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We hated math but we love Math the Band; so much so that we're raising money to shoot a music video of their next single out this fall

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Hi Kickstarter

This is Antonio Cisneros (director) and Taylor Hagan (producer) of the next Math the Band music video for the single "Bad Jokes."

This project has been something that's been swirling around in our heads for awhile now. To make a film about the greatest childhood sport of all time; firework war! But to combine it with our favorite band, MATH.

We need to raise the basic funds to do something crazy and safely in the good old state of Texas. We're trying to capture the essence of childhood in July. Two groups of street kids (the turquoise vs the reds, think sharks vs jets) meeting in the heat of July for an epic battle. Yet it's all in good fun!



-Hand Made Math the Band Screen Print Post Card ($10)

-Still picture from the Music Video ($10)

-Personal Math the Band Skype Call ($20)

-Hand Made Darkroom Print by Antonio Cisneros ($25)

-Hand made Math the Band Live Show Posters ($30)

-Signed Four to Six 7'' Record ($30)

-Backstage pass for future Math show ($50)

-Special thanks Credit & Personally addressed Fireworks Photograph ($75)

-Executive Producer Credit !!!! ($150)


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    Ten buck gets you, along with a wash of emotion at having supported awesome music and dangerous film making, a super cool screen print postcard made by Math or a super cool still from the music video, all presented in eye immolating high definition! Is it limited? No. Is it amazing? Absolutely. Do you need it? Yes.

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    What does Andrew Jackson do for you? Screen print, sure; but also a live Skype call from the illustrious members of Math the Band who will sing you to sleep, too wakefulness, or make you laugh to your hearts content! Give it as a gift, keep it selfishly; force it upon enemies and assault them with music! A personal Math the Band Skype call all for you! 10 minutes of a personal show or fun conversations with your favorite band!

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    10 backers All gone!

    Not feeling like fun filled MATH goodies? How about a personally made dark room print by yours truly, Antonio Cisneros? Get a color or b&w 11x14 print of the award winning photographs by crazy camera man.

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    Still needing some excitement? How about a one on one cinematography course with our director & cinematographer Antonio. Want to learn about lenses, flares, and crazy go nuts lighting set ups? How about the do's and don't for becoming a professional filmmaker or at least a wild one? A one hour skype meeting going over the secrets of camera work be yours! Plus there will be explosions. Perfect for the budding filmmaker!!!

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    Now were talking. Want a Print? You got it. Want some Skype time with the band? No problem. Want to pick up one of 12 SIGNED copies of the Four to Six 7" record? Donate! Make things happen!

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    Sick and tired of the records? Or maybe you already have one? Then how about a resplendent poster, signed by the members of the band? only 25 available! Act fast!

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    Want a Math the Band experience more intense then Skype??? How about in person!!!! Be on the guest list for you +1 friend to any future show (some exceptions may apply). Hang out with Justine and Kevin before the show and get to rock out back stage. Get pumped!!!!

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    Want to help but need a little something extra? How about your name in the special thanks credits and a personally made fireworks print in your name! Made with black powder, fire, and the photographic process!

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    Want to truly help out Math the Band? How about becoming an ExecutiveProducer! With this you will help us purchase the needed fireworks and safety material but more importantly burn your name into music video History !!!

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