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AU$ 13,034
pledged of AU$ 52,000pledged of AU$ 52,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 7 2018

Day One, Social Goals and Grublics

Posted by Darwin Games - Ben and Shae Boersma (Creator)

G'day Tribe Chiefs,

Here's our daily update.


Well here we are at the end of Day One, just shy of $10K - not bad for a pair of Aussies on the other side of the world. Thanks to everyone who has helped us from before the launch and to those who have begun to join us recently! We appreciate each and every one of you. We have always been one eyed fans of... well, these one eyed critters. Its pretty cool to see that they have some more fans than just their creators.


You might have noticed that Shae and I share the same account here. Because of this, we will always write either (Ben) or (Shae) before our comments. We thought it might be nice to know who was writing.
Speaking of the comments section, thanks to those of you who have posted comments. We love hearing from you and are keen to interact in the comments, so please feel free to jump on in and post questions, comments, or just have a chat. Let's build a positive community around the Occulite world.

Let's start off with a question for you guys to answer in the comments. Which Tribal Chief do you want to know about and why? Maybe you want to know about your favourite? Or maybe you want to know how something is going to work in game? We will post a bit of a feature of one every couple of days. So get your votes in!

Speaking of favourites, I'm going to kick us off with my favourite Occulite Chief (and really the first character in the entire Rise of the Occulites Saga) - Chief Grublic of the Palaudis Tribe.


Chief Grublic has been around since the very first Sungem Season and has always been a strong and successful leader of his Palaudis Tribe. Chief Grublic does not go anywhere without his Luftle advisor ‘Cobbie’ perched on his shoulder. The two have been inseparable since Grublic banished a rogue group of Palaudis to the Tundra wastes for the mistreatment of Luftles.

Palaudis Chief Grublic Player Board
Palaudis Chief Grublic Player Board

Here is Palaudis Chief Grublic's Player Board. As you can see, he has the capacity to both attack and defend strongly, with five allocation spaces on both his basic attack Spear Thrust and his basic defence *Shield Block*. His shield actually gives him the ability to Defend more easily due to only requiring a minimum of one Shield die allocated to *Shield Block* to activate it (as opposed to the regular two).

His Innate Ability *Watch Out* combos nicely with this (and his Band II Tribal Ability card *Shield Bash*) as it gives him the option to change his facing to any direction as a reaction to being attacked. Essentially his Luftle Advisor 'Cobbie' gives him a heads up to incoming attacks if you get him to look out for them. This has a pretty high cost of two Special dice, but this is to balance out his improved defensive capabilities. His Heal action is standard for most Occulites, as is his Movement action.

His manoeuvrability is improved somewhat with his Band I Tribal Ability card Leap, which oddly does as it says and allows him to move two spaces through his front facing, ignoring the first space he moves through. This allows you to leap over terrain or figures and sets up some very cool ambush attacks by leaping over blocking terrain to attack a foe, or over an allied team mate in Alliance mode to surprise an unsuspecting foe. Or just use it to move around quickly in a pinch.

His Defence gets a further boost with his Band II Tribal Ability card *Shield Bash* allowing Chief Grublic to knock an enemy that attacks him back a space with his shield, causing the surprised enemy to take up to two unblockable hits (depending on how many dice you choose to allocate). This allows you to play a little more defensively, giving you some control over the flow of the battle. It also combos beautifully in Alliance mode by pushing your victim into the front facing of an ally who may have a particularly nasty ability charged.

Palaudis Chief Grublic's massive Band III Tribal Ability card Thunderstomp may be hard to set up, but can be devastating when pulled off. Chief Grublic leaps straight up into the air, shifting his fat stores mid leap causing him to crash to the ground. This knocks all figures (allies and enemies three spaces directly away (giving him time to regroup). In addition, it allows him to allocate six unblockable damage among the victims of his strike (no more than 4 to any one of them).

Palaudis Chief Grublic may be my favourite Occulite in the Rise of the Occulites, but that doesn't mean he's my favourite to play... although he holds a dear place in my heart... and who doesn't relish rolling that last special result, allocating it to your Band III Tribal Ability card and yelling at the top of your voice 'THUNDERSTOMP!' and then laughing manically as your opponents drop their Health tokens into your victory cup.


So... who do you want to know about next?

What do you want us to be doing during this campaign?

Are you interested in a live Q&A with Shae and I?

Want to see more playthroughs? Who do you want to see facing off in the Arena?

Has anyone tried the Print and Play?

We're off to bed, but we'll see you tomorrow!
Ben and Shae.


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    1. Tiny Epic Azrael

      I want to see Ignis, Nimbus, and/or the Luftles in the arena.