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Start where you wish and go where you will.  The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
Start where you wish and go where you will. The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
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A tale of two covers

Posted by Megara Entertainment SARL (Creator)

The project has kept its momentum this week.  Thanks and welcome to all the new supporters!  Please spread the word and consider using one of our backer icons for your profile.  To our existing backers, we are already grateful for your help, but are there those among you interested in raising your pledge?  The new scene sponsorship pledge still has most slots available!

We posted our press release before launch, but recently it got a nice big spot on Today in Board Games:

Some choice quotes from the authors in there.  Do you know somewhere else that we should be looking for publicity?  Pass along the word!

What's with the cover?

Let's tell a tale of art.  This is the sort of thing we THOUGHT we were going to time to progress on the art meter, but then you folks blasted past our basic goals on the first day!

So you've been seeing this book mock-up since the beginning:

Cover mock-up
Cover mock-up

And of course that art has been our project image and banner:

Project banner
Project banner

So what's its deal?  If we HAVE a cover, then why do we need money for a NEW one?  Here's the story.

This art was the excellent work of Clonefront Entertainment, which prepared new colourized versions of Russ Nicholson's drawings for The War-Torn Kingdom and Cities of Gold and Glory, the first two Fabled Lands books published in the 90s.  Megara Entertainment purchased the copyright and so we can put it toward tasks like these.

There are issues with using the forest image for a cover, though.  It was designed for the temperate regions of the first two books, while The Serpent King's Domain takes place in a jungle.  It presents no living creatures whatsoever other than the trees.  It simply wasn't intended to be a cover!  We'd need a new version--which you, kind backers, have now funded.

Today we can turn to Kevin Jenkins, a man who has done many things.  Just follow that link and be blown away by his recent movie concept art.  And years before that, as you all know from our project page, he did the covers for the Fabled Lands series:

Sample of Kevin Jenkins' classic covers
Sample of Kevin Jenkins' classic covers

These covers are triptychs, meaning that Kevin makes three entire paintings for each cover!  (That's the front, the back, and a bit inside the book.)  Look at these in thirds and you'll notice that he came up with something unique, something different to say in each.

We will be honored to use the Clonefront material in our other Fabled Lands-related work, but it's very important to us that we bring Kevin Jenkins in to do the cover.  Thank you, backers, for making it possible!

One more piece of art funded

Hooray, the new art meter is going places!

Art meter July 17
Art meter July 17

Thanks to your support, we have enough funding to hire Russ Nicholson for one more piece of full page art.  We also have one scene sponsored, meaning that the art meter overall just got that much shorter.  How far can we go?

Other projects you may enjoy

And while we're at it, how about these other successful projects?  Two out of three are still up for more funding right now, and all of them may be of interest to you, so take a look.

Wyrmwood Magnetic Dice Tower System.  Gamebooks like ours require dice.  Backers from The Way of the Tiger may recall the wildly-successful Dice Vault project: beautiful hand-made wooden dice cases.  It's back and it's offering even more, in a modular package: you can get dice, dice cases, rolling trays, and/or a rolling tower, all held together via magnets (well, the dice aren't magnetic; they go in the case).  Not to mention the excellent craftsmanship, the dozens of woods available, and the option for super-fancy custom inlay.

EVOLUTION OF ICE CREAM: A long journey of the frozen dessert. Those who followed our Lone Wolf project may remember Origin of Games: Illustrated Poster of Classic Tabletop Games.  The same people prepared other posters of interest including Genesis of Cookies Poster, the Documented History of Cookie and the especially-popular Alchemy of Tea: An Illustrated Diagram of Popular Tea Recipes.  Every time they've been successful, and this time they're presenting a lovely poster of another standard: ice cream!  It's as educational as it is delicious.

Emergents: Genesis—A Superhero Deckbuilding Game.  In another example of 'following-up with old friends,' we are linking again to this successful project.  The premise is that you develop a superhero to defeat everyone else's superhero through building your deck during play, and their project updates since funding show the remarkable comic book graphics.  The given link is a BackerKit pre-order page you can use before they ship the finished game this fall.

. . . See you on Monday!

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