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Fallen is a card and dice game that takes dungeon adventuring to a whole new level.
Fallen is a card and dice game that takes dungeon adventuring to a whole new level.
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    1. AGN1964 on

      Great update, good to keep us in the loop.

      If you can play with less dice, I have no problem with this decision. But the game walk through video uses 6 blue dice quite often. So long as you are sure you never need an extra one...

    2. Don Riddle

      it's things like this update that made me a backer of Fallen, WTG really CARES that we get a whole, usable, fun, challenging product. they obviously care about this game and we're the lucky ones who get to benefit from that care. thanks for not trying to rush out the typical kickstarter half-baked game! i'll take less dice for more thought ANY DAY!!

    3. Mark Baum on

      Its funny you mentioned descent because i think this game looks like a simpler version which is what got me to pledge. Super excited to play

    4. Watchtower Games Creator on

      @Alyindar: Keep in mind, nothing is set in stone. Right now, you most commonly use 2 Blues per roll. On big rolls, you might be rolling 4 Blues. Huge rolls by end game with combos might net you 5 or possibly 6 blues. In all of the challenges, in all the story cards, in the last 6 playtests, I recall maybe 2 or 3 times someone had to borrow a die from across the table, and those were red. This seems perfectly reasonable. Compare this to a much more established game like Descent 2, where 5 players share 9 dice practically forcing you to buy a second set of dice to keep the game running smoothly.

      We could ship with 8-10 blues per player, or 12, or 14 but they're just not going to get used. With the dice now all engraved, you'll have plenty of great custom dice at your disposal. We'll continue to keep an eye on the dice counts throughout future tests.

    5. Owen Sullivan on

      You could make the screens like the ones used in A Game of Thrones board game. They are pretty simple but also effective and show great artwork on them. Here is a good picture of what they look like from the back. The back could have artwork or just have a quick reference to rules and the front could have whatever awesome artwork you guys come up with.

    6. Alyindar

      I'm a big fan of custom dice, so I'm really sad to see the number go down. It would be nice to add another set of dice as an add-on, but it's pretty late in the campaign to see changes like that.

    7. Watchtower Games Creator on

      Teburo, the plan was always for 11 (10 + the FB Intro/Conclusion). But we may very well get use to the new 14 count that the current 6 DL's have and extend that out. Easier to shuffle, right? :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      kinda sad to see the dice go. i was actually a fan of the chance to get a massive amount of dice to overwhelm my opponent (and in play test even doing so i would barely squeek by) but i understand the decision and am hopeful that the changes made to the powers and skills will keep the few dice balanced and fun .

    9. Rob Huntley on

      Speaking of the new Dungeon Lords, will all future dungeon lords get 14 final battle cards, or just 11 (Assuming retail expansions / "boosters")? Just curious.

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nicacio on

      Thanks for the update. If the extra two dice are not needed at all, than that is OK. But I feel they will be needed in a short future when all content in unlocked and people unveil several combo possibilities.

    11. Craig ONeil on

      What about 2 or 3 cards that lock together to make a proper DM screen that stands up by itself

    12. barry morgan on

      Please let the blocking card have a nice KS exclusive thing on it

    13. Jason Fordham on

      Yay. Stuff that makes sense! :)

    14. Karl Hedstrom

      I will always take better game play over just having more items!

    15. Dresvin

      WHAT?! LESS DICE! HOW DARE YOU SIR! No but seriously, that all sounds good, especially the blocking card, I was almost considering using like a DM screen or something like that.

    16. James Cartwright on

      All sounds fine to me.

    17. Missing avatar

      Reaper Steve

      Sounds great all around!

      Quick question: are the story cards 'flip up' (flip on long edge) or 'flip over' (flip on short edge)?
      I think it'd be best for them to be 'flip up.'