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Pier Solar is the biggest 16-bit RPG ever and it's coming to you in high definition for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux & Sega Dreamcast!
3,519 backers pledged $231,370 to help bring this project to life.

Pier Solar HD is now coming to the Wii U!

Posted by WaterMelon Co. (Creator)
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Five out of Five stretch goals reached just days after announcing them. Seriously, totally awesome. We're proud to have so many people interested and excited in Pier Solar HD and we could not be more thrilled to bring our game to you on all the platforms we are releasing it on.

Don't forget about One Year at WaterMelon: The Movie - which EVERY single backer gets a free digital download of as well as every single backer $49 and up getting a special limited edition DVD of! Woot!


- WM Team

P.S we might just have our eyes on PS3...who knows? :D

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    1. Christopher Wheat on

      I can't wait for my Dreamcast verson of the game to be in my hands to play. My only qustion is if it is still possible to pledge an additional $49 for a second copy of the Dreamcast game?

    2. Ian Chamberlin on

      Very glad it's coming to WiiU, it sounds like a good fit to me.

    3. Brett Morehouse on

      I hope you noticed my last post ;)

      I'm hankering for more information on Project N, and I think an update in the next few days would be very helpful.

      That is not quite the point.

      While Kickstarter is not a preorder system, most organizers - in the case a video game developer - offer the final product to backers at certain pledge levels. As most developers offer system stretch goals as optional add-ons towards the end of the campaign or later Paypal crowdfunding, many saw this as an opportunity to look forward to a Wii U digital code for the eShop.

      I do believe Watermelon should have been clear from the outset what stretch goals would be included in the add-on system. It was not clear that Wii U was not going to be included, and Android/Ouya inclusion further muddled matters.

      Regardless, it is over and done with. I backed the project because I really wanted to see it completed, and I spread the word in hopes of the Wii U version. While I am disappointed that Wii U was not offered as an add-on, I am thrilled to see an excellent-looking, old school RPG successfully funded. I am excited to see the Wii U stretch goal reached.

    4. Over on


      I believe that porting the game to WiiU is the reward itself. They didn't plan to release the game on WiiU in the first place. If you wanted to pledge just because of the WiiU port, I can understand your frustation. But remember that crownfunding is about helping something to happen, to become a reality. Not a pre-order system.

    5. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      Hello Guys,
      Thanks for your comments. As for the wiiU stretch goals. We wanted to offer a reward for it but it wasn't possible for several reasons. However if it turns out we can get a way to propose WiiU rewards before we send the survey, we will gladly do. What is sure is that without the stretch goal the WiiU port would not have happened so I think it fits perfect the description of a stretch goal. Thanks for your understanding.

    6. Brett Morehouse on

      While I am disappointed with lack of Wii U add-on option, I'm leaving it at that. I've backed my pledge to the physical OST only, and I'll purchase the game from the Wii U eShop when it goes live. I hope Watermelon sells it for $15 or offers some kind of discount for Wii U backers to get it at that price; else, Wii U backers may feel like they were bucked in the face by Epona rather than a light slap.

      Congratulations on a successful campaign!

      With Pier Solar out of the way, I'm looking forward to the official start of Project N. I'll be paying close attention to that project. I do have a couple of suggestions. While I do hope you take them to heart, you are the developer and have final say on how any crowdfunding works.

      (A) Post an update on Pier Solar when the Kickstarter campaign goes live. Your Pier Solar fans will want to know about it!

      (B) It is a project based on a past Nintendo console. You should definitely aim for Wii U release as the primary digital system. I might recommend aiming to release on both the Wii U and 3DS. I'd even recommend one tier offer the complete Nintendo package. I won't suggest a price. That's up to you ;) However, it should definitely include the SNES cartridge and digital download(s) for the Wii U and/or 3DS version.

      I'll keep an eye out for Project N. There's not enough information for me - at the moment - to make a decision. I certainly think it's interesting, and I'll consider dropping a pledge for it.

