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Open-source roguelike survivalcraft/driving game in a sci-fi zombie apocalypse needs a full-time developer to accelerate development.
440 backers pledged $9,492 to help bring this project to life.

What's Next

Posted by Clever Raven (Creator)

Greets, all. This is going out a bit later than I'd expected - the primary purpose was to tell you how much we actually got out of this and what comes next, but apparently the payments sort of trickle in over time. I think we have most of them now. It looks like (after Amazon fees, Kickstarter fees, various costs associated with rewards, and dropped payments) we've pulled in $7,911. That's a decent amount of money!

So what's going to happen with it?

Well, Sean technically starts work on Monday, tomorrow. I say technically because he's actually already started this weekend, but tomorrow will be the first day he gets paid for it. He'll be working until at least November 11th, which is a span of 104 days. He'll be making $104.09/day, a rate of about $13.01 an hour.

Developer Updates

Sean is already taking notes and getting documents together, not only to help him plan out how to tackle the objectives before him, but also to keep our amazing backers up to date on exactly what's happening with the project. He'll be posting an update each week - they'll be e-mailed to those who want them and also be available through an exclusive members-only area of the website I hope to have set up within the next two weeks.

Polls, surveys, and information gathering
We've got over 400 backers, and a good number of you will be getting something added to the game. Even for those who won't be adding something will be voting on what I should wear for the backer read-off video. These polls will be going out over the next month or so, with the simpler things like name insertion going out first. For the dress up and read off video, I'll be taking suggestions via the forum over the next couple weeks and then send out a poll to see which options are most popular. Once I know that I'll be hitting up local thrift shops to put the outfit together and we should be good to go. I might also put out an open casting call for any New England zombies that might want to help out for the climactic scene...

Reward Delivery

We'll be aiming to send out the thank you notes in the last month - I want to do something special with them, and I've gotten an e-mail with a good idea for it. I'll be putting them together, and then shipping the results to Sean to sign and mail out individually, sometime early next month. The digital reward is waiting on a some finishing touches (and the comic from Pthalocy), but should be out in the next week or two. We'll start adding names after the polls go out and we start getting names back.


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    1. Chris on

      I've never been so excited about a Kickstarter and sure of the end result - and I've backed a few. Happy coding.