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Start where you wish and go where you will.  The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
Start where you wish and go where you will. The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
513 backers pledged €30,589 to help bring this project to life.

Video: What Fabled Lands means to Jamie Thomson

Posted by Megara Entertainment SARL (Creator)

This weekend we were thrilled to see Fabled Lands was the #1 most popular project in France!  Kickstarter only recently expanded to this country, and at this time they are featuring French projects on the front page.  Head in, sort by 'popular,' and see for yourself how we stand:

We dropped off the top before this post, but here's a screenshot:

Popular projects in France, July 18
Popular projects in France, July 18

Especially remarkable is that we aren't in the big opening rush or final rush on the project; we're steadily popular in the middle stretch!

Thank you over and over again to the backers.  Now is a particularly good time to hit that 'share the project' button on the main page below the video and let the world know about us!  We're refining our pitch, too.  If you want to post on Facebook or Twitter, try these three words (or two if you care about the hyphen):

'Open-world book.'

There's almost nothing else out there like this.  Game and literature lovers deserve to know!

A recorded word from Jamie Thomson

Jamie Thomson took a moment to gather several items that evoke the true meaning of 'Fabled Lands.'  We gladly share with you the result:

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
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Thankfully, we look on track to bring ALL of the above to The Serpent King's Domain, including 'art by Russ Nicholson.'  And how is that going?

Funding progress

It is steady!

Art meter July 20
Art meter July 20

As stated before, a pledge for a scene sponsorship replaces a mark on this meter.  The addition of another sponsor this weekend means an adjustment on the right hand side as the meter gets shorter!

Again, would you care to share the word of our project?  Perhaps use the social media buttons or send the link and/or demo to your friends?  Can you raise your pledge, helping us advance the art meter by including items with more built-in art funding?  More slots are still available in the new scene sponsorship level: the Friendly Inn, Blessed Well, Treacherous Valley, and Dead Pirate are yet to be claimed.  Every pledge has a dramatic effect on improving the book!

We are done for today.  Talk to you again soon!


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