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Giant Flying Glitter Boobies : Come in and create!'s video poster

Two giant 6' bejeweled breasts create a magical space for art and artists. A cozy pop-up art gallery and discussion place for creators. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 1, 2014.

Two giant 6' bejeweled breasts create a magical space for art and artists. A cozy pop-up art gallery and discussion place for creators.

Lynne Lee
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Lynne Lee

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 I am building a giant pair of breasts. Yes, Breasts. Titties, tetas, 'the twins', the girls, my jungle jelly, chest buns, black cherries, cha-chis, ladies, friendly blubber, ta-tas, mammary glands -- insert your favorite nickname here. They are going to be so big that you will be able to walk inside them.  They will be built with light transportable materials, allowing them to be easily set up wherever you go.  In practice, it will be a pop up art gallery shaped like a giant pair of breasts.  

Scale model of the project outside
Scale model of the project outside


I was inspired to make this piece by my experience in high school as a female with large(r) boobies. I often felt like a "flying pair of tits" and was often treated as such. The female body is such a cross-section of political action and lines of power; Where does my body stop being mine alone, and become a place of public note? Still today I sometimes have a mind-body disconnect with my breasts, I often consider them to be separate from who I am, from my physical body. This is because they make their own impression on people regardless of how I act or who I actually am.  I want to explore why this disconnect happens, why this part of me is constantly judged, paid extra attention to or treated with extra care. Why are breasts so blasphemous? I wish to question the gender norms that these feelings of confusion and self doubt come from. I want to create something that comes from this soft and vulnerable place, but results in something strong and hard while still being beautiful. 

 I am trying to communicate that being serious can be fun. Boobs do not have to be scary! My experience being a flying pair of boobies was not always a happy one, but something lovely is now being born of it. Laughter is a large part of this project. I want people to look at the piece and laugh, and come closer, to touch it, to play with it, to look at their reflection in it, to write poetry in it, to be inspired by it to create something together with it. My mission is to have people come together and create together.  These visitor creations will reflect the process that I am going through now to make these monster tits. It will be that very same juxtaposition of hard and soft, brought together with the undeniable power that comes from having a great pair of breasts.


The physical manifestation of the Glitter Boobies will be as follows; The base of both breasts will be made of two 8' octayurts. Octayurts are mini yurts made of insulation board or hexacomb cardboard.  It will be a huge breast shaped building made of two 'rooms' which will physically represent the two breasts.  The interior of the boobs will connect to one another making a two chambered space. The right breast will have a door into which visitors can come inside and will be prompted to view and discuss the art displayed. Then they can crawl through the connecting door to the left breast, which will have materials inspiring the visitor to draw, write or otherwise express themselves, allowing them to become the artist. This is not supposed to be just a place for already established artists', it should be a sort of bridge in which to cross into the artistic world.  Visitors will be able to both view it as an audience and create as an artist.

So the structure of the piece will be two connecting octayurts.  however, that is not where the fun ends because the building itself will also be a giant piece of art.  In order to beautify it visually, I will embellish a large piece of muslin fabric with mirrors to throw over the two octayurts to smooth out the hard edges and give it that full rounded breast look. I will sew fluffys and stuffing to the inside of the muslin so as to give the breasts some of that jiggly we all know and love. The outside of the muslin will be embellished with a mosaic of mirrors and other hard reflective found materials. The other side of the breasts, or the inside, will be an area designed for the visitor to write create in. Hopefully guests will enter inside the breasts and be immediately inspired to create some of their own art.  The inside will also serve as a functioning art gallery and display various  curated art shows.

Scale Model
Scale Model


The first art show that will open in late April of 2014 will be an exposition of six artists from the Bridgeport community; S. Arlo Johnson, Brenton D. Stewart, Christopher Barth, Samantha Truman, Nicole Stresak and Mey K. Lee. 

S. Arlo Johnson is an active member of the Bridgeport community and a talented videographer.  His film style is very free flowing and dreamy, and he often combines different imaginative and poignant shots of everyday life.   

Brenton D. Stewart is a performance artist with a background in improv and comedy.  His spoken word is powerful yet completely approachable.  He will have a series of 3 performances over the course of a 3 week art show with an additional performance at the opening of the gallery.

Samantha Truman is a promising young visual artist who will be showing a pencil and charcoal series.  Her style is based in realism, but she enjoys unintentionally dabbling in the macabre.

Mey K Lee is an aspiring actress and director from the San Francisco Bay Area.  She will be doing some classical and contemporary monologues for the gallery opening in April.

Nicole Stresak is a 120mm film photographer with a smile and a flimsy plastic camera.  She enjoys shooting film through unconventional cameras and distorting photographs with light and over exposure.  Her style is muted but impassioned.  Her work will be shown through the first 3 week exhibit.

Scale Model
Scale Model

Risks and challenges

Although I am a full time university student, I am committed to making these Breasts a reality. My plan is to work on this project every Thursday and some Saturdays and Sundays starting from November 2013 until March 2014. I am using as many donated/found materials as possible but will unfortunately have to purchase a substantial amount as well. I am working now with Benton House, a 100 year old settlement house in Bridgeport, Chicago. In exchange for work in their food pantry, garden, and doing Chinese translation, I will get to use a studio space in which to build the project. In terms of project collaborators I am currently working with Sasha Vu of Wolfbat productions, who has a history of making large art installations, and Benjamin Spinrad, an architecture student based out of NYC. As previously mentioned I am also working with members of the Benton House community and with the Shimer College community.

Leave No Trace:
Although we expect everyone to be respectful of our supplies, we know that there is reason to plan for a good proper clean up before physically leaving any space. It is of the upmost concern to me as an artist to beautify the world and not pollute it. In accordance with this vision we will have scheduled clean up sessions where we will pick up any garbage and other leftover supplies around our set up area. Giant Flying Glitter Boobies will make the world a better and CLEANER place to be.

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