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SYMBIOSIS: An art book exploring a world where all technology is powered by biological engines that are deeply linked to humans
SYMBIOSIS: An art book exploring a world where all technology is powered by biological engines that are deeply linked to humans
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Update about a forthcoming update


Hi folks! 

Quick update to let you know a longer, much more exciting one will be showing up soon. Decided after consulting some peers and other people and myself that shame-spiraling was getting me nowhere, and I'm getting a team together to retool the project and help handle things like regular updates and getting this project sorted so I can get a hard deadline to you. 

Back with more once the helper ducks are in a row! 

Quick update- still plugging away


Hi folks,

Last several months ran me through the work/life ringer, so not much Symbiosis progress, but I promised an update for this week, so let's see how I do! 


Trying to work in practices that help modulate burnout while working on Symbiosis, in this case experimenting with some digital watercolor brushes, and a bit more "cartoony" character type. 


 Almost all of these are roughs/works in progress. Basement lab of person experimenting with fungal biocomputers.

 Sussing out how a bio-engine can have its consciousness bumped up from about that of a bee to that of a dog. (The theme of Symbiosis isn't supposed to be animal cruelty, so I keep biological components at lower consciousness levels, and mistreating an upgraded bioengine would be akin to abusing a dog.)

 A "how it's made" sort of thing. Look through interesting reference, find shapes you like, use them with other shapes you like. 

 Not sure how easily this rough is read, but looking out over a lake at some kind of industrial plant. The curves glow under the water. 

 Natural media work. (so is the "sky surfer" above, it's just colored digitally.) I think I was trying to stay awake while inking this, so got some kinda hamfisted inking to touch up. Still, it was fun. 

There's more art, but that's all for now. I'm still chipping away, doing best I can with what I've got, like we all are, or so says therapist. 

Take care and be well, everyone. 


Symbiosis Chapbook!


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Place-holder update



I'm sure a number of you are wondering where the updates are, and the answer is they just got flooded by life and hustling for money. As I pulled the update page up to write this, I found this draft in it.

"Hey everyone!  I finished the arc of the comic I've been working on, but between my AC completely dying (The unit was from the 80s, had a good run, but it literally caught on fire.) and needing a full replacement, and various other things that pulled money from the comic gig, I'm going to have to get to work on paying work ASAP since all that pretty seriously chewed into my "work on Symbiosis" money.  I'm uncertain about how soon I'll"

So something apparently interupted that, or it might have been the "perfection is the enemy of done" thing that I've been learning to not get stuck in.

That's kind of been my summer, and it pulled me down mental health wise as well.  I have been drawing Symbiosis material during my free time, though, things are moving in an upward direction again, (man, exercise is so important it's scary)  and I'm working with an intern on getting Symbiosis out there in some form (sort of a "beta version") until I can finish things properly. 
I'll have another update as soon as can get the aforementioned "beta version" squared away. 

Thanks again for your support and patience, and I hope everyone is doing well! 


More art, getting ready to crank up engines


Hello everyone!  I've been super focused on finishing this comic project since January and time really flew by. I would be done with comics work and back on finishing Symbiosis by now. But, there was an extra issue I hadn't accounted for, and this comic project process is very different from how I normally approach monthlies, plus it took me a while to learn how to keep Adderall from hindering as well as helping my comics work. (The focus of adderall is "unfocused" and it's easy to spend way too long on panels/pages/details that aren't really necessary.)  But I have it down tight now, and will be wrapping up in June, and then back on to more Symbiosis and I am very excited to get going!

I opened up the project document last night, and looked at some material I hadn't seen in a while, and I'm going to include some of it down below, (I don't think I've shown these) along with some other watercolored Symbiosis work I've been doing in my spare time. My fingers are really itching to get back into this world!

Had hoped to have a preview for the comic I've been working on, for anyone interested, but the only thing out at the moment is in the hands of comic shop workers. I think. If you're into comics, ask your local comic retailer about "Throwaways" from Image Comics, written by Caitlin Kittredge.

So, yeah! As always, thanks for your patience and support. Whenever the hyper-critical voice in my head pops up, I remember the support and kindness everyone has shown, and that really helps. So thanks again.

I'm still cranking away on the project, one step at a time. Enjoy the art, and I'll be back in touch in June with a more detailed update when I'm properly back in the saddle!