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Cute wooden tank battle for 2 - 4 players. 45 minutes. Ages 8 up. Deploy your battalion, destroy your opponents and occupy their base.
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Fog Of War. 30 beautifully handmade wooden games. project video thumbnail
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I will make 30 copies of this game. They will be available for Essen 2015. 

If you want to pick up at Essen select Germany in the shipping menu. Shipping to UK is £7. Shipping to Europe is £10. Anywhere else is £15

From the Fog of War BoardGameGeek page:

  • "after much making of tank noises the numbers thin out and players encroach on their enemy's camps. Here the bluffing and strategy continues to make this a very exciting game, right up to the last gasp. "


One 240mm x 240mm x 22mm playing board made from hardwood  (Sapele). 

The 28 tanks (7 per player) made from SOFTWOOD (not plywood as shown in  the picture) Each tank is made in two parts so that the turret can be rotated. 

Four wooden, hexagonal base tiles.

Four laminated support cards.

One rules sheet.

One cotton drawstring bag.

The game will come in shrink wrap protective film.

The playing board will have the hexagonal battle field routed into it. It will be sanded to a smooth finish and will have a wax finish. 

The tanks will be sanded and painted. Rank numbers will be handwritten on the underside of the tank body in gold or silver gel pen. I will pay close attention to making the tanks identical as this is important for the gameplay. The turrets and bodies will be interchangeable.

The hexagonal base tiles will be painted and waxed.

I will print and laminate the 4 support cards. I will print the rules on Matt photo paper.

The drawstring bag will be black or white. 

Game Play.

Each player places their 7 tanks on the board around their base tile and should try to remember which tank is which rank from 1 - 7.

 On your turn you get 1 free 'scout' and 2 action points. The free scout allows you to check the rank of one of your tanks. 

Possible Actions are: 

1) Move forwards or backwards one hex space. 

2) Turn tank one hex side (60 degrees)

3) Turn turret any number of hex sides.

4) Attack

Let's say you attack with your highest ranked tank, number 7. Naturally, the attack will be in the direction that your tanks turret is pointing. The rank of your tank determines it's attacking power (it also happens to be it's defending power). Let's say your opponents tank is rank 2. Easy win? No! You see, your attacking power diminishes by 1 for every additional hex space the attack has to travel to it's target. So a rank 2 tank would survive an attack from a rank 7 tank that was 6 hex spaces away, whereas it would be destroyed if it were only 2 spaces away. 

As an attacker you must always show (discretely) your opponent your tanks rank. This is to prove you are in range and that the attack is valid.

As a defender, if your tank is destroyed you may remove it without revealing it's rank, however, if your tank survives an attack you must show the attacker it's rank (again discretely) to prove your tank is not defeated.

And so to the sting in the tail...

Read this carefully... 

ANY tank can defeat a tank ranked 5, 6 or 7!         

Huh? How does that work? ...Well, it's the power of 1, it defeats 5, 6 and 7. For example, let's say you attack with rank 4 and your target, rank 7, is 4 hex spaces away. Since you are attacking from a distance of 4 spaces your attacking power diminishes to 1. Perfecto, the power of 1 defeats 7. 

3 player game
3 player game

Risks and challenges

These games will made and ready for Essen 2015 which is in October.
Apart from acquiring the materials, the manufacturing of these games has no 3rd party involvement.
Games will be sent to backers in order. The first game will be ready to be shipped on August 4th 2015.
The first 20 backers who pledge at least £30 will receive a prototype tank (see the video within update #5).

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