon

      I have full faith in the project and I am totally excited for the game to come out I just have one small question. For us that backed the project for the Dreamcast when will the surveys for which region we want to choose come in? or have I just missed the email?

    7. Hugo Desautels on

      You have GOT to leave some way to keep the debug/fastforward function in the final game!!

      Final Fantasy 12 ZODIAC edition had it and i though it was the most incredibly awesome thing to have in a game ever!! (Chrono Cross also had it in new game plus and it was really nice!)

      I LOVE to play old games with emulators and map a button to save state, one to load state, and one to fast forward.... PLEASE, Leave thoses functions as OPTIONS in the final release!!!! :)

    8. James Kennedy on

      I would actually prefer a Wii-U version to the 360 version... So yeah, I would happily switch my platform.

    9. Missing avatar

      Esvext on

      I hope it will come to Xbox One too and I'll have the choice to get the Xbox 360 or Xbox One version. If not, I think I'll take the PS4 version because I'm getting the PS4 when inFamous Second Son is released.

    10. Will on

      Definitely would change my xbox360 version to a PS4!

    11. J.R. Raith on

      Glad to see Microsoft has stepped up finally. The game is looking great and I can't wait to play it on my Dreamcast! I think I will also buy it on a properly HD platform so that I can get thew updated wide screen stuff, but I'm happy to hear it's been progressing so well. A 3 month update is a small bummer, but that's only because I'm excited. :) It's better thathan a different Dreamcast game that I funded that's about a year overdue. :(

    12. Brash Smith on

      In lieu of the ps3/ps4 announcement could you make digital slip covers for ps3 and ps4 box styles so we print them out and can make a "fake" physical copy?

    13. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      UPDATE (of the update!): Microsoft has contacted us! They got a hold of us, we talked by phone, and it looks like good news will be coming along! Many thanks to all of you who sided with us and supported our game! As soon as we have more information we will share with all of you. Thank you, guys! - WM

    14. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      @Pwndius Pilatus Thanks, man! Our dev. and test kits for PS4 have been with us for a few weeks now! :D

    15. Pwndius Pilatus on

      Folks I am really sure, that Sony will provide you a ps4 dev kit for a very good price^^

      You can also btw check if they really love indies as much as they say

    16. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      @Douglas Blissett Hey, man! We are going to analyze the possibility. Thank you for your message!

      @Raithos The OST will be up for regular sale, yes, on our website ( Thanks!

      @Samuel Garner Hi, Samuel! For the backers who requested the OST reward only, we will send them before the release of the games, so no, you will not have to wait until March to receive them! Thanks for the reminder!

    17. Samuel Garner on

      Congrats on the big news. I would like to know if the people such as myself who purchased the OST. Will that be sent out as planned or do "WE" have to wait til March?

    18. Raithos on

      Wow that was a great update, thanks guys! I backed the collector's edition for Dreamcast but was not able to afford the 4CD OST at the time, it shows 579 were left. Am I able to purchase one those that are left? Not sure if it will let me up the amount I backed, or if I can pay for it separate but would really like to be able to get a copy of it. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

    19. Douglas Blissett on

      Is there any chance that on the PS4 version could use the second screen functionality with the Vita to emulate the Wii U gamepad?

    20. DCGX on

      While I always welcome any game to be fully complete when it's release, if a patch is needed for the Dreamcast version (or additional DLC!), there's always the Dreamcast SD card reader. I know Duranik was looking into possible Dreamcast DLC for their title 'Sturmwind' using the SD reader even before that game was released.

    21. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      @Norm Huizenga "Gwénaël: because else menu wouldn't be openable, menu is always ex-centred to the left of screen. Also, the PS logo isn't round, it's a illusion, so it wouldn't work at all" -- message delivered, Norm!

    22. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      Hi everybody, and thanks for all the supportive comments.

      Here are some replies for you:

      @DVBF: The OUYA version is on par with all other versions and is targeted for release at the initial launch.

      @Norm Huizenga: The speedup feature most likely won't make to the final game... but who knows... maybe a cheat code? About the logo, I'll ask Fonzie and get back to you. I'm sure he'll have some geeky graphic designer explanation for it.

      @Josh Argueta: We haven't contacted anyone directly other than the official channels of communication (either by URL or e-mail). We'll try all the channels we can to get it rolling. Thanks for the tip.

      @naiaru: The Dreamcast? It is right behind me, hooked to the CRT TV. :D No seriously, the DC port is going well and it was recently shown at RetroBarcelona by our awsome programmer. I'll have a backer update just to talk about the DC and show a bit the VMU minigame. :D

      @James Storino: We're really sorry for the inconvenience, we did what we could to avoid it but in the end it's just better to have a good quality product than a rushed release and then have to patch it all over.

      @Kevin Berryman: We won't give up on Xbox or Microsoft. We'll continue to pursue all venues possible to get through and get licensed. If we get it too late for the initial launch (i.e. within 1 month) we'll have to have a separate launch date for Xbox and other platforms such as GameStick, but we're not giving up. The option to switch to another version is just so that Xbox backers have an option so that they don't miss the launch date.

      @Simon George: Yes of course. As a matter of fact our Steam Greenlight profile is already done and ready to launch. I'm just waiting for some polishing on the battles so that I can make a nice video to add to the profile.

      @Rolins Brenton: I'll talk to Sony about it. I was already planning for that especially with the whole Vita TV thing. If I have news about it I'll be sure to communicate.

