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Pier Solar is the biggest 16-bit RPG ever and it's coming to you in high definition for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux & Sega Dreamcast!
3,519 backers pledged $231,370 to help bring this project to life.

First Two Stretch Goals Locked in: Japanese Translation & Dreamcast Extras are in!

Posted by WaterMelon Co. (Creator)

Thanks to your support - you locked in the first 2 stretch goals in the first 36 hours since announcing them!

We are less than 8k away from reaching the Pier Solar Directors Cut!

Thanks for you support, lets keep rockin' this!

- WM Team


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    1. Riplue on

      You were right. Crazy shit! Amazing :)

    2. Pete C on

      175K is not a stretch. 15K in 4 days should be reached pretty comfortably if the current pledge rate continues.

    3. Riplue on

      Android/OUYA is too much of a strech imho, it would be a shame if there isn't enough money. Btw: The 90 Dollar Pledge is scheduled to 2012, you might want to correct that ;)

    4. Brett Morehouse on

      I'm really hoping for a Wii U version. It's my console of choice. I don't really get why the stretch goal for Wii U is so high as it's less expensive to develop for than Xbox 360 (fewer and lower fees, Indie incentives, et cetera) unless Watermelon is planning some special GamePad integration. Otherwise, I'd say wrap Wii U in with Android/Ouya stretch.

      I do have a question for Watermelon. Will the digital bundle for $45 continue to include all digital releases, or will a 'console choice' (Wii U versus Xbox 360 versus Android/Ouya) be introduced later?

    5. Missing avatar

      Weston Shandala on

      OMG Amazing WM you guys are the best!!!!! Thanks to everyone that's backing this project!!! We can do it lets get at the last 3 goals!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      I pledged for the $125 dreamcast collectors edition, does that mean ill be receiving the dreamcast extras & the directors cut if and when that happens? just want to be clear, thanks!

    7. Jelly Paladin on

      I hope (and expect) we'll see every stretch goal met. Extra content is awesome, I *did* back OUYA, and even though I don't have a Wii U right now, wider availability is better. I'm ready to go up to $45 from $30 if it's looking like a close call as we draw nearer toward the end. =)

    8. Jeffrey Wittenhagen

      I'm glad that the Dreamcast extras and the fact that the directors cut is feasible!

    9. Amy Madison on

      It'd be really really awesome if some of the stretch goals could be funded. I'd support more, but I can't really afford more than I am (at the $15 level). I'd encourage everyone who can afford it to do so though because it is pretty epic, and that your support does count!

    10. kenshin_sp on

      Can wait to reach the Directors Cut Version, the Ultimate Ultra Definitive Pier Solar Experience, the sky isn´t limit enough for that!!!!

    11. FlamingFirewire on

      I can't believe it! It looks like there *might* really be a chance to get the Wii U version.

    12. Dean Alex Taylor on

      what sort of vmu integration are you doing?