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Start where you wish and go where you will.  The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
Start where you wish and go where you will. The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
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What Fabled Lands means to Megara

Posted by Megara Entertainment SARL (Creator)

We are in the last few days.  Projects often have a final rush of funding, and this project is now listed in more places thanks to the staff pick, so it's looking good: with your help, we'll have a healthy buffer by the time we finish on Monday.  Spread the word!

In cross-promotion news, I've been told that The Good, the Bad and the Undead will be launching in a few hours!  This banner should take you to their project:

We hope all goes well!

A personal word

Here near the end it may be appropriate to post something from near the beginning.  Mikaël Louys, founder/owner/et cetera of Megara Entertainment, tried very hard to get this campaign to happen.  So you know what all this effort (and your kind generosity) means to us, here is what he had to say right before launch:

'In about 7 hours from now our main Megara Entertainment Kickstarter campaign for 2015 will start - the long-awaited (20 years) sequel to the Fabled Lands gamebook series by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson.

'The funny story now...

'I tried during the last 5 years (starting back in 2010) to convince Dave and Jamie to design the Fabled Lands book 7 sequel (and also the remaining 6 books) but... they only accepted a few months ago. However the persuasion attempt started long ago. I have been for 5 years harassing them about it AND forwarding them a lot of messages from Fabled Lands fans (from the FL yahoogroup, from fans of our FL app and so on) begging them to continue the series. Why did I do that? Not just for the pleasure of harassing them (believe me it was a lot of loss of energy for me because when Dave and Jamie are not ready for something, they have a very high WILL saving throw). Not because of money matters. Not even for Megara because I was not thinking of being implicated at the time. No, I harassed them months after months, years after years because I considered Dave and Jamie as very good friends and they would often tell me that the Fabled Lands series was their grand lifetime works and that they were so sad it got cancelled in the 90s by the publisher. Back in 2010, they had somehow lost hope of completing one day the saga. Too busy with other stuff, not sure about it, unsure about if current gamebook fans would support the remaining books. I spent 4 years trying and failing to convince them. But I - and the fans - did not give up and I kept on forwarding them positive messages from the fans, encouragements to finish the series. I introduced them as well to Paul Gresty and I tried to convince them that with the help of Paul, it would be easier to make a sequel - with 3 brains and 6 hands, and with a new generation of writer. Paul has always been a hardcore fan of Dave and Jamie and I see in Paul as much interactive talent as we saw in Dave and Jamie in the 80s. All in all, it was a long journey, and one day...THAT day, after 5 years of Dave and Jamie turning the idea down, I was SO pleased and overjoyed (for them, too) to eventually receive in my inbox THE long-awaited email by Dave and Jamie saying something like....

'"We are convinced at long last by you Mikael, by Paul, by the planning by Richard, by the partnership with Megara, Russ and Kevin. The right time seems now. The fans were right...let's do a Kickstarter to revive the series. Green light! This project is a go!"'

The final push for funding

We have finished funding Russ Nicholson's art, as you know, but more money will go toward good causes: ensuring we can complete fulfillment despite unexpected problems, and, ideally, serving as seed money for future books.  Therefore we can always use more help.

Have you posted on your favorite forums yet?  Please do.  Have you shared/liked/what-have-you on your favorite social media?  Go for it!  And for existing backers, would you be interested in raising your pledge?  Remember that a signature level will get your name in the book.

Let's do a big finish!

Other projects you may enjoy

There's just one new project to mention this time, but it's an important one: yet another gamebook!  Yes indeed, this summer is jam-packed with gamebooks.  So for those keeping track, our cross-promotion partner is about to launch, Jonathan Green is still running Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland, and you might also consider . . .

The Midnight Legion: Operation Deep Sleep.  This book gives you an exciting distant-future puzzle to solve.  When I say that, I mean not just the game-challenge-type puzzles, but also the fact that you're piecing together your own memory through the game.  It is quantified by memory points that you earn and then spend on critical information like how to use that weapon you just picked up.  And, in case those weren't enough interesting features, this gamebook is one of the rare ones that lets you bring a second player!

. . . Okay, we are running out of news items.  The biggest one is coming soon: the deadline on Monday, August 3.  We welcome everyone who comes join us as we near the finish line!

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    1. Megara Entertainment SARL 11-time creator on

      [Richard S. Hetley] We all hope so! And that the result will be balanced and fun.

    2. Teamski

      Well, I REALLY hope the series gets completed. Nothing is more frustrating than hitting the edges of the Fabled Lands world!