      @Sy Russel: The Dreamcast development is at same stage as other platforms so the plan is to have it released along with PC, Wii U, Ouya and PlayStation. The only thing that could hold a DC release is if the translations get in the way. Since I can't release DLC or patch for the DC it has to come out complete. But so far it's running on-time.

      Again thanks to all of you for your supportive comments, and if I didn't reply to your specific comment is because someone else asked something similar.

      See you next update!


    23. Missing avatar

      Brittany Dudas on

      Delay :( Whatever it takes to make a good game.
      Would I be able to switch my Dreamcast pledge to something else? My Dreamcast stopped working. :(

    24. DrLeatherface on

      Microsofts attitude is shocking. Considering they allow utter crap like Maids with balloons on the shop their ignoring a quality title like this is insane.

      Anyway, what about the Dreamcast collectors editions? They looking at a March release with everything else? Don't really care for digital releases.

    25. Christiaan Kras on

      It's too bad Microsoft is ignoring you. I had backed for the Xbox 360 version as well but would happily switch to a Wii U version if Microsoft doesn't want this gem on their platform.

    26. Missing avatar

      Petteri Kaakinen on

      Okay, so I was in the middle of watching/listening to the video before making that post. Seems like it's already coming to PS3 & PS4. :) A Vita version would be much appreciated as well, though. :)

    27. Rollins Brenton on

      VITA VITA VITA holy crap VITA

    28. Missing avatar

      Petteri Kaakinen on

      Bring this to PS4, Vita, 3DS and/or Wii U if Xbox 360 & Xbone aren't working out for you. I'm sure a lot of people would love to have this game on those platforms.

    29. Simon George on

      Are you guys thinking about a Steam release? I can imagine some beautiful PSHD trading cards and achievements already :D

    30. andreadst on

      Hi, I'd also like to know about the DC build! Good luck for what remains of the dev :)

    31. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      @Watermelon - Glad I asked a few months ago, about switching over from X360 to PC, had a funny feeling there'd be issues (not on any lack of initiative on your part that is) with that port. Looking forward to playing it on PC as soon as you guys get it done.

    32. Missing avatar

      atanas zahov on

      Hey guys,show the game running on Dreamcast.

    33. Missing avatar

      Kevin Berryman on

      I backed and purchased Dreamcast Collector's Edition, but I am very disappointed to hear that the promised Xbox 360 version may be getting canceled. Although I was excited for the Dreamcast edition, I was planing on buying the Xbox 360 version for the full HD graphics. Please don't give up. MS is very busy launching a new system and their ID@Xbox program is still in it's infancy. Contact Larry Hyrb directly, but what ever you do please don't give up on us Xbox fans.

    34. James on

      Of course it's delayed. While I'm happy the delay isn't that huge from the initial estimate of Dec 2013, it's still annoying nonetheless.

    35. Missing avatar

      naiaru on

      Where's the Dreamcast?

    36. michael hubert on

      great update, i do not mind waiting a bit longer and i hope the other projects you are working on are going well too.

    37. James Riccardo on

      I've actually been meaning to ask if I could switch my XB360 pledge to a PC one since I no longer own a 360... guess that kinda worked out for me. Glad to see a nice meaty update, can't wait for the game.

    38. Mr. C on

      Thanks very much, Tulio! Definitely going to switch to a PS3 version, and I appreciate your honesty in announcing the delay. A few months is no big deal, and those gameplay clips look like it'll certainly be worth the wait.

    39. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I did not back the Xbox version, but I would love to see the game on the Vita. *wink wink* ;)

      It is great to see the game coming along and look forward to the future updates. It would be great to see that debug feature included in the options for people that like replaying RPGs. It can sometimes be annoying to sit through the same slow text again and again.

    40. Ryan

      well for the 360 backers, I'm sure whatever pc you used to back this is probably good enough to play this game, I don't think this game will be to strenuous on most pc's so if microsoft doesn't come thru then you should be fine

    41. loner1200 on

      3 months???
      I'm glad you had the guts/planning to give it a time frame. All the games I've backed are delayed without any clear time frame, just "we're not done yet, have an alpha/beta until we're done". And 3 months is short.

      Amazing update, really looking forward to this one. Will await the survey re:XBox copy.

    42. Eric on

      Contact @MajorNelson on twitter and on his website and explain the situation to him and he will help ,and we as backers should do the same this game needs to be on the xbox platform.

    43. Josh Argueta on

      Pier Solar for Summer of Arcade 2014? I'm crossing my fingers! Otherwise, a Wii U version would suffice.

      Also, I agree with DVBF; getting in touch with a Microsoft representative in person should hopefully help. Maybe you guys could even tweet Major Nelson?

    44. GoggleBoxFairy on

      A little saddened about the delay, but looks very good, can't wait : )

    45. Norm Huizenga on

      Also a minor thing, but since the menu is round, during the title screen, why isn't it over the circle in the logo?

    46. Norm Huizenga on

      Will that speed up feature be in the final game?

    47. Norm Huizenga on

      So glad I ordered the CD soundtrack. Best blind buy!

    48. Missing avatar

      Will on

      I too would welcome a switch to Wii U from my Xbox 360 copy.

    49. DVBF on

      Wow, the ignorance from Microsoft is amazing. I suggest you try go and meet some representative from Microsoft IN PERSON, will be harder to ignore you then.

      How is the OUYA version of Pier Solar coming along? Will it be released at a later stage after the other versions or at the same time?