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Fallen is a card and dice game that takes dungeon adventuring to a whole new level.
Fallen is a card and dice game that takes dungeon adventuring to a whole new level.
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    1. Jason Wright on

      And excuse my horrible grammar. It's early.

    2. Jason Wright on

      I'm 99.999% sure that Wil Wheaton would not be upset by this. Tabletop is a business for him. If only a few tweets went out, most likely he wouldn't see them. If a lot of tweets went out, enough to gain his notice, then most likely it would have been mutually lucrative for him to check it out this game. Just my thoughts. But moving along now. :)

    3. Jason V on

      Agreed, move along everyone nothing to see here.

    4. Watchtower Games Creator on

      Collin, updates can only be edited within 30 minutes of creation.

      We've already called it off. So let's move on and have fun with Fallen.

    5. Jason V on

      Being true to yourself is a great motto to live by without a doubt.

    6. Collin60

      Worst idea ever.... WTG you should delete this update.

    7. Robert on

      Just got done reading this. The mob has spoken.

    8. Marty McFly on

      @Jonathan - firstly, emotions are hard to read in posts and emails. "Outrage" is a little too strong of a word to describe my feelings. But the idea of asking customers to spam a private individual does leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

      As I said, if Watchtower wants to contact someone, then they should do so -- through the proper channels, which in this case would be Mr. Wheaton's production company. Bypassing those channels is unprofessional. You are contacting Mr. Wheaton regarding his show, not his personal life. If you wanted to see Sheldon Cooper discuss the probabilities of Sharknado on an upcoming The Big Bang Theory, you wouldn't contact Jim Parsons (the actor) directly; you'd contact CBS or Lorre Productions because those are the proper professional channels. You might even ask your friends to also email CBS, if it is really that important to you, but I think that's a far cry from asking people to contact a specific person. Generally, people want to be left alone; production companies have staff that is paid to to field correspondence and decide what is spam and what should be pursued. Dealing with that type of thing at a company level is expected, so it isn't as invasive.

      We all get spam in our inboxes. Maybe it's for Viagra sales; maybe it's links to online stores; maybe it's just advertisements for the local ice cream shop. The point is, we didn't want it, and it's an inconvenience to have to deal with. Perhaps, that's only a slight inconvenience, but multiply that by 1000 and it becomes so inconvenient that you change your email address. Now imagine (as someone else pointed out) that every tabletop project on Kickstarter urged it's backers to tweet the same single individual. Now, we've potentially affected that person's day-to-day in a very negative way. That person is probably now discouraged not only from supporting any of those projects, but has also developed a dislike for the mechanism that brought those projects to life (in this case Kickstarter).

      Think about all your email for the last week, and then think about how many emails received that you might consider to be spam. (I don't know about you, but I get about 5-10 each day.) Now imagine that you found out that all those emails originated from a single source, even though the look like they came from different places. That original source actually *encouraged* the spamming, flat-out asked those other companies to spam you. I suspect that you wouldn't be very happy with that source.

      And, even if it's only a minor inconvenience right now, people don't like spam, so why would you want to do something that you think might make someone else unhappy? Why support a company that encourages its customers to potentially make someone else unhappy?

      Additionally (and this is really a debate for a different forum), I feel that we (as a society) too often ignore celebrity privacy. Yes, they are celebrities, and part of that comes with being in the public eye from time to time. But at the end of the day, all they did was pick a job where a lot of people see their work. Don't they still have the right to some privacy? I think they do, and I would rather not be part of something that doesn't respect that privacy. That is my own personal sense of integrity. Others may differ on the points above, and they are free to do whatever they want, but I have to stay true to myself.

    9. Jason V on

      Well I for one am very glad that you decided to stay.

    10. Jonathan F

      @Watchtower. Do not sweat the negative comments. I for one do not consider what you asked unprofessional at all. @Marty I am curious as to your level of outrage on this. Why was this so offensive that you were thinking of dropping your pledge?

    11. Marty McFly on

      @Jason - Yep. Really. I'd prefer to back a company that doesn't ask it's customers to do it's dirty work. And, let's face it, mass spamming a celebrity is dirty work. If Watchtower wants to engage Wil Wheaton (or anyone else), then that's their prerogative. But to ask others to do it for them, and then ask Mr. Wheaton to do all the research on the game himself. It's beyond words (even though I've used a lot of them already).

      I have a wall full of games. If I don't get one more, but feel good about the associations I've made, all the better for me. So, yes, had Watchtower not retracted their request, there's a good chance I would've removed my pledge. But they did retract, so now everyone can be happy...

    12. Jason V on

      @ Marty - Really? Really? lol Well sweet dreams I guess...

    13. Marty McFly on

      You've sent the game to other reviews (at least it looks like Tom Vasel had a physical copy). Why not just send a copy to Mr. Wheaton and let him decide how to respond.

      (I know I respond much more favorably to free stuff than I do to just the advertisement for stuff in my mailbox.)

    14. Watchtower Games Creator on

      Well we certainly don't want to annoy you guys, and least of all our idol Wil. Since about half of think we're breaking Wheaton's Law, we'll call off the summoning.

      Do NOT send out any tweets to Wil. Hopefully he will find out about the game through normal channels.

    15. Skilfing on

      It is just one (most likely not successful) way to advertise - no harm done. Just tweeted the message.

    16. Jim & Janel on

      I love the looks of this game, but am considering withdrawing due to this update. Imagine if every board game on kickstarter did this...

    17. Marty McFly on

      Hmmm...this is so incredibly unprofessional that it makes me question Watchtower Games as a company I want to back. I'll have to sleep on that one.

      (I know that sounds trollish of me to post, but I also feel that I should be honest.)

    18. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      This is a really obnoxious thing to do, and will likely hurt more than help your campaign.

    19. Daniel Sp on

      That sounds like the geekiest thing I could ever do....
      Done =)

    20. Watchtower Games Creator on

      We too are fans of Wil, Huge fans. He get's what, hundreds maybe a thousand posts directed at him each day from all his fans. We'll have..10 maybe 15 posts get out about Fallen? He'll probably still never spot them, but if he does, this is clearly a game right up his alley.

    21. Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno

      I agree with Tom. I am a fan off Wil and his Tabletop program, but spamming him with messages seems rude and unprofessional.

    22. rowe33 on

      I agree, this seems like a really bad idea. More likely to get a negative response than positive feedback...

    23. Iconography on

      Release the Kraken!!!

    24. Tom Hoefle

      im not sure if this is a good idea - he and others might think thats...obnoxious

    25. Peter Allan on

      Done and done!!