      Also. For Pier Solar.
      Please, please, please keep your Wii U backers in mind when you send the Nintendo Network eShop version live. We are oft like wizards when our affairs are meddled with :p

    7. Eric on

      Look the original goal was to bring it out for Xbox,Pc,Mac,Linx and Dreamcast. Just in the last days of the campaign they decided to port it to the wii u and ouya it will probably take longer to come out so that's probably why WM didn't make it avalible as a pledge.

      This game is coming out December of next year that was the goal the added platforms sounds like it WON'T be out by then so again that's probably why they didn't add it to the original pledge.

    8. Luis Pabon on

      Congrats! I read the posts below and while I understand the reasoning behind no Wii U backer reward, I urge you to consider allowing it via a post-KS survey. I put myself in for the 360 version, but I'd love to play it on my Wii U instead.

    9. Wyatt Thurston on

      Stretch goals should benefit both the backers and developers. The Wii U stretch goal ONLY benefits the developers in this case. We're giving them extra funding so they can port the game to another platform to increase revenue. If it was for our benefit as well it would be a reward option. They weren't clear either that these stretch goals wouldn't be offered to backers. They should have been upfront about it.

      Eric, you make it sound like we should be honored to be given the opportunity to fund this. They wouldn't be able to do this without us so it works the other way around. Not every project on Kickstarter succeeds, especially one with a goal over $100K. Asking for $25k extra to only port the game to another platform warrants it being offered to backers. Others kickstarters I've seen that added platforms as a stretch goal made the new platforms an option to backers.

      You might have some desire to have the game on many platforms because you love it so much, but not everyone does. Not everyone is in such a frenzy.

    10. Eric on

      I don't know why some people are upset about the wii u stretch goal. The reasion why it was not a pledge is because it was not planed in the first place it's new hardware that WM will have to work with so hints the "stretch goal" and the extra funding for it. It's a small company that made a great game looking for funding it's not every day that YOU as every joe can help bring an amazing game to new hardware so more people can play it and enjoy it.

      You have my support WM 100% :D

    11. Wyatt Thurston on

      You made Wii U a stretch goal but don't offer it to backers. I realize there isn't much time left but you should have made it an earlier stretch goal or not one at all if you weren't able to offer it to people who pledged. It isn't a pledge that benefits the backers in anyway, just you. Seems selfish.

      Keeping my pledge at $5 now because I don't like the way you handled this.

    12. FlamingFirewire on

      @Niklas Just take a look at the FAQ at the bottom of this kickstarter's homepage: all you have to do is up your pledge amount to cover the cost of the add-on and then tell them what you want to add-on to your pledge - it's as simple as that.

    13. Missing avatar

      Niklas Johansson on


      I have pledged 130$ for the dreamcast collectors edition and i don´t understand how the pledges and reward system works what if i want more than 1 reward i can only select one?

    14. James Cobb on

      To be honest I feel that not allowing the Wii U as a option for the people who pledge on kickstarter is a slap in the face of all the fans that worked hard spreading the word about the game all over the internet to allow you to hit the stretch goal to do so. I think it's just likely that you don't know what kind of cut Nintendo will require of you to actually produce the game on their system so you feel your profit position would be compromised selling it pre-release.

    15. Rollins Brenton on

      I'm seeing your point But it wouldn't need to be an addon or pledge. Nintendo's eshop has a way to get games by entering codes like steam. So theoretically you could give anyone who donated over a certain amount, lets say 49 bucks a code and they can enter it in to get their game. Could even be more than 49 or less it would be up to you. Anything you decide is fine just giving some idea's. Anyways cant wait for the game im very excited.

    16. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      Hey Guys,

      Pier Solar HD for Wii U was not planned from the beginning of the Kickstarter, but instead came about as stretch goal (because you guys reached our first goal so fast :). After listening to everyone's feedback, we implemented it as a stretch goal - something to shoot for above and beyond our initial campaign goals.

