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SYMBIOSIS: An art book exploring a world where all technology is powered by biological engines that are deeply linked to humans
SYMBIOSIS: An art book exploring a world where all technology is powered by biological engines that are deeply linked to humans
1,149 backers pledged $63,491 to help bring this project to life.

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      Nick Mercurio on April 29

      Hi Steve-

      Just got Project Update #26. You mentioned that you wished you had a preview of THROWAWAYS to show, but that the material is only in the hands of comics retailers. I just wanted to let you--and any interested parties--know that there's a 5-page preview in Image+ #1, the Image magazine that just came out this Wednesday. Art looks great! (And the magazine's only $2 if anyone wants to check it out.)

    2. Stephen Pieraldi on January 12

      Keep on keeping on. I agree with all the previous comments. While being "late" is never a good thing and being fashionably late is "a thing", no one expects everyone will be on time. Updates are greatly appreciated and keep your fans close. Never let fear keep you from the support you need. Your fan base is true if your communication is too. Be well and keep on the recovery. Looking forward to your vision.

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      HT Goh on November 23, 2015

      I think what we're trying to say is that we trust you and we understand the scope of this is pretty ambitious! It's not a tech object, it's not even 'just' a comic, it's summoning an entire mythos, and we're happy to be with you for the ride.

      So just trust us too! We're with you on this. It's kind of like people at your house party who love art, love your art, and want nothing but for you to make the stuff you want to make, including supporting you through the creative process (like having breaks so you can keep on truckin').

    4. Creator Steven Sanders on November 5, 2015

      Thanks Andy, that's... oddly comforting? I guess? But yeah, still pushing forward. I read old Popular Mechanics from the 30's before bed and take screen caps for inspiration. So there's an "excitement" folder building up.

      There's a local comic creator drink (coffee) and draw on saturdays and I'm working on Symbiosis when I can during that time. The last small-group update should have had a Tumblr link to some new work and another is going up tomorrow morning.

      I'm easing back into the large scale work with these smaller pieces/vehicles. Having fun and looking forward to making more!

    5. Andy Kitkowski on November 5, 2015

      I looked into the old projects that are still not out, late years past their release dates...

      ...this one has NOTHING on the video game projects I backed (the ones that are still chugging along and actually proceeding forward, 2+ years of delay later).

      So no probs. Take your time and do it right. But please keep pushing forward. Take a few hours a week to set aside and keep it in motion.

      Best of luck. Thanks!

    6. roy cowing on September 30, 2015

      You "HOLD FAST" man. I fell in love with this back when I met you at SFAL 1. It is all good. Take your time, creation is what counts. Glad to hear things are progressing for you.

    7. Britta Carlson on September 26, 2015

      Good to hear Steven! Glad everything is going alright for you=]

    8. Creator Steven Sanders on September 15, 2015

      Hey Britta! Hm. "Frustrated and ashamed at the time it's taking to get back to speed, (though trying not to focus on it/let it impair progress) but now that I finally have some steady comic work and am seeing work efficiency get higher every day as I get healthy work/sleep/socializing habits dialed in, excited to get fiscals in shape, start putting out more Symbiosis art, and get this out to everyone."

      Or maybe "Holy Moses getting back on my feet is/was harder than I thought it was going to be, but I'm in this thing to win it."

      So.. a bit war-weary, and not yet where I'd like to be, but doing much much better and am excited and optimistic. :) Thanks for asking!

    9. Britta Carlson on September 15, 2015

      How you feelin Steve? I'm honestly wondering

    10. Creator Steven Sanders on April 5, 2015

      Hi Marwan, are you caught up on the updates? Those should fill you in on everything. If not, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to answer whatever I can.

    11. Marwan Marwan on April 5, 2015

      Anyone hear anything? What's going on?

    12. Christophe on February 7, 2015

      Thanks for the first update of the year ! The waiting is abominable.

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      MARVIN STEPHENSON on January 27, 2015

      Any updates on the progress!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Faries on January 1, 2015

      Happy New Year, Steven!

    15. David Churn on October 19, 2014

      Steven, Thanks for the update.

    16. Missing avatar

      Everett Thompson on September 29, 2014

      Steven - Take a deep breath, exhale and release all that angst. The book will happen and I will enjoy it. Take all the time you need.

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      HT Goh on June 24, 2014

      This must be the most amazing Kickstarter I've backed. It's difficult to trust projects sometimes when they're delayed but this so isn't the case here. Totally happy to wait for a great book. Well played Mr Sanders.

    18. Richard Bruning on June 19, 2014

      Wow. Those samples you sent the links out to in your last email were amazing. BUT, I think I've discovered why it's talking you so long. The details! Why, if you were to stop doing all those amazing little constructions and renderings and miniature buildings, heck, you'd be done in no time. winkyface.
      Seriously though, with art, it's almost always worth the wait when it's work of this calibre. Anxious to get my copy but take the time you need. It'll be worth it to everyone in the end.

    19. Creator Steven Sanders on May 27, 2014

      Hi Randy, I'd say within a month.

    20. Randy on May 27, 2014

      When can we expect to have an official update on the status of this project?

