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£1,731 pledged of £8,000 goal
By John-Paul Treen
£1,731 pledged of £8,000 goal

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The Print and Play


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Happy Days


Hey all,

It's summer and the weather is golden. I'm looking at Julia using a laser pointer to play with the cats.

Life is good.

And this Kickstarter failed - which is sad. Months of work went into bringing the game here, but far greater and more worthy endeavours have failed more utterly.

I'll be in touch with all backers soon to get you your Print and Plays and to let you in on my plans going forward and to ask your opinion.

A lot that's been good about this campaign is down to you guys. It's really appreciated and I can only apologise that the game hasn't yet come to fruition.

I've learned a lot from this. I'll be honest, in this case I would have rather succeeded and learned nothing, but this much is true: Next time on Kickstarter I'll have to clear more time in my schedule and be a quantum leap better overall. I look forward to the challenge!

Talk soon,


To GenCon and Beyond!


Hey All!

Running into the final two of days of the campaign I've been working hard on bringing the Print and Play up to standard. I've also spent some time on a little surprise to be announced later.

Next England Captain at GenCon

Grayden - a U.S. backer and Wigan Athletic fan - has kindly offered to take Next England Captain to GenCon, which is awesome. I'm going to be helping him out with materials. If anyone wants in, or is going to GenCon, or is just interested in trying the game out, message me and we'll make it happen!

Print and Play Progress

The print and play game is now updated and ready for upload and I'm really looking forward to sharing!



3-1 with 10 minutes on the clock!


Hello All,

The last couple of days have been great! New ideas, new backers, new enthusiasm! Oh, and more money. Not only have we now passed 20% of our funding goal - which for a long time seemed totally out of reach - but following some excellent advice (thank you Graham, Richard, and TheSheDM, in particular) - we've got a great new message going into the last week of the campaign.

While we must be honest, and accept that this Kickstarter is no Potato Salad campaign (currently trending towards 31,000% of its goal), things are looking up.

With a week left to bring people into the fold, do please share this with a friend, and don't forget: 'Rewards for all, whether we fund or not!'

Review Alert!

This review has been up on the main page for a few days now, but it got a bit of a *stealth mode* insertion and it deserves to be highlighted.

I popped over to Nottingham recently to play the game with the fabulous Breacher 18 and her fiancee, Amy (Hi Amy, and thanks for backing!). It's a great case-study for why I still love Next England Captain. Amy loves football, Breacher...doesn't.

We sat there for an hour, played three games, had a great time, got great value from the flavour, and won one game each! I almost got to be England Captain too, which doesn't happen very often!

See the link to their review below:

“Fun to play, easy to learn, good use of game mechanics, doesn’t rely heavily on its theme -- Great - 8/10 --Breacher 18

Right! That about wraps it up for today. Thank you for your support everyone, you are the best part of this campaign! 



Rewards for all, whether we fund or not!


Hey all,

I've spent the last 24 hours wondering how to make best use of the next few days and how to make sure - win or lose - that everyone gets something for backing this campaign.

I want it to be meaningful, and I want it to be different.

Next England Captain will live beyond this campaign, and if we don't fund I want to thank you for sticking by me and make all of you involved in the next steps.

Specifically, every backer of this campaign will get a print and play edition of the game released to them on completion of the campaign, and then a vote on how the game is going to come back after that. Also, you'll all receive a special thanks when the game does make it to print.

In seeking help on Reddit I've been told I commit one of the most basic Kickstarter mistakes. I'm not asking you guys for enough help! So help me make it up. Share this! If you do nothing else, tell one specific friend you think might like Next England Captain, and let's all get something great out of this experience!!