      You guys plowed through these stretch goals and each and every one of your pledges to our campaign is what made bringing Pier Solar HD to the Wii U a reality in the first place. It is directly because of YOU that Pier Solar HD is coming to the Wii U

      Unfortunately we reached the Wii U stretch goal with less than 2 days left in the campaign which, in our judgement, is not enough time to plan it out and set it up the way we would require. The Wii U is not like Dreamcast, PC/MAC/LINUX/, Android (or like the XBOX 360 which we made plans for the Kickstarter far in advance) - which has self distribution methods if need be.

      We're uncomfortable slapping a Wii U ADD-ON or pledge to the campaign with less than a day left now. We don't like to do things last minute and like to set things up ideally so the result is a guaranteed smooth process.

      The main purpose of Kickstarter is to bring ideas and projects to fruition. You each pledged for rewards to make our idea/project come to reality - this is exactly what you did with Wii U!

      Hope this makes sense everyone and we appreciate your understanding. Everyone at WM is extremely excited for the Wii U version so you can rest assured we are going to make it kick some serious ass!

      Remember, you'll be able to purchase it officially late next year once its released either way!

    17. Missing avatar

      BABOVIC on

      I have chose pc version because I dont' have other video game (I have only ps2 and wii :-) )
      But I have now wii u and it's better for me to have pier solar Hd in wii u instead of in pc...

      Can we make anythink For this please ?
      I wouldn't like buy Wii u version if I have already pc Version and I Prefer give my pc Version to have wii U version... :-)

      What is it possible ?
      Thank You

    18. Zero on

      Wii U pledge, please mister Melon :)

    19. Will on

      Yes! PS3, please! With trophies!

    20. SEGA128DC on

      Hmm, is the Xbox 360 (XBLA) version exclusive to Kickstarter pledges, or can I purchase the digital download from the Xbox Live Marketplace once it's released?...

    21. Paul Marzagalli on

      Just want to add my voice that I'd prefer to have my XBOX version become a Wii U version, if possible, even if it means I have to wait longer.

    22. Missing avatar

      Arron Davis on

      PS3 ????? ya gotta do it :-)

    23. mike aldinger on

      I just hope all these stretch goals don't delay the originally planned versions... also, VERY confused about the WiiU version... but don't really care as long as I get my Dreamcast CE by December 2013 :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Elbubu on

      Je suis trop content que le projet arrive à bout ! J'ai la version Megadrive et j'en suis amoureux ! Vivement cette version HD que j'achèterai sur Xbox 360 et Wii U.

    25. Wyatt Thurston on

      @Alexisonfire I'm someone in that situation. I would greatly prefer a Wii U version. Unless a better explanation is given I'm dropping my pledge from $15 to $5.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ara on

      So if we just want the Wii U-Version and dont want want to pay twice we rly have to change our pledge to $1 and buy the Wii U Version at release? Thats strange

    27. Federico on

      Please make psvita porting your next stretch goal! there were so many good (j)rpgs on psp, i think vita would be very adapt to host PS! And consider that he last hours are nearly always the most profitable, so state carefully your next goal!

    28. Dean Alex Taylor on

      vita would be amazing

    29. Dani on

      Any chance that DVD version of OYAWM can be upgraded to a blu-ray version?

    30. Missing avatar

      Fayd on

      @WaterMelon Co. Do you mean there is not enough time left in the Kickstarter (which I can understand) or in Development (which seems a little more strange) to offer a Wii U option? I mean... I would kinda prefer the Wii U over PC even if I have to wait a little bit longer for it. It just seems... strange that you can't offer it. Are you able to offer more details other than "not enough time"?

    31. Austin Dixon on

      Honestly, what are the chances of it getting a Vita release? Seems like the PERFECT system to play this game on.

    32. Brett Morehouse on

      While backing the pledge may be an option, I wouldn't go so far as dropping it to $1 to spite Watermelon. I've pledged $60 - physical OST and $15 add-on. I had hoped to select Wii U digital download code for the add-on, but it looks like the developer won't go that route.

      I won't deny it. I am tempted to step my pledge down to just the physical OST and wait to buy the Wii U digital version when it goes live. I don't really buy that there's no time to make the Wii U version an add-on. It would be part of the survey the developer sends out at fulfillment. The developer also has the option to continue taking pledges through Paypal for any late addition content.

