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By Murray Zichlinsky
$78.00 pledged of $111,100 goal


With so many exoplanets being discovered, the urge to visit one is very great.  This spacecraft will use the same basic principles that propelled the New Horizons spacecraft to Pluto this year, but it will be built to use the hydrogen in interstellar space.  This will lessen the amount of propellant the spacecraft needs to carry.  A lighter spacecraft takes less force to accelerate.  Hopefully this spacecraft will travel at near-light speed.  Tau Ceti is a star a mere 12 light years away.  It is known to have 2 planets orbiting in it's hospitable zone.  I think we can reach it with a travel time of 15 years

Risks and challenges

An in depth evaluation by a team of engineers and physicists may show this project is not feasible. then there are the standard risks inherent in space travel. This amount will probably only fund the feasibility study and preliminary design. We may not raise the money for the actual design and build. We would also need to use NASA's Deep Space Network for communication with the spacecraft. It is possible they would not agree although if we had to we could turn the final project, the actual mission over to them, in which case they would most certainly do it.

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