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Pier Solar is the biggest 16-bit RPG ever and it's coming to you in high definition for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux & Sega Dreamcast!
3,519 backers pledged $231,370 to help bring this project to life.

175k Down, Almost to Wii U and Limited Special Edition DVD's of OYAWM!

Posted by WaterMelon Co. (Creator)

4 of 5 Stretch Goals Met

Wow. You guys knocked four out of five stretch goals out in days after we announced them.

You know what this means?

Android and OUYA are locked in and going to happen! We know there are a ton of Android fans as well as people just as excited for OUYA's possibilities as we are. We're looking forward to bringing it to these platforms.

Oh, and EVERY single backer now gets a digital download of One Year at WaterMelon: The Movie! We think you guys are gonna really like what we put together.

Lastly, we've created a new ADD-ON for you to purchase the Android/OUYA versions of Pier Solar HD! We will send you a survey in the future that allows you to select either the Android mobile version or the OUYA version. You can add the ADD-ON twice if you would like them both. See the FAQ on how to add ADD-ONS and the image at the bottom of the page for illustration.


There have been a number of questions in regards to December 2013 time line for each platforms release. In spite of the fact that we have a huge lineup coming, we are still on schedule for our December 2013 release of Pier Solar HD on every platform.

We started working on these platforms as far back as 2011, so we aren't exactly starting from scratch. We've already put in serious time (as you can see we have Pier Solar running on XBOX 360, PC, & Dreamcast already). In other words, we are already well on our way through development.

The Final Stretch Goal: Wii U & Limited Special Edition DVD's of OYAWM

Right now we are roughly 22k away from our 5th and final stretch goal. We are particularly excited for this one because we think the Wii U is going to be a perfect fit for Pier Solar HD. We will be able to tailor it to it's unique hardware to offer an exciting, captivating experience.

Not only that, but like many others, we think the Wii U is going to be a great platform for Japanese style RPGs. We'll fit right at home.

And finally, we sweetened up this final stretch goal by offering Limited Special Edition DVD's of One Year at WaterMelon: The Movie to all pledgers $49 and up.

How Can You Help Us Reach Our Final Stretch Goal?

Thanks again everybody, lets rock this last 3 days and bring Pier Solar to Wii U!

- WM Team


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    1. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      @Devon Rampe unfortunately we cannot swap things inside of pre-existing rewards. The idea of an ADD-ON is that you go above and beyond your current reward to help bring the stretch goals you desire to a reality (or perhaps you just want a cool ADD-ON :D). Thanks for your interest and support!

    2. TheChosenOne on

      Ditching xbox to go to Ouya security wise? Know another joke? :P
      A better security/password/network or not sharing with "your best friend" etc. would be better. But thats just me.

    3. Devon Rampe on

      If I increase my pledge to the $45 digital bundle, can I replace the XBox 360 version with the OUYA version? With past horror experience trying to deal with Microsoft after my Xbox account was hacked, I got rid of my Xbox 360.

    4. Adam R on

      LOL, yes it is ;)

    5. Adam R on

      Does $15 is good for OUYA version?

    6. Brett Morehouse on

      I got the chance to double check. The Nintendo eShop on both Wii U and 3DS allows for download code entry. If the final 9.6k is reached (!), you should be able to satisfy any survey requests for Wii U download.

      This project looks interesting, and I am glad to see the funding was successful. I just hope to see it on my console of choice ;)

    7. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      @Brett: Ok, all clear :)
      @All: Please note that Chuck is NOT included with the belt buckle! Chuck actually don't need any belt.

    8. Brett Morehouse on


      Sorry, I meant stickers, not button. I have no idea how I made that typo. Sorry Avi.

    9. Brett Morehouse on

      Look in the physical add-ons - with the button and keychain. The Android/Ouya add-on is at the bottom. If you add $15 to your pledge, it counts as an add-on for the developer survey.

      Don't worry, I know there's currently no Wii U add-on. I also know there is no guarantee of the stretch goal being reached. I'm only saying that Wii U is my preference for my add-on pledge, but I'll go with PC if the stretch isn't made.
      Also, Wii U does have a code entry mode. I haven't contacted Nintendo directly yet to find out if the code can be for a game and/or a specific bank of points. Based on rummaging through the eShop, it appears the 'add funds' is separate from code entry. If that's the case, I believe code entry is designed to enter codes for games purchased, gifted, or promoted outside the eShop.

    10. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      @ avi thomas just scroll up a few inches and you'll see ;)

      Android/OUYA is ADD-ON #4 and is $15

    11. Missing avatar

      avi thomas on

      I am not seeing the addon price for Android OUYA. Am I missing something?

    12. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      @Li Rao: Not sure sorry. But we can maybe work that out, good idea.
      @Randall D: We just made an "addon" for the ouya/android version. Feel free to check the faq to see how to use addons.
      @Brett Morehouse: I really can't promise we will offer anytime the wiiU version of kickstarter. I'm sorry for that but there is no specific reward or addon for wiiU yet and may never be. This is because we may not have any way to give you a code to get the wiiU version therefore we would need to give you money for you to buy the WiiU version resulting in a big mess. I hope you understand. Thanks a ton for your support.
      As for the android/ouya version, yes, a survey will be sent to you. We are also working to see if the ouya/android version would be simply the same built that just adapt to the platform it runs on (ouya, xperia, etc). But no promises for now.

    13. Missing avatar

      Lumy on

      Whoops, posted question in the wrong post: Will I be able to move the savefiles between the PC version and the Android one?

    14. Randall D on

      Will there be a new pledge level for the OUYA version? Or, do we use one of the existing ones?

    15. Brett Morehouse on

      To John, I believe the survey Watermelon sends out at the [end of campaign / beginning of distribution] will cover any add-on including Xbox 360 or PC/Apple/Linux versions. It'd be nice to have developer feedback as a definitive, but it seems typical from other Kickstarter projects I've seen - backed in the case of Project Eternity.

    16. Brett Morehouse on

      In hopes of a Wii U version, I've changed my pledge to the physical 4 CD OST with extra $15 to select which version I get. I take it the survey will ask how I want to spend the extra pledge add-on, so I'll go either Wii U or PC.

      I kinda wish the collector's edition had the physical 4 CD OST.

      To Michael and Owen, I believe the survey will treat a pledge of $15 without a 'prize' selected as an add-on. It would be nice to have developer feedback, but I haven't seen too many posts by Watermelon outside the few updates.

      To Mark, I'm sure the Wii U version is a digital eShop download. Nintendo is offering some pretty nice incentives to indie developers to release in the eShop, and I see no reason Watermelon wouldn't take advantage. Kinda why I'm disappointed the Wii U stretch is so freakishly high.

    17. Missing avatar

      John Stewart on

      If there was a pledge bracket that included both the 4 CD Pier Solar OST and Pier Solar HD for the XBOX 360, I would select that.

    18. Michael Towns on

      I also only want the Ouya version, would that be covered in the survey?

    19. Missing avatar

      Owen Pellegrin on

      What if the Android/Ouya version is the only one I want? Likewise with the WiiU version if it comes out.

    20. Mark Cerqueira on

      Is the WiiU version a physical version of the game and how would backers get access to it if the goal is met? Also, any chance we can get an add-on that's a digital download of the OST?

    21. J. "Tech" Priest on

      An ambitious goal to me would be a ps3 version but i can understand modifying to that is probably not easy.

    22. TheChosenOne on

      Final stretchgoal only 200k? I was hoping for something more ambitious and rewarding to all backers. A 250-300k finish is very possible.