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AU$ 13,034
pledged of AU$ 52,000pledged of AU$ 52,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 7 2018

Eye for an Eye Relaunch...

Posted by Darwin Games - Ben and Shae Boersma (Creator)

G'day Tribal Chiefs!

Shae and I sat down tonight after having many discussions over the last few days thinking that this might be a very uncomfortable update to write. The start to this campaign has taken us by surprise and not at all gone the way we thought that it might have. So after many discussions and much hard work behind the scenes, we have decided to cancel and relaunch Eye for an Eye. Please read through this update carefully so that you have a good idea about what is going on with Eye for an Eye in the future as a well as getting a glimpse at one of our extra characters - Tudicus Chief Emydura.


We want to sincerely thank everyone that has supported the game and ourselves before, during and we hope, after this campaign. We have a great Tribe here and we are disappointed that we haven't been able to get the game funded first time for you all. Rest assured that we LOVE Eye for an Eye and haven't poured countless hours into development and thousands of playtest games into this project to see it fail here. We believe in the game and we know that you do too! Eye for an Eye is unique and innovative, exciting and fun! We will be continuing to work hard to ensure that we can get it published and onto your games table.


Going into the relaunch, we are going to need all our Tribe members here to be on board. You can follow the leadup to our relaunch in the following places as this will help us get the momentum we need for our relaunch:

Join Facebook Tribal Chiefs Group | Subscribe to Darwin Games Website | Eye for an Eye on BGG


The overwhelming majority of feedback we've received on Eye for an Eye and the campaign, has been positive, which has left us a little confused as to the early stall that we experienced in funding.

From what we understand, our marketing for the game wasn't effective and not enough 'eyes' saw our game. The other issue that we've seen is that some people felt that the realtime nature of the game might be too much for them.

We would encourage and appreciate any and all feedback on the project so that we can move forward with all the available information that we need to make the relaunch a success. That means negatives and positives. Tell us what worked and what didn't.


We are planning to relaunch in a couple of months, the date of which we will announce when we have confirmation. We hope that you will all see fit to come and join us again for this relaunch and help build momentum over those crucial first few days of the new campaign.


To help make Eye for an Eye accessible to as many Occulite fans as possible, we have been working hard in the background on redeveloping the turn based variant of Eye for an Eye that we developed several years ago. At the time, we found it difficult to make it work as a turn based affair. Since the funding began to falter in this campaign, we have revisited this variant and put an unhealthy amount of hours into finding a way to solve the problem that we originally had with it. Fresh eyes and a few extra years of designing experience has resulted in us believing we have cracked the code and our first few plays with the new variant have been both exciting and extremely promising affairs. 

We will release more information about this in a future update, but the plan is to include both the realtime (which has not changed at all as we love it and it works extremely well) and the turn based variant in the game. Both options will be supported moving forward into the game's future. The turn based variant does not require many new components and so will not increase the final cost of the game. Both modes have very similar feels, just that one is more intense than the other.

Essentially Eye for an Eye is a REALTIME game. We didn't want to include a turn based variant game mode unless it was really good. We feel as though we can make that happen now. Eye for an Eye will always be a REALTIME game. We are just adding another option for those who would like it. 


We will be going over the financing side of the project once again with a fine tooth comb and trying to offer even more value for money to our backers. We are considering the possibility of including some extra characters in the game from the beginning to offer this increased value from the start. This will likely increase the funding goal, but overall give you more game for your money from the getgo. We hope this will encourage more people to jump on board early on and get us funded quickly. There will still be plenty of stretch goal content to achieve, so certainly don't worry about that. We will be packing in as many components and gameplay options as we can for the price.

This does mean, that there is a chance that the first print run of the game will not be viable at retail (as in, we would not be able to offer it to retailers at a fair price for them to make their cut), so certainly for the first print run, Kickstarter will be the only place you will be able to get the game. This makes us sad as we want to include retailers in our plans, but are also aware that to most people, we are just a small company from Australia, starting out. Very much little fish, big pond... but we want to make a splash!

