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Picture a coffee shop packed out over 4 LIVE evenings where hipsters, post-moderns, post-Christians meet for one thing...Church History

Fully Funded Update

We are so fired up that so many of you have already teamed up with us to launch this much-needed project.  From the flurry of support on day one we've been dreaming about all the amazing things we could do if we get over-funded.  For example, one thing we can do is take the post-production to a whole new level making all of the people, places and events so much more fun and engaging.  Here's what we're thinking.  If YOU help us get to $15,000 every person backing us at $25 or higher will ALSO receive the below 14 ounce sweet coffee mug.

Please spread the word.  The easiest way is for you to simply copy the following link and paste it as your Facebook status:

The hardest way for you to spread the word is to travel to Burma, climb a tall mountain, find someone on the top, convince them they need to bring the Internet to the area, convince them to get a computer, tell them about this thing called Kickstarter...oh well, let's just stick with Facebook!


The Christian church has experienced seasons of intense persecution over the last 2,000 years.  Although physical persecution is high in some countries today, Christians in America face persecution of a different kind.  Instead of physical...we experience intellectual persecution.

The pop culture mindset is those cerebral people who actually think for themselves are anything but Christians.  Most are atheists, agnostics, or spiritual people. Those who are Christians are backwoods mindless lemmings unable to cope with life. 

Dumbed Down Church

In one sense the caricature of anti-intellectual Christianity is deserved.  During the last 50 years many Christians walked away from their roots.  Many abandoned their history and doctrine in order to be relevant. This made church a great entertaining place, but now many are yearning for something deeper.  Other churches tended to maintain their doctrine but lost their relevancy.  So many people today are done with the church.  They are yearning for more but disillusioned.  In addition to being disillusioned many post-moderns and post-Christians are skeptical of anyone claiming to represent the God of the universe.

For this reason we started something no one is doing to try to fix something few are fixing.  The Credo House is not a church.  We’re not a Seminary.  We’re not a think tank.  We’re a Coffee Shop.  We love Coffee.  We love making it properly.  We get some of the best beans in the world, study the best ways of making coffee, we think there’s dignity in making a great Latte.

The Credo House is a Gourmet Coffee House with a mission. Unlike most fine Coffee Houses, our Baristas undergo theological training.  Not the type of theology that makes you an arrogant know-it-all that people despise, but someone who wants to walk together with you in learning about God.

The Credo House is staffed with people who have at least a Th.M. degree in theology.  People who could teach at a Bible College or Seminary but are more interested in being on the front lines of intellectual persecution.  Our passion is to represent an intellectually honest Christianity to people over coffee.  We are like a challenging seminary for everyone where the learning is practical, the atmosphere is engaging, and the tuition is a Latte.

Enlightenment Coffee Shops

It’s no accident for a coffee shop to be at the center of an intellectual movement.  The first coffee shops in the Western world started at Oxford.  It was during the Enlightenment.  Professors and Students were learning paradigm-busting realities. The things being discovered were far too important to be kept inside the 4 walls of Oxford.  Coffee Shops were started to make the Enlightenment accessible to everyone.  Professors and students would hang out at the coffee shops after class.  You were able to get a seat at the table of the Enlightenment if you could afford a coffee.

What Coffee Shops did for the Enlightenment...the Credo House is doing to reawaken people to the intellectual depths of the Christian faith.  We teach seminary-level classes every week and are blown away by the people who come.  Don’t think hipsters like doctrine?  Think again.  Don’t think moderns like to be challenged by post-modern thoughts.  Think again.  Don’t think theology is immanently practical?  We ask you to reconsider.

Why Church History?

One of the great weaknesses of the American Church is historic amnesia.  No major curriculum exists to educate people inside and outside the church about our past.  We have been teaching people about Church History ever since the Credo House opened.  It’s usually our most popular stuff.  Many Bible College and Seminary graduates point to Church History as their favorite classes.  Why?  It’s not taught outside the ivy tower.  We think the ivory tower needs to come down.  So many of the crazy numbers of denominations have sprung up from ignorance about our unity.  This needs to change. Everyone needs to know the truth about the past.  It will instruct you, inspire you, give you new heroes and new villains.  You’ll better understand today so you can make an actual difference tomorrow.

This project brings Church History to postmoderns and post-Christians through the Credo House-style of relevance and depth.  This isn’t stuffy, churchy, put you to sleep curriculum...but done by people who get it.  We’ve teamed up with Chase Layman, our top choice for a video producer, he’s been bringing creativity and the arts back to the Church.  We’re asking you to partner with us to create something needed and beautiful.  Our project will be fully funded once it has reached $12k.  This covers filming and production expenses to shoot LIVE Credo House Sessions while renting the best video equipment.

The Credo House team and the production team can’t wait to see this a reality.  Filming will start within weeks of the project being funded.  For those who are tired of today's church being so anti-intellectual and adrift at sea with no anchor, this is an opportunity to bring something different to reality.  Let’s turn the tides toward a new age of humble theological depth.

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