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Fallen is a card and dice game that takes dungeon adventuring to a whole new level.
Fallen is a card and dice game that takes dungeon adventuring to a whole new level.
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    1. Watchtower Games Creator on

      Thanks for the suggestions. We're looking into them.

    2. vaanguard on

      I must agree with many of the comments below regarding the art work on the playmats. For my two cents (or should that be $35) I'd prefer a generic background that is relevant to each side -- Hero and Dark Lord. As others have pointed out, it is a bit strange to have a specific character when there are others available. In addition, the Hero playmat shown is too dark and the the Dark Lord playmat is too light. In order of preference I'd prefer the removal of the characters, then lightening things up a bit. Keeping things crisp and easy to read is also essential, especially for those of us with poor eye sight. If you guys can at least remove the character I'll spring for the playmats, otherwise I'll have to pass. (Crossing my fingers.) Thanks for a great looking game!

    3. Missing avatar

      Eric Stolar

      If we can't do multiple options for the art on the playmats you should have a poll for what art goes on. For me I won't be purchasing the playmats with the art chosen. It's not that the art is bad it's just to specific. I think the playmats would have been better had the character been left off and just had the environment image,

    4. Gareth Hodges

      Thanks for clearing up shipping question!

      +1 for Playmat Art options.
      + 80 billion for it to be the Dragon!

    5. Jason Wright on

      If you do decide on playmat art options... I want the freaking Dragon!

    6. Proffejor

      Just wanted to say "congrats" on topping the BoardGameGeek "hotness" list today. That's a good thing for this campaign, for sure.

    7. Anders H. Pedersen

      Like others have said before me, the mats really should feature some more generic artwork...

    8. Watchtower Games Creator on

      @Salvador: The mats are comparable to most card game playmats.

      @GaryMoore: Due to their size and rubber back, the mats may not fit into the box, especially since more and more is getting crammed into it with these accursed stretch goals. As for a higher pledge level, I'll toss the idea at the game producer. Can't hurt to ask.

    9. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I was thinking that it was strange nothing else had come to make me increase my pledge.
      Are the playmats the same size than most card game's playmats?

    10. Ubersnug on

      Thanks for clearing the up. Makes the mats a much more tempting prospect now *finger
      Hovers over manage pledge button*

      Can you clarify if these mats will be able to be stored in the Fallen box (folded or otherwise)?

      Also, just to echo the question Gareth asked, will you offer a pledge level that includes all 4 expansions + the mats with a little discount?

    11. Watchtower Games Creator on

      @GaryMoore & @GarethHodges: There is no additional cost for shipping the playmats. Just add $35 and you're good to go.

      @DavidMiller: The angle of the playmats in the image does affect the text clarity, but we can certainly take another look at brightening up the intensity of the text and the lines.

      @SteveKozlowski: Yes the mats will be available later as well. However I cannot guarantee free shipping with the mats as a separate order placed at a later date.

    12. Steve Kozlowski

      Will these mats be available after the Kickstarter?

    13. David Miller on

      Also on the heroes Matt the word character is kind of at an odd position. But yeah some words and lines are hard to make out as well. This is all just constructive critism as I want to buy these Matts but not looking like this.

    14. David Miller on

      $35 for 2 play mats is not a bad price. In comparison I spent $20 on a playmat for netrunner, and the Sentinels of the Multiverse mats are like $50 each.

    15. Sarah Reed

      While I like the idea of play mats, the art should not include any hero or dungeon lord. It should just be background art so that it feels more natural since who you play will change each game.

      Also, I don't know if it's just me, but it's hard to make out the lines for where cards go. I think it should be more distinct and stand out on the mats.

      And will they fit in the box or have to be stored outside?

      That's just my two cents. If they remain as they are, I'll be skipping it for sure. But even if changed, it's hard to justify $35 for playmats, no matter how sturdy they are.

    16. David Miller on

      I was excited for the mats. $35 for 2 play mats is a good price, but like others have said. First having a specific hero and dungeon lord on them makes it sort of weird. I'd rather have something else, but they still look great, I wish we could choose the hero or dungeon lord.

      But what really bothers me is the light and darkness in the background.

    17. Ubersnug on

      I'm guessing these will not be able to be rolled up or folded into a size that would fit in the box?

      Also, am I right in thinking that if I was to add the mats to my pledge I would be adding $35 + an additional $20 postage (for $55 total)? This is on top of the $7 that has already been added for postage of the core game to the uk (making a total of $27 for postage)? Surely the mats can't be that big or heavy that it would add an additional $20 to the postage cost for the game and the mats? I would assume that the mats would be sent rolled up and would probably be the same width as the box. I was seriously considering adding the mats to my pledge, but not sure I can justify an additional $20 in postage as well.

    18. Gareth Hodges

      Just to be clear; for delivery of the full game and the playmats to Australia, is it $20 shipping total or $20 shipping for the box and $20 for the mats?

      Also, any chance of a backer level that includes the Box + All packs + Playmats?

    19. Carlos Bruno Alves

      The artwork looks very cool, but at the same time weird. There's light at the Dungeon Lord and Darkness at the Hero.

    20. Jeroen Ninjacat

      I'd rather have mats without hero/dungeon lord art. Because it feels a bit weird to play a different hero then the one that's portrait.

      Or even better, a very large single one. (But I can understand that would be hard to ship if its from mousemat material. Maybe a different material?)

    21. Watchtower Games Creator on

      @Steve & Dennis: The play mats are similar to a very large mouse pad.

    22. Dennis Bucklin on

      Echoing Steve. What are the mats made out of? At $35 I'm assuming they are rather sturdy. Possibly similar to mouse pad material?

    23. Duane Crago "Skyrek"

      Awesome, play mats are always useful. Love the Lizardman.

    24. Erik on

      Great to know :)

    25. Watchtower Games Creator on

      Eric, the playmats available have the stylish art as shown above. If any additional art selections become available, I'll post a new update.

    26. Erik on

      Can we choose which artwork goes on the mat we buy? Or are they set to the ones shown in this update?

    27. Jason Fordham on

      Beautiful. Going to add now.

    28. Steve Kozlowski

      What are the playmats made out of? $35 seems like a lot...