Tudicus Chief Emydura
Tudicus Chief Emydura


We have organised not only French, but also potentially a German translation of the game to be done and made available in PDF format, hopefully by the time the relaunch hits. This will help both our French and German speaking backers to enjoy stepping into the Arena with everyone else! 


One of our biggest issues being in Australia (although we love it here!) is that we cannot get to the convention circuit in the US or the EU. This hurts our visibility greatly. Something incredibly useful that you can do to help make our relaunch successful, is to play the print and play, demo it at your game nights and at conventions, share your thoughts and plays on social media and start a ground swell of interest and support for our little Occulites. As a Tribe, we can do it together!

We hope to see you all back for the relaunch!
Thanks for your support and we'll see you in the comment section!

Ben and Shae Boersma
Darwin Games.

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    1. Darwin Games - Ben and Shae Boersma 2-time creator on

      (Ben) @Jill - Thanks for the feedback. Certainly something to keep in mind.

      @Warren - That's some of the feedback we received. However we love the realtime nature of the game. That will not be going anywhere. Eye for an Eye will always be a realtime game. We are just able to now also cater for those people that don't click with realtime games by introducing the option to play a turn based variant. We think this is a win win for both our backers and ourselves, as we broaden the appeal of the game, meaning we can continue to support it (both options) for years to come. :) And we have big plans.

    2. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      You say that the real time turned people off. I can't speak for others but for myself that is what convinced me to back.

      I did back First game and enjoyed it and was looking forward to the next appearance of the Occulites. However when I saw it was an arena combat game I was not too excited and looked at it cautiously. It just feels like there are so many of them out there with huge amounts coming out lately. They look great and a great way to show off nice mini's but I find I really don't actually play this style of game much.

      It was the real time part in the description that I saw as the distinguishing feature, the point of difference that made me think yes this belongs in my game collection.

    3. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      One thing that I appreciate is that you will be putting more characters in from the start. There are a lot of people that don’t like gameplay pieces kept as stretch goals rather than included straight away. I personally understand that it simply is an affordability issue due to the high quality minis, but not many will. There are also others who won’t back until they see that certain stretch goals they want have been achieved. So by naming extra characters as future stretch goals in the campaign, that may have scared some people away. My advice is not to mention future stretch goals in the campaign notes. Help backers see the game as complete as is, so as not to incite stretch goal FOMO. At most, have a quality upgrade teased as first goal, and set low so people feel it is reachable.

    4. Darwin Games - Ben and Shae Boersma 2-time creator on

      Thanks Kelly, Aonline and Nathan.

      Some great stuff to think about there. Appreciate it :)

    5. Nathan on

      Bummer. Have been looking forward to this campaign for a long time now and i will continue to do so. All the best with the relaunch I'll be there from day 1!

    6. Aonline

      Consider launching after the rush season is over, right now too, many games are competing with each other. I know you already have 3rd party reviews up but besides gameboygeek, they are not the popular kickstarter reviewers you see in every campaign now-a-days. If possible (some cost a fee, some are free but require approval), maybe send a review copy to Rhado, Cardboard Rhino, Dicetower, Tantrum House, or Ant Lab Games, ManVsMeeple. The current gifs of how to play are great, but maybe flesh out the actions a little, some details on a player's options without having to click and view a video. They can just be cool images and not additional gifs. I did not see an ad in BGG so maybe they were not timed appropriately? I will be back for relaunch! I think real-time is great, and I am happy that you are adding turn-order and not replacing.

    7. Kelly Lynch

      I'll be there :)

    8. Darwin Games - Ben and Shae Boersma 2-time creator on

      Thanks Alex, that's awesome mate. We will talk very soon my friend.

    9. Alex40k on

      I will be with you, when you relaunch, Hopefully with my own little contribution to the game. ;)

    10. Darwin Games - Ben and Shae Boersma 2-time creator on

      Thanks guys, I think if we take a positive attitude towards this being a new opportunity to get the game funded, then it will all work out in the long run.

    11. Ben Turner

      I will like it ! I think the relaunch has a good chance of bringing new eyes and interest to the project - if that helps me get more "eye for an eye" for my money, then I'll be a happy backer.

      Good luck and see you on the relaunch!

    12. Brimstoner on

      I will not "like" this update...😕