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The biggest adventure of all time, from your front room. A challenge based on historical events and mysteries that will test your wits.
The biggest adventure of all time, from your front room. A challenge based on historical events and mysteries that will test your wits.
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Posted by The Enigma Box (Creator)


Every 2-3 weeks we will be posting an update on the progress of our project :  

- Technology (Augmented, Virtual scenarios and Mobile App): 60%
- Game Design (Riddles, creativities, final art, etc.): 68 %
- Manuals and documentation: 65 %
- Figures and cards: 60 %
- Manufacturing (production, materials, printing, etc): 45%
- 3D printer & information stored in chips: 40 %
- Final test (estimated date: April): 0%
- Delivery (estimated date: May-Jun): 0%

General status: On time // No delays (*)

Some “STATE OF ART” examples (please bear in mind this is only a brief list of creativities and game technology):

VR Scenario ( 3 scenarios so far):

Augmented reality :

 You need to download this app in order to scan the code:

PDF Sample documentation:

We are not revealing too much information because we don't want to spoil the mystery of the game!

(*) please note we depend on five different providers. We hope that all of them keep their deadlines according to the contracts.


The Enigma Box Team

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    1. The Enigma Box Creator on

      @Thomas Schliecker

      Hi! We have an update today.


      The Enigma Box Team

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Schliecker

      whats about new information for us?
      Whats the status?

    3. The Enigma Box Creator on

      @Lawrence Myers

      Yes, they were just samples without clues. No worries, once you get your head around the challenge you will be fine.

      But yes, your head might still hurt :). Anyway, you will have access to all clues and we will be there to help you whenever you get stuck.


      The Enigma Box Team

    4. Lawrence Myers

      I hope that these were just samples without all the clues, or else I am going to be lost. The keys on the wall is the only puzzle I think I can solve to get the number (although have not narrowed the answer down yet). The pics on the ground by the fountain (squirrel + gold cube X duck + black cube X cat + brown cube) look like they need to be solved into a number. Can't wait until the Enigma box gets here, my brain is going to hurt.

    5. Missing avatar

      nicolas d on

      merci pour tout ces aperçu qui donnent vraiment envie vivement qu'on reçois l'enigma box et découvrir tout le reste

      thank you for all these overviews that really make us want to get the enigma box and discover everything else

    6. Erich the Wizard on

      Whoooppsss! Typo . . . so excited spelled the box wrong. Mean Enigma Box!

    7. Erich the Wizard on

      The updates above and the samples are amazing . . . I can't wait to get my Engima Box!

    8. Christian Villarreal

      Can I ask why I'm being charged more money in my email? I've been rather busy and haven't been able to complete the survey since I have to size my finger...but now additional money too?