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$5,011 pledged of $6,000 goal
By Molly Jo Shea
$5,011 pledged of $6,000 goal

So We Didn't Make It -Now What?

So, I'm sorry to say we didn't get our funding.
However, I'm so moved by those of you who have been so supportive through out my first Kickstarter enterprise and who have been here to provide SO much in both financial support and non-monetary contributions.

It is all appreciated and I can't help but hope that following along, was, in a sense, much like a performance. The nail erotica, the Hour Artists, the updates, the fake Shia LaBeouf sponsorship,the wacky promos, the weird text messages and frantic attempts to pull this thing together.

it isn't too late my friends. If you want to help please consider sending a PayPal Donation located on my website: (scroll down, middle button).

  •  These funds will go towards producing the bag, keeping my artists hydrated, and reimbursing artists who gone above and beyond in their effort and energy towards Perform Chinatown.
  • I'll be getting the tote bags printed this weekend and if you contribute at least $15.00 I'll have them available at the event.

 Thank you so much, I'm so excited to share with you some of my favorite artists within one of Los Angeles' most magical cities.


Molly Jo Shea


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