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Start where you wish and go where you will.  The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
Start where you wish and go where you will. The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
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The Serpent King's Domain, a back cover blurb

Posted by Megara Entertainment SARL (Creator)

First, welcome to folks who have come over from other Kickstarter projects!  There is quite a sense of camaraderie among creators here and we're glad to share a word when we feel that interest would overlap.

Now, have you all seen (/shared with friends) the demo?

Here you get a good introduction to the book/series and its style.  If your first experience with this book is the finished version on someone's shelf, though, your introduction will be the . . .

Back cover blurb


THE SERPENT KING'S DOMAIN is a realm of arcane secrets and malevolent forces.  As an explorer, seek out the treasures that lie at the heart of the Weeping Jungle, and fight to keep them from the hands of the elite Nyar warriors.  As a trader, forge ties with the jungle tribes, and amass a vast fortune of your own.  As a savant, learn the lost knowledge that will open the way to Elaz Carnaquen, the spirit world - and endeavour to return without losing your mind.  Brave the ghosts of ruined Tarshesh, or ascend to the mythical Plateau of Dragons, never before seen by man.  Your destiny awaits you in Ankon-Konu, the Feathered Lands.

Choose for yourself what role to play, where to go and what to do.  Your journeys will bring you foes and friends, danger and triumph, fortune and fame - and more adventures than you have ever dreamed of, as you strive to escape the wrath of the immortal Serpent King, Namagal.

Here is role-playing as you've never known it before - in the perilous world of the FABLED LANDS.

Funding progress

All goes well!  With another meter mark reached, we can now afford all the half page art from Russ Nicholson.

Art meter July 22
Art meter July 22

Remember: scene sponsorship will not only get a place/character in the book named in your honor, but it will take that last half page back off the meter and apply its funding to the next goal in line.  Poof, instant art!

Well, Russ still has to draw it first.  We're very grateful that he is with us on this project.  Not to mention how grateful we are for the 300-plus backers who have put their faith in this open-world gamebook adventure!  Please continue to spread the word!

Other projects you may enjoy

Today let's look at three more projects, two games and one set of game components, all of interest to fans of the tabletop.

Samurai Dwarves mounted on Ki-Rin sculpted by Bob Olley.  I'd link this one for the name alone.  What you get for your pledge is pretty much in the title, being figures for a line of Fantasy Armies of the Far East.  They have succeeded with a similar project already, Samurai Dwarves (Korobokuru), and have returned to do it again, this time with cavalry.

CARGO: Dead in the Water.  Players of the original Fabled Lands books know that you can spend your entire time as a trader at sea.  This board game is that experience (minus sea monsters).  Matching cargo to demand, stealing from other players, and all sorts of fast-paced fun . . . it just needs to reach its funding deadline in order for the gaming world to get to play it.

Adventure Deck System: Luminosity.  This game satisfies the natural urge to play little cards that do big things.  You explore and confront a science fiction monstrosity that thrives in the darkness, via RPG play, a game board, and character sheets; but all abilities are managed through a deck, allowing you to draw more and become more versatile and powerful during play.  This is the launch of their adventure deck system; with their successful campaign, they just might be developing creative games on into the future.

. . . We are set for Wednesday.  What news will Friday bring?  We are working on multiple fronts right now and there just might be something exciting.  Talk to you then!

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    1. Megara Entertainment SARL 11-time creator on

      [Richard S. Hetley] Glad you think so! It's bracketed with all that 'excite you about buying it' text derived from the 1990s version, and, hey, it worked back in the 90s!

    2. James O'Grady on

      That blurb sounds amazing... and just the sound of thing to get you wandering around the jungle dying horribly!