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AU$ 13,034
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 7 2018

Turns or no turns? Why not both?

Posted by Darwin Games - Ben and Shae Boersma (Creator)

G'day Tribal Chiefs,

How is everyone going? Having Occulite withdrawals yet? Don't worry, we've got you covered! But first, thank you to everyone that completed the post KS survey that we sent out. You rock! We really value your thoughts and feedback and it is going to help make our second KS run a big success.

Most of you said that you loved the realtime aspect of the game (thanks! so do we!), but there were a number of people that wanted to like the game, but felt that it would be too stressful, or too fast for them to play and that they would prefer more time to consider their decisions. In fact several people said it is what stopped them from pledging for the game.

Well, we have some great news... that is now an option for those that would like it. We have put together a document that explains our official TURN BASED variant for 'Eye for an Eye'. You can download it, along with the Print and Play (on this KS page) and try it out! 


So to pre-empt a few questions:

Does this replace the realtime version?
No. Absolutely not. Nothing has been removed from the game. The main game is still in realtime. We have just provided an official turn based variant as an additional option. It basically gives you two ways to play Eye for an Eye: in REALTIME, or TURN BASED. More options is good as it broadens the appeal of the game, and no one misses out on all the Occulite-y goodness.

How can you suddenly come up with a turn based variant?
Great question! Well, we actually didn't just come up with it recently. Eye for an Eye has been in development for over five years. Early on, after developing it as a realtime game, we also alongside that, developed a turn based option. In fact the Tribal cards are all designed to work as both realtime and turn based. Late into the development, we came across a barrier that at the time we couldn't solve well enough with the turn based variant. So it got shelved and we forged on with the realtime mode. Revisiting this variant years later, with the benefit of both more game design experience and fresh eyes, we were able to break through that barrier. This is why we are able to offer it now. Keep in mind, it may change slightly as we continue to work with this variant, but its in a pretty good space right now, so we wanted to give you an opportunity to try it out.

Does this mean the game will require more components?
Adding the turn based variant means that we have to add six tokens to the game. Yup, six tokens. That's it. We may need to print alternative player boards (with minor balance changes for the turn based variant) on the back of the regular player boards (that's pretty efficient). We will also need to include the rules for this variant in the game.

Will it be confusing to have two different ways to play the same game?
We don't think so. Both games use the same core mechanisms, the same Tribal cards and actions. So theoretically you could learn one way and know 90% of how to play the other mode.

Will both ways of playing (REALTIME and TURN BASED) be supported in the coming years with additional Eye for an Eye expansions?
Yes, all future Eye for an Eye products will support REALTIME and TURN BASED modes.

So there you have it. Eye for an Eye just became a lot more flexible, so if you know someone that might have been put off by the realtime nature of the game first time around, then let them know we have them covered going into our relaunch.

We'd love to hear what you think of this option, so download it, have a play around and then let us know in the comments below. Or even better, post about your experiences with the game on our TRIBAL CHIEF FACEBOOK GROUP or the EYE FOR AN EYE BGG PAGE, or on any other boardgame groups that you're active in. Spread the word so we can get more eyes on the game before we relaunch. We'll be back with more information soon.

Ben and Shae.

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    1. Darwin Games - Ben and Shae Boersma 2-time creator on

      Thanks Azrael! Fantastic!

    2. Tiny Epic Azrael

      Nice! Good luck on the relaunch! You'll see me there :)