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Start where you wish and go where you will.  The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
Start where you wish and go where you will. The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
513 backers pledged €30,589 to help bring this project to life.

Down to the final hours

Posted by Megara Entertainment SARL (Creator)

Over this weekend, the project entered that terrifying (yet exhilarating) time when it began counting down hours, not days.  Interested people who had yet to back received their 48-hour e-mail.  The 'big final rush' began, and wow has it been something!

Just how good a 'something'?  Let's see: around 480 people like you have decided to support Fabled Lands.  (Have we thanked you?  We might have thanked you once or twice.  Thank you!)  Comparing to our past projects, Arcana Agency got 426 backers, The Way of the Tiger got 218, and Lone Wolf got 404.  We have surpassed all our other projects by number of backers!

One more goal

The art meter is filled . . . and funding continues.  To give everyone a sense of a target with all this funding, we've decided to introduce a stretch goal for this final day.  If we hit €30,000 we will add the following:

  • 1) The regional map and the world map will appear in color inside the book instead of in black and white, in full pages at the beginning of the book but also in close-ups in some sections during the book.
  • 2) A Megara Entertainment artist will draw small color illustrations for new inventory and quest items found in the book.
  • 3) Megara artist Faiz Nabheebucus will draw an additional 10 locations in the book (not already illustrated by Russ Nicholson) in full-page full-color.
  • 4) The Adventure Sheet enclosed in the book will be upgraded to color.

These features will be exclusive to the collector's edition (i.e., any future versions released by Fabled Lands LLP will use only Russ Nicholson's interior art, and likely will be black-and-white), and are familiar to backers for Megara's past projects.  We are above €28,000 already.  Let's see what happens!

Where we are going

So it's not just promotion today, why not talk about the game?  This image will be familiar to players of the original gamebooks:

Black-and-white two-page spread of Russ Nicholson's world map
Black-and-white two-page spread of Russ Nicholson's world map

For those new, here's some context:

Back in the 1990s, in Fabled Lands: The War-Torn Kingdom, Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson introduced us to adventure in Sokara, the land just above the middle in that map.  Thereafter they led us west, eventually as far as Uttaku; north to regions not captured in this photo; and east across the Sea of Whispers and Sea of Hydras to Akatsurai.

But what of the south?  In the book Over the Blood-Dark Sea, we explored the Violet Ocean in the center of the map, and could land our ship in Smogmaw on the shores of Ankon-Konu, the Feathered Lands.  That was all.  We were told that the rest of the series would give us more: The Serpent King's Domain would explore Ankon-Konu, the eastern side of the southern continent, while The Lone and Level Sands the western.

Today, almost twenty years later, we on the team have watched the drafts go by as Russ Nicholson expands the map of Ankon-Konu into a playable version for Fabled Lands: The Serpent King's Domain.  It is real.  Soon we will arrive.

Almost there

We are closing just before midnight tonight in France.  Who else will join us in the final minutes?  The pace has accelerated to the point that we can no longer thank you all as pledges come in, but know that your support is appreciated: every pledge, every social media mention, every time you tell a friend does wonders for the longevity of the series!  See you in Fabled Lands!

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    1. Joseph Snape on

      Congratulation at reaching 30,000 Euro mark :) I do hope it still remains a buffer of sort even after these extra goals.

    2. Chalor on

      Upped my pledge for this final push, hoping a few others might do the same. Would love to see a full-colour region map, let's make it happen!