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The World's First 3Doodler Animation--A Groundbreaking Achievement of Epic Proportions!


We are raising funds to create the World's first animation made with a 3Doodler pen. Some of our funds will be used to back the 3Doodler Kickstarter project so we can get a 3Doodler which we will use for our film. Here is their Kickstarter page:

Time is of the essence, we have to raise our funds before their Kickstarter campaign ends (in 19 days!)

When I was a child I dreamed of making an animation using the world's first 3D pen. My dream can come true with your help.


I have created animated films using linocut prints, crabshells, charcoal, watercolor, colored pencils, pastels, crayons, and many other unconventional materials, but now my team and I would like to create an animation using the new 3Doodler 3D pen! Now is your chance to see an animation wherein the pen drawing the animation lifts off the paper and the animation follows it!

Here are two of my previous animations:

here is my web page:

Thank You and Goodnight!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

If the 3Doodler guys don't actually end up making the 3Doodler, we won't be able to make the 3Doodler animation, but if that happens, we will just make another animation and you will enjoy it too!


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    You get a personalized email thanking you for your generous support. This email might contain a humorous anecdote or even a story from Drew's childhood.

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    You get a digitally signed digital headshot from the head animator--a great value!

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    You get a digital download of the completed animation along with a digitally signed digital headshot of the head animator--a mega value!

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    Associate Producer credit...need we say anymore? Of course, this comes with a digital download of the finished animation as well.

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    You get a piece of the final animation (a small piece of the 3Doodler puppets used in the film) along with Associate Producer credit and a digital download.

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    You get to write the movie!!! However it must fit within the time constraints. You will also get the digital download, Associate Producer credit and Writer credit, which will make you famous.

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