    21. Creator Steven Sanders on May 4, 2014

      hello! I've been trying to keep updates to a minimum/only major events due to hearing a lot of complaints about kickstarters with too many updates. :D I'm still grinding away on art, hope to have it to the printers in a little over a month, give or take. (I'm currently living on my credit card to get this finished ASAP. Gah. ) I should be getting a mock-up/dummy of the book for people to see soon. If you wish to see work in progress, I'm posting some of it on my tumblr at

    22. Necrozius on May 4, 2014

      Hello! The last update was a month ago. How's progress?

    23. Arnd Felten on January 23, 2014

      How are things coming along?

    24. Don Balao on October 2, 2013

      thanks for the hard work steven, cant wait for my BIBLIOPHILE level, i hope my # is 135

    25. Creator Steven Sanders on October 2, 2013

      Hi Jack! Nope, I'll send a survey when we get close to shipping to make sure I have current addresses for everyone.

      thanks again for the support!


    26. Jack Hud on October 2, 2013

      I recently moved. I know the book won't ship for a while but do I need to change my shipping address somewhere or will a survey be sent out before shipping?

    27. Creator Steven Sanders on June 29, 2013

      Anyone asking about the book or ebook, they both have ship dates of next spring. Everyone's contributions are allowing me to take some time off and make the book in a year vs the ten years it would probably take if I only worked on it in my normal spare time. :) (I work 60-80 hr weeks to pay the bills as a freelancer.)



    28. FredH on June 29, 2013

      Was the ebook ever sent? If so, I fear I may have accidentally deleted it.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tyler Ross on June 16, 2013

      Nvm... I backed the ebook. Was it sent to my email?

    30. Missing avatar

      Tyler Ross on June 16, 2013

      I believe I backed a print and never received it. Can you check on this for me. Thanks

    31. Gary Simmons on May 21, 2013

      Received the "Failing" print, nice work.

    32. Caitlyn Colon on April 22, 2013

      can't wait to see the completed work! looking forward to receiving the ebook.

    33. Britta Carlson on March 22, 2013

      and to Steve, yes I have seen Xam'd. You have very good taste in anime =]

    34. Britta Carlson on March 22, 2013

      I am psyched!!!!!

    35. Eric Clough on March 22, 2013

      Great job! Looking forward to receiving your work.

    36. Salaam, the Choujin on March 21, 2013

      Nicely done people! Now we just have to wait while Steven slaves away. Looking forward to the completed work!

    37. Jonathan Walters on March 21, 2013

      Congratulations! I can't wait to finally see the finished product, and look forward to seeing more of your fantastic artwork.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jason on March 21, 2013

      @Steven completely understand, don't want you to be in the red on this! But if 32 pages is possible, would definitely appreciate that - would love to see more of your art.
      At any rate, congrats on getting funded!

    39. Daniel Andersen on March 21, 2013

      Congratulations! I was happy to be able to help fund such an interesting new world. Hope to see you at Planet Comic-Con in KC!

    40. Creator Steven Sanders on March 21, 2013

      Thanks folks! I doubt I'm going to be able to do 50, (printers still haven't gotten back to me yet. Not sure what the deal is.) but I'm likely going to do a 16 page bump up unless there's a big raft of last minute drops.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jason on March 21, 2013

      Same here -- congrats on getting funded! Let's hope we can get an increase of 50 pages in before the deadline.

    42. Fizyx on March 21, 2013

      Gonna be asleep when this finishes, so I just wanted to say, grats on getting funded, yay stickers, and I can't wait for the book! (Even if it hasn't had 100 pages added :P)

    43. Fizyx on March 16, 2013

      Oh yeah, I completely understand. As much as I want another 100 pages, I want you to not be in the red on the project even more :)

    44. Creator Steven Sanders on March 16, 2013

      Benjamin- It's possible we can do it, (I keep hoping Boing Boing will show interest in this) but yeah. That's what I need to have it at to not lose money, unfortunately. That said, I'll definitely have some increased page count stretch goals as soon as I hear back from the printer. I have pricing on an increase of 16 pages and 100 pages, currently, I'm waiting to hear back on 50. Due to the small print run (currently 500), price on things per book is pretty high. I'm going to guess needing 65K to do the extra 50 pages. 16 pages will definitely be within our reach, though. Just gotta keep the word going. We were on Bleeding Cool today, so that should help things a bit.

      I have plans for supplementary volumes of anything that I can't fit in this book, so there's always that. Assuming the book pleases people, it shouldn't be a problem to do another Kickstarter and raise more money more easily.

    45. Fizyx on March 16, 2013

      I so want this to get to 75k, but I don't think it's going to happen :(

    46. Nicholas Dotson on March 16, 2013

      Many congrats, good sir. Looking forward to seeing what the mystery art is going to be.

    47. Peter Marinari on March 15, 2013

      I meant signatures from the sewn pages perspective, but answer (and math) appreciated!

    48. Creator Steven Sanders on March 15, 2013

      Also, thanks for the congratulations/well wishes everyone! I'm excited to get to work on this!

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