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Pier Solar is the biggest 16-bit RPG ever and it's coming to you in high definition for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux & Sega Dreamcast!
3,519 backers pledged $231,370 to help bring this project to life.

Almost 100k! New Pledges and Pledge Updates - EVERYONE READ!

Posted by WaterMelon Co. (Creator)

Thank You!

We're almost at 100k! You guys rock!

We are posting this update to share with you some good news! We have gone through our pledges and made some more tweaks based on everyone's recommendations. We have been listening to every message and comment carefully. Read below to see all our new pledges and every specific change we have made:

New Pledges

  • A Pier Solar Xbox 360 System. We’ll build you a beautiful, custom Xbox 360 system custom branded with Pier Solar artwork on the system and controller. It will be a brand new Xbox 360 with 250 GB system or Xbox 360 with Kinect. We’ll send a survey for you to choose your version. You also get the digital Pier Solar HD for XBOX 360 (or a collector's edition of your choice)! We'll let you pick via a survey later. A Kickstarter exclusive, limited to 10!

  • Any Collectors Edition and a Limited Poster. Any Collector’s Edition of your choice plus an exclusive, kickstarter limited poster made in super high quality material. Limited and numbered to 150 total. 30in x 22in (55cm x 76 cm).

  • Early Beta Access. You'll get a Pier Solar Collector’s version of your choice and you'll be invited to an exclusive early closed beta test before the open beta. We hope you aren't afraid of bugs. Kickstarter Exclusive, limited to 50.

Pledge Updates

  • Collectors Editions Included With Every $125> Reward. Every single reward selection above $125 gets a Collector's Edition of your choice included with the pledge. We will send you a survey to select what region later.

  • Limited Poster Included With Every $250> Reward. An exclusive, Kickstarter limited poster made in super high quality material. Limited and numbered to 150 total. 30in x 22in (55cm x 76 cm).

  • Pier Solar Classic Edition for SEGA Mega Drive and SEGA Genesis. You get a collectors edition of Pier Solar HD of your choice plus the choice of whichever Pier Solar Classic version you want: USA, Europe, or Japanese packaging and we will sign it for you! We will send you a survey to select which region(s) you want later.

  • Plates of Posterity. You get a Collector's Edition of your choice plus one of a kind collectors pieces. A 100x100mm laser-cut of the original printing plates, annotated, numbered and signed. Includes a certificate of Authenticity. Protected in custom artboard casing. A Kickstarter exclusive, limited to 25!

  • I am the boss! You get a Collector’s Edition of your choice and we will design you as the big boss in Pier Solar based off a picture that you submit! All the games we make (physical and digital) will feature you as an unlockable boss and you will receive an exclusive code that is used in game to activate this feature, so that you can challenge your friends to beat you! Also includes a custom cover with you as the big boss on it as well as the original signed sketch! This feature will be compatible with all versions of the game. A Kickstarter exclusive, limited to 10!

  • The Pier Solar Prototype Package. You get the Collector’s Edition box of your choice plus the original Pier Solar Prototypes! Includes Prototype cartridge, Prototype mega CD disc, Beta Testing A4 sheet (the sheet beta testers have used) and a Certificate of Authenticity. Protected by custom wood and artboard casing making it a true collector’s treasure. A Kickstarter exclusive, limited to 5!

  • Bethina's Diary. You get the two Pier Solar HD collector’s boxes (PC/MAC/LINUX AND Dreamcast) plus something totally special and unique: One of the two independently unique work books, filled with 100% original pieces, no copies. 150+ pages of artwork, drawings, proof printings, script, sketches, technical notes and more. Each book itself is made of original raw material, assembled by hand and stitched as an antique book. The book cover is made of Pier Solar packaging compound. Many pages are annotated by hand. Additionally it contains three 100x100 laser-cuts of original printing plates, annotated, numbered and signed. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Protected by custom wood and artboard casing. A Kickstarter exclusive, limited to 2!

