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Start where you wish and go where you will.  The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
Start where you wish and go where you will. The gamebook world of Fabled Lands is yours to explore.
513 backers pledged €30,589 to help bring this project to life.

First 45 minutes in Fabled Lands

Posted by Megara Entertainment SARL (Creator)

Hello, dear backers!  This is Richard S. Hetley, here, and together with Mikaël Louys we are the producers of this Kickstarter.  For months now, we have worked with Dave Morris, Jamie Thomson and Paul Gresty (not to mention Russ Nicholson and Kevin Jenkins) to prepare a campaign that would give Fabled Lands: The Serpent King's Domain the best chance it could get.  We have project updates planned, oh yes, and one or two surprises.

Backers sometimes have surprises for us, too.  Back when we did The Way of the Tiger, generous and supportive individuals like you funded us in under 48 hours.  Our funding goal this time was to be half as much, so we hoped that history could repeat itself.

Today you outdid every expectation.  Fabled Lands is now FUNDED, and it reached its goal in UNDER 45 MINUTES!

This is incredible!  Thank you (all 100-plus of you) for your unbelievable support!

What this means for you

Fabled Lands: The Serpent King's Domain will come to be.

The book will improve.  Our main reason to put this book on Kickstarter at all was to raise money for art: any further help will go toward making the book more immersive, both for now and in any future versions.

We intend to update regularly and are in discussion about what else we can do for you to make this project even better.

The art meter

Your pledges blew past expectations. They also blew past the right-hand side of my art meter graphic.

As of starting to write this update, our art meter looks like so:

Art meter partway through launch day, July 8
Art meter partway through launch day, July 8

Remember that we're funding art from profit, and you can refer to the listing on the main page (near the pie chart) to see what profit each pledge affords.  We'd set our funding goal so that, in the unlikely event that people pledged for the least-profitable items only, we still could pay for the map.  So that's obviously handled.

Now we are assured a proper cover by Kevin Jenkins.  Fantastic!

And then we went all the way through the necessary incidental art pieces by Russ Nicholson.

At least one piece of full page art incoming!  You can see I extended the meter to show more of them off to the right, but we might talk amongst ourselves about adding a little variety in there, so don't take that meter as final.

I intend to update the meter graphic on the main page once each day.

. . . Whew!  I was planning for an update on Friday, but it looks like we were needed earlier.  Thanks again, and we will be in touch soon!

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