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A tentative friendship grows into something more when two dancers, who are both facing life changing decisions meet by chance in London


In 2010 we set out to make a love story between two dancers. We made the decision to use real dancers in the lead roles, but few people thought we would find ballet dancers who could act for the screen. However, Cindy Jourdain (former Royal Ballet soloist) and Arionel Vargas (English National Ballet Principal) have delivered charismatic, utterly convincing performances in the roles of Eva and Oriel. They play two troubled souls who meet by chance on the streets of London. Eva, the central character, begins the narrative reeling from some unspecified catastrophe when she meets Oriel, who at first seems an unlikely saviour. What happens next is the subject of the film; our movie delivers a life-enforcing message, that truth and enlightenment are more likely to be found with the help of other people.

The film took Best UK feature prize at Raindance last year and is now due to premiere in the USA at the Fort Lauderdale International Film festival. We are due to premiere in London at Sadler's Wells on 6th November and scheduled for release in UK cinemas from November 8th.  

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As with most films the entire team has faced and overcome many challenges since the project’s inception. Our first task was to raise the budget entirely through private finance during a depressed economic period. Secondly, we had not made a full-length conventional feature before and several of our Heads of Department were stepping up to their roles for the first time. Yet we pulled off a 20 day shoot that included 48 unit moves and the team have won immense praise for the cinematic look of the film and the way London as a city is captured. Additionally, dancers Cindy Jourdain and Arionel Vargas had never acted for the screen before – yet they have won considerable acclaim for the subtlety and sophistication of their performances opposite highly experienced film and TV actors. We then completed post production and were lucky enough to work with a talented and dedicated team and managed to win Best UK Feature at the Raindance Film Festival 2012! We are now on board with an excellent UK distributor, Soda Pictures. Our final challenge is to ensure that our film reaches a wider audience both in the UK and Internationally.


Although we are fortunate to have a great distributor, the reality is that in today’s landscape, even Hollywood films are finding it hard to compete with the internet, TV, and social networking. Small independent films across the world are relying more and more on ‘crowd sourcing’ – not just for the donations, but the support networks they create. We are no exception.

We will use the donations to market the film to ensure Love Tomorrow finds its audience. We will market our film soundtrack. We will continue to support the marketing of the film internationally. We will attend our premiere in Fort Lauderdale so that we can ensure that we garner press attention and ultimately get the film distributed in the USA and across the world.

Please help us to bring Love Tomorrow to its audience.


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