      I'll wait until tomorrow evening to make a decision on my final pledge. I still have 30 hours, and I don't really mind the PC version. I just have a strong preference for Wii U, and I'd rather have just one version.

    33. Alexisonfire on

      Hypothetical Situation:

      Someone pledges for PC version. Wii U version is announced. Person would rather have Wii U version than PC version. Person cannot change pledge to Wii U version. Can still hypothetically buy it for Wii U, but would have to be a second copy. Person cannot back out of pledging. Person drops pledge to $1.

      I'm happy with my version, but I could see some people being angry that they cannot get a Wii U version if that is their preferred platform.

    34. André Silva on

      "P.S we might just have our eyes on PS3...who knows? :D"

      PSP and PS Vita no?

    35. Eric on

      Will you guys autograph the limited edition DVDs?
      That would be awesome :D

    36. Dirk925 on

      What's the release date for Pier Solar HD?

    37. NLoyalist on

      I was stoked about the Dreamcast version becoming a reality. But now the Wii U!? The ability to easily share this experience with friends opens all kinds of doors! Thanks WM!

    38. Missing avatar

      Elijah Taylor on

      Awesome! I can't believe you guys hit all your stretch goals. How many kickstarters can say they've done that? Good luck moving forward and I can't wait to play Pier Solar HD. By the time it ships to my place, I'm sure I'll have beaten the Genesis version.

    39. Richard Wainman on

      Would definitely love to see Pier Solar released in the Playstation network of systems. I was sad to see it available for Xbox360, as I don't have one... Dreamcast either :( so naturally since I own a PS3 and PSP, I'd love to see it available there as well, and would be on board to purchase through PSN.

    40. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      Hey Guys,

      We will unfortunately not be adding the Wii U version as a reward or ADD-ON as we just do not have enough time left at this point.
      Each of your pledge's are directly what helped make it a reality in the first place, so thanks for your support!

      The Wii U version of Pier Solar HD will be available for purchase once it is officially released late next year, so it won't make any difference if you pledged now or purchased it then - that's when it will be released regardless.

      Thank you for your understanding and support everyone - we can't express this enough!

    41. Zero on

      Like a boss ! Congratulations everyone :)

    42. Brett Morehouse on

      I don't see why you can't make a Wii U add-on. As I've stated before, they have a download code entry. I'm sure your Wii U fans would be perfectly fine waiting until the Wii U version is ready and released - as in live in the eShop.

      In the event you do not offer Wii U download codes as an add-on reward in the survey, I'll have to take the PC version as part of my pledge.

      I do have another question. If somebody pledges $45 for the physical soundtrack and adds $15 to bundle/add-on a digital copy of the game, does that make the backer eligible for the Watermelon movie? They bundle to $60 total, so I was wondering.

      In any event, I hope Watermelon decides to offer Wii U download codes.

    43. Missing avatar

      Edzo04 on

      vita would be significantly better than ps3.

    44. Geoff Chauvin on

      Legit photo btw? or is that an artists rendering?

    45. Hollow_Tears on

      I for one want this on the ps vita because my ps3 was stolen and i won't be buying another one. I'm going for just laptops and handhelds, so please really think on it.

    46. Rollins Brenton on

      lol just noticed you already have pier solar some what running on wiiu you sneaky devils.

    47. Geoff Chauvin on

      For attracting a Japanese crowd, PS3 or a blanket PSN with cross platform compatibility on PS3, PSP and PSV would be the way to go. Also why not eventually shoot for putting it on the 3DS eShop? I would think the biggest hiccup there would be the addition of 3D

    48. Missing avatar

      Ikwal on

      I agree a Vita version would be cool but I think if you do make it for the PS3 it would be nice if you could remote play to the Vita or use it in a way like you would the Wii U tablet.

    49. Rollins Brenton on

      could just give everyone who donated like 49+ $ a copy of the wiiu version and congrats i wish we didn't have to wait till next dec to play it. I would also like to know if maybe after 2 months after the dc version is released if we could get an iso version so if people who don't want to open their shiny ce editions can play it that way.