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The Spring System is an innovative vertical gardening tower enabling you to easily grow your own sustainable, nutritious food.
The Spring System is an innovative vertical gardening tower enabling you to easily grow your own sustainable, nutritious food.
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    1. Bright Agrotech Creator on

      Hi Allan, we're expecting our first pallet of Spring in this afternoon or tomorrow and we'll begin packing them up and getting them out to you guys ASAP after that. We'll post a formal update here soon!

    2. Missing avatar

      Allan Murphy on

      Guys, What is the latest on expected shipping?

    3. Bright Agrotech Creator on

      Hey, Steve! Send us a message with your new address and I'll update you on the list.

      Have a great Sunday.


    4. Steve Bentley on

      Hey - my address has changed. How can I update your list? Cheers!

    5. Patricia Gilliam on

      Please work out whatever production problems you may have ongoing. Personally, this is an investment in not only your future, but in the future of generations to come. I pray that my children and grandchildren have the technology available to them to grow their own produce even if they are stationed in DC, living in Phoenix, San Deigo or wherever else they may land. We have the advantage of vast amounts of ground where we can enjoy the outdoors. Our prodigy needs to be able to accomplish safe food production. Your investment of time ensures this. Please know that I am in no hurry over production delays and will gladly wait for your best. Thank you for your efforts to these ends.

    6. Bright Agrotech Creator on

      Hi, Donna. Thanks for checking in. I have just finished addressing all of the $10 backer envelopes and had to make a few edits to the greenhouse tour video, so that is rendering again as I type. We will have most of the $10 backer rewards out this afternoon. Let us know if you have any other questions!


    7. Donna Kruse on

      When are the kits going to ship? I thought we would get them around January 13th. I haven't received miine yet.

      Donna Kruse

    8. Bright Agrotech Creator on

      Thanks Dan. We'd love to have you using one of our kits!

    9. Missing avatar

      danijel on

      Thanks a lot on that answer, I actualy perfer it detailed. That's it then, I got to get more cash into this project so I can get one myself.
      All the best,

    10. Bright Agrotech Creator on

      Hi danijel,
      First off, thanks for backing us! In answer to your question, the tower uses a energy efficient 16W pump that can either run continuously or on a timer. If you're interested in saving some money on electricity, a timer can turn the pump on for 10 minutes on the hour, only during the day. This will reduce the amount of electricity being consumed considerably.

      I've built passive models before, using gravity feed tanks, but the problem with them is that water is very heavy and building the structure and support necessary to hold that weight up is cost-prohibitive. Also, you end up using energy to pump water up to the canister anyway. This holds true for water holding growth media as well, making it necessary to install expensive structural support to hold up something that is mostly water-weight. What I've found in my research is that by focussing on media materials that don't hold as much water, and replacing the cost of infrastructure with extra pumping energy, you can reduce costs and make a product that's much more user friendly and adoptable. . . I know, a long drawn out answer for a simple question, but that's what I've discovered.

      Thanks for your support danijel! I really appreciate you backing us!

    11. Missing avatar

      danijel on

      How much power does it consume?
      Why not create a passive model with a canister on top?
      Thanks and all the best,