  • Come Party with us in Paris! For our biggest fan – get the OST and all physical versions of the game (PC and Dreamcast in all 3 regions, plus a PC collector’s box and Dreamcast Collectors box in all 3 regions as well. Total of 8 games) plus an exclusive invite for you and as many friends as you'd like you to come party with us in Paris! You and your friends will have an exclusive invite to a launch party for Pier Solar HD. Afterward we will have a beautiful dinner in Paris followed by drinks and a real good time! (We will pay the round trip airplane tickets for you and hand you the invitations for all the friends that you invite.)

Stretch Goals

Many people have been asking about stretch goals, about Pier Solar HD on additional platforms and more. We are listening and we will be happy to pursue these goals as soon as we reach our initial funding goal of 139k. Help us reach this goal and then we will happily put together stretch goals like: PS3, Wii U, Android, and a Japanese translation!

Help Spread the Word

Keep helping us spread the word about our Kickstarter - every Facebook post and Tweet helps - lets fund this last 40k and make Pier Solar HD a reality!! Thanks everybody for your continued support, it really means the world to us! Lastly here are a few wonderful tracks from the Pier Solar OST for you to enjoy. Also, take a look at some early original artwork from Pier Solar while you enjoy the new tunes.

- WM Team

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    1. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      For now we'll only have the guidebook in print, but we will consider this as a potential option for the future - thanks for your feedback and continued support!

    2. Missing avatar

      avi thomas on

      @WaterMelon Co.
      Is there a possibility for a digital guide book? I don't have the money to burn on the fancy physical one and even if I did, my kids would probably find it and trash it.

    3. Federico on

      @WaterMelon Co.
      Sorry if my answer comes late. Many kickstarter projects offer specific "piece of rewards" for some extra dollars. Like i'm pledging 10$, then if i increase the amount of another 10$ i could, for example, receive the digital soundtrack, or the pdf of the walkthrough. Usually the developers send a survey after the campaign ends, so of course it's a lot of extra work...still sometimes it can really increase the funding level. Maybe an english native speaker can explain it better, sorry. Can't wait to see your stretch goals! Good luck!

    4. TheChosenOne on

      Packages? ;o The really high priced ones?

      And a guidebook with art is nice but it will always be mainly a guidebook.

    5. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      @TheChoosenOne: Haha, then it means you didn't see our packages hehe! Hope you'll be surprised.
      @Federico: Hoh, what do you mean by "add-ons?". Sorry, for asking.

    6. TheChosenOne on

      Nothing beats a proper artbook though. If you really want to make something special (and a bit more costy ofc) make a making off/art book. May have said something about it here already... can't keep track. ;o

    7. Federico on

      You could add psvita to the possible goals, there are many game similar to PS there (inherited from psp).
      Also, why don't you consider some add-ons? they are quite fit for people who would want something but not an entire pledge package. However i'm sure you'll reach the goal in 4-5 days max!

    8. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      @Andrew Bellwood: PC/LINUX/MAC or DC (EUR/JP/USA) yeah.
      @TheChosenOne: It could be but you'll see that every guide/goodies that comes with Pier Solar contain a bit of artbook content. All toguether forms an artbook. But we could take it in consideration if there are high demand. See you!

    9. Andrew Bellwood on

      When you say "collector's edition of your choice" you mean Linux or Dreamcast correct? Or are there other collector ediitions available that I'm unaware of?

    10. TheChosenOne on

      I wouldnt mind an artbook for this game like many other KS have done.

      Maybe a not so unique version of the bethi one. it will only be at a ~$100 or slightly up tier but it certainly will be picked up more then twice.

    11. WaterMelon Co. Creator on

      Apologies for lack of clarification - we mean any pledge at or above $250 receives a collectors edition of your choice AND the limited, numbered poster!

    12. Corpselocker on

      I wouldn't have read this update if it hadn't shouted, "EVERYONE READ".

    13. Sam J on

      *updates to 151$ ?

    14. Sam J on

      I pledged for the DC collector (125$) so if I update my pledge I'll receive 2 DC collector edition and a poster?

    15. Damon English

      So if I increase my pledge to $151 I get a poster?