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Pier Solar is the biggest 16-bit RPG ever and it's coming to you in high definition for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux & Sega Dreamcast!
3,519 backers pledged $231,370 to help bring this project to life.

You did it!

Posted by WaterMelon Co. (Creator)

You guys made Pier Solar HD a reality and we can't express how much we love you all for supporting our project! 

We really cannot wait to get Pier Solar HD into your hands as well as all the beautiful pledges you have all chosen. Tomorrow we are going to have a big update with tons of stuff and our full thanks for making this happen!

First thing tomorrow morning we will have an update that consists of:

  • Video update
  • Stretch goal details
  • Exclusive art

Thanks everyone!

- WM Team


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    1. Guillaume Drolet on

      Woo congratulation guys! Made it on time!

    2. Missing avatar

      L. D. Nicoll on

      Excellent. I am very excited about the Dreamcast release. Any thoughts on adding SD card support for goodies and DLC in the future?

    3. Missing avatar

      Mazonemayu on

      please take all my money ;)

    4. Juakyng on

      Congratulations, from Spain as well, I haven't played the game either, but I really liked the 16-Bit RPG era, so I expect to enjoy this one.

    5. Ada Ballard on

      Nice! Hope that update will contain optional HD sprites for characters, maybe as a stretch goal:)

    6. Sergio Gomez Alvarez on

      Congratulations from Spain :) I hope you make a really good Remake. I never play this game before but i want to play another Mega Drive Golden Age Game. Thanks for this oportunity :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Victor Martin on

      YEEEEEHAAAAAA ! Let's play this game on DC !

    8. Ceci Ruzuzu Kiyomizu on

      YES! This pleases me greatly.

    9. Missing avatar

      DONNI on

      YEEEEEEEEER !!!! Ok, me too I can't wait to fire up my Dreamcast :D
      Watermelon, let's go, and thx very much !

    10. Geoff Chauvin on

      In regard to stretch goals, will they add to previous pledges or are we looking at.something like "Increase by $x to get x item also"

    11. Geoff Chauvin on

      In regard to stretch goals, will they add to previous pledges or are we looking at.something like "Increase by $x to get x item also"

    12. Missing avatar

      Caleb Moshier on

      Excellent! I can't wait to fire up my Dreamcast!

    13. kye weasner on

      I would love to see a reasonable stretch goal for a VMU game and cool VMU integration mabey you can use the VMU speaker somehow and have information such as stats display on the VUM or have VMU animation for spells and attacks i think that would be super cool and really make the dreamcast version beyond a port and into a game that is truly a dreamcast title!!! OTHER PEOPLE ON HERE PLEASE SUPPORT VMU STRETCH GOALS AND IDEAS!!!

    14. DrakenXZ on

      Congrats and I hope the pledges keep coming

    15. Matthew Scott Shanklin on

      Now how about a port to Android/Ouya? ;)

    16. Sascha Tausend on

      c'est fantastique! 7 jours pour aller. Il peut être plus.