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Sherlock Holmes and his companions are at your disposal as you try to catch the most notorious villains of Victorian era London.
Sherlock Holmes and his companions are at your disposal as you try to catch the most notorious villains of Victorian era London.
Sherlock Holmes and his companions are at your disposal as you try to catch the most notorious villains of Victorian era London.
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    1. Jimmy Trinket

      Got my game all the way down here in Oz! Aw yeah, can't wait to get it to the table. Looks fantastic. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Marcus Adams on


      Anyone else in the UK still waiting for their copy? I have never received a request for an additional shipping charge so wondered if that could be the issue?
      Emailed VPG a couple of times about it but so far no reply

    3. rob nawa on

      I didn't actually Peter, but I didn't ave the wooden box so maybe that pushed it over.

    4. Peter Maslin on

      yay finally recieved my wooden box version which looks great unfortunately i got hit by a customs charge , did anyone else in the UK get hit by ut ?

    5. Shane Cormier on

      I also got a tiny rip on my classic version so I was just more careful when opening the 21st century version. Added a piece of tape to secure it. Would have been nice if it wouldnt have ripped but whatever. THE GAME IS AWESOME. Ive already played it with my buddy and his son and we had so much fun we played it two more times. One the more fun games Ive played in a while, not only because I love Sherlock stories and that it was just plain fun, but it was also not complicated with a zillion rules with a zillion exceptions and with 24 hours needed just to get started. Wish I had bought more. Just curious are the retail versions going to look different than these? I wanted to bring it to the local comic shop to see if anyone wanted to play but Im too nervous they wont be gentle with the cards and pieces and I would end up coming home with bent up cards and torn tokens and what not. ANywho cant wait to see what you guys come up with next. And for sure gonna hit ebay for some of your older kickstarter exclusive game variants. Thanks for making my first time back into table top games a fun experience. Its been years since Ive played table top games.

    6. Enrique Durand on

      We played our first four-player game the other night, and we found that with a starting hand of six cards the game ended too soon. Has anyone tried alternate rules (either a larger starting hand, or making the players draw each turn)?

    7. Robert Ash on

      Been playing the game for a month and I really enjoy it. I opted for the "Classic" artwork and it captures the flavor of Holmes well. Token and card quality is 1st class. Well done.

    8. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Zilio on

      Got my Holmes Meet Italians today here in Brazil! \o/ Haven't yet ripped the box sleeves, but I can see it happen in the foreseable future. In spite of that, I like what I see in both games. Thanks, VPG. :)

    9. Torsten Stelling

      Apart from the mentioned things i'm happy with my copy.

    10. Torsten Stelling

      Got my box today. Sleeve got a rip from start. Looks not nice at the ripped edge. I hope to find a better box for the game, since this will rip apart some time in the future. Sleeve would be better when a little more loose. Otherwise it would be nice to get the board and the sleeve as pdf for self printing. I don't know if there is also a place to download the current new rules and extension rules as pdf?

    11. David Ballard

      Got my Holmes' World Tour yesterdan in Florida. :D

    12. Natcon on

      Received mine in Canada also. I agree with a lot of the other people who commented about the box quality, it is very poor. The rest of the game looks great though, so overall I am very happy. Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Steve D. on

      Got mine today in Canada, looks great!

    14. Alan Emrich on

      A little rain is good, a lot can kill you. So it was when we dared this, our first Kickstarter campaign and blew past our funding goal in only 22 hours. A month later, we were at well over four times our funding goal. When the dust settled and the smoke cleared, we had hundreds of new orders to fill and lots of card games to produce! We predicted that we would get all of those orders filled by mid-to-late October if there were no SNAFUs.

      Your team of game makers at VPG went to work, led by printmeister Richard Starke, and the long days and weekends started flowing together with an obsessive drive get those orders manufactured and shipped! We're very pleased to announce that as of mid-August, the last of the orders we can ship have gone out (there are four or so people we're still trying to track down for their shipping information – apparently this is not uncommon with Kickstarter).

      We've learned a lot about using Kickstarter thanks to I Say, Holmes!, and have met many new friends. While some of you were a bit impatient, it was only because these orders were shipped out OVER TIME, as a print-on-demand publisher like us would do.

      Still, they're all done and out the door in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS, which apparently is some kind of record for a new game from Kickstarter (many people wrote to us stating that some of their other Kickstarter game orders took years to fulfill). One thing is for sure, we'll take these lessons into our next Kickstarter campaign (whenever and whatever that may be) and will be considerably more circumspect in dealing with all the bally-hoo and chaos that can ensue!

    15. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      My copy arrived, looking forward to playing!

    16. Jon Wiggins on

      Same issues with box as others have stated (feels like the slipcover will tear up after a few times taking the box out) but excited to have received my game today. Ready to play it!

    17. BoardGameGuy on

      I had the same issues as the others but have worked around them. Played our first game while on vacation with the family and had a good time. Great job!

    18. Jojo on

      My game just arrived today and I just finished checking it for completeness. I had to agree with the disappointment of other backers; I too am disappointed with the slipcover/box. The slipcover is already tearing at its corners when I pulled it out the bubble mailer and was a bit difficult to remove/return over the box. My cards too have white specs on and around the edges. The tokens are gorgeous but were not punched completely and were a pain to remove carefully so as not to tear. I'll have to get sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges. Unfortunately even with my carefulness, two of the magnifying glasses handle paper started to separate. Any suggestions to remedy?

      I do love the classic artwork of the cards and tokens. I can't wait to try out this game.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Turner on

      Just received mine today, one of the faster kickstarters to arrive that's for sure.

      The quality of the cards and tokens seem fine, although some were difficult to punch out, but I am disappointed by the box, mat, and slip case. If I had known what the final physical product was going to look like I would not have pledged $35.

    20. Zharden on

      My copy showed up today in Virginia. Modern version. Looking good!

    21. Jared Simons on

      Thanks for the latest update. Still eagerly waiting for my copy to arrive here in New Zealand.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jiri Salo on

      