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Fallen is a card and dice game that takes dungeon adventuring to a whole new level.
Fallen is a card and dice game that takes dungeon adventuring to a whole new level.
1,311 backers pledged $113,594 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Watchtower Games Creator on

      @Greatlich: HongKong would fall under the Asia $20 shipping.

      @StephenRodger: Well, that's certainly one way to look at it. I'd offer you another viewpoint. We are putting a lot of work into getting great art into the packs and plenty more effort trying something new with how the Story cards in each Adventure Pack work together. In addition, more work and energy are going into the stretch goals and the new stretch goal additions we're slipping in each day.

      The length these are available (the Kickstarter campaign) should not be taken as some sign that we don't care about the content we are working on nor should the customer, just the opposite. We are offering them as exclusive bonus content in the form of adventure packs, and exclusive content for everyone who gets the game in the form of our stretch goals. We are doing this to help entice people to build up more sales and help them get an even cooler game out for themselves. The time any of the KS content is available has nothing to do with its quality. It has everything to do with motivating everyone to climb aboard so we can all get this great game out there in as many hands as possible with the biggest splash we can.

      If people decide they want the game plus all the bonus adventure packs, then we are happy to oblige and are very, very grateful. So far this accounts for 50% of all backers.

      If people decide that adventure packs are not worth the value for them, no problem at all. Pick up the core game now and get in with everyone else on the great stretch goals and have a blast.

      And if the core game plus shipping is not a value to international customers, then hopefully they can enjoy Fallen when it comes out in retail. That's their choice.

      And once released, if the game has enough of a core audience, there's no limit to expandability of the game. We've got a mountain of great ideas we love to get into Fallen in the future, and backers have already come up with some nice ideas of their own. More levels of skills, creatures, campaign mode, overland travel, multi-hero expansion ideas, themed areas, more Heroes, more Dungeon Lords, and on and on.

      So that's everything about our intentions with the exclusives. Happy gaming.

    2. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      What would be the shipping cost to Hong Kong? $20?

    3. Stephen Rodger on


      I am Australian and do 90% of my shopping international - I am use to paying shipping, I expect it. What I need and others like me is a breakdown of the game size/weight in order to say "yes I am getting a great deal here". It all comes back to the basic value for money/KS a new game & company. I am all for helping a company get off the ground and their product out there to the masses in store and I am all for getting the best deal.
      That's what I am not seeing here, either. Why?
      Your expansions are KS only - you are drilling cash/time(funding) into items that can be likened to a firework. Once it's lit it's only good to those that viewed it there and then. Hence why I ask myself why would someone pouring so much into these expansions lite the fuse and walk away? This tells me they are not worth the value to yourself nor to the consumer. I am not saying that they are pointless nor useless and actually that they might be some of the best bits of the game (who knows) but your strategy belies these intentions.

      That's how I am feeling about this - Not trolling and I haven't shifted my funding out but more underwhelmed.

      Totally second note which links back to my opening about shopping and shipping - I love USPS. Their service rocks and in all my years of being a Prosumer it have yet to experience the pitfall that you mention surround them. I know that this will not change your mind nor move you from the path that you have set yourself, I just thought you would like to know from someone outside the circle that they are not that bad.


    4. Watchtower Games Creator on

      Sorry to hear about the inconvenience. Hopefully our international backers understand the high cost of shipping board games, as well as the pesky VAT that makes getting games into the EU a major obstacle. Unlike digital games with services such as Steam, board games don't have an online distribution model for independent publishers. It takes plenty of resources and research to work out.

      Shipping abroad represents a significant portion of a game's cost. Independent publishers have to pay insane prices of UPS/FedEx ($130+), US Postal Service with long delays and no guarantee it will arrive ($60), Stonemaier's complex network of multiple shipments, accounts, inventories, and setup fees (and a little luck), or try and piggy back off of bulk shipping discounts with various distributors.

      It was our goal right from the start to avoid the blanket "international shipping is $45" that keeps coming up on Kickstarter campaigns, as that's a big pet peeve of mine. We also wanted to avoid the trap of "$10 or Free shipping!" that other KS campaigns have fallen into, leaving them with a devastating shipping debt they were not prepared for. More than a few successfully funded game companies disappear quickly after not handling international shipping correctly. Not all solutions work the same for all Kickstarter campaigns.

      All we can ask for you VAT internationals to understand that we are taking a loss to reduce the shipping charge to help out with the VAT. Even using Stonemaier's assistance (he's been very helpful to us), setting up VAT requires a lot of backend work, tracking, and plenty of money to setup the accounts. In the end, we're asking your assistance to deal with VAT, we reduced the shipping price to help out, and that lets us put our focus on the game.

    5. Blackdeath Miniatures

      First you cancel the german stretchgoal. Second I find it vrey expensive to pay 15$ for 11 cards with an production cost of 5¢. And now you seem to reduce the postage to EU. But in fact it`s more expensive than before. I`m out of the kickstarter!

    6. Missing avatar

      Venenarius on

      Sorry but since nearly every order where i had to handle VAT on my own meant a lot of effort and most of the time more money than i expected, i will cancel my pledge. Your game looks great, but as a general rule i don`t participate in kickstarters without a proper solution to handle european shipping.
      Looking forward to the retail version.

    7. Stephen Rodger on

      I will be very interested to see what form factor this game dictates as while $20US isn't a princely sum but is half the core game. At my $100US pledge level this really makes me evaluate the pledge and its value for money. And truth be told for most games on KS these days it about preordering and getting a better deal then really funding a dream. If this game or any other game (or product for that matter) cannot support itself after funding through sales is it really viable?

      I am not snarky and do like this game it's just come out at a higher level than I thought for a card game.

    8. Pete

      I would have preferred to pay the extra shipping costs, and for you to handle VAT... :(

      The reason being, is that we don't just pay VAT, we have to pay a "handling fee" as well, which is a minimium of 12 Euro ($15.57), so I will be paying that in addition to any VAT when I receive the game...

      -- Pete.

    9. Sibowitz on

      We need at least $50k, a healer dwarf needs to be unlocked for me to be happy 8-)

    10. Andrew C on

      I think it depends on what kind of character they want for her. I could easily see her as a character who views the hero as beneath her, and therefore wouldn't be angry, but more uninterested.

      Either way, I hope we make 35k (or more) because a fourth dungeon lord (and a female one at that) would be awesome.

    11. Missing avatar

      Reaper Steve

      The updated look for the Spider Queen is a big improvement. May I suggest she be given a more angry expression? Right now she appears to have heavy eyelids and a "I really can't be bothered with this" expression.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sama_Dxb on

      THANK YOU FALLEN. You just made my day.

    13. Zac Phoenix on

      I might be wrong on this, but last time I got something from the US (another Kickstarter game), the import tax level is on items over $50 in value. I had to pay it on that item, but if this game is $40, I don't think I will have to pay it this time. Meaning you've effectively given us a pretty decent discount on the shipping to the United Kingdom. Many thanks!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Amauri Silva Lima Filho on

      A big THANKS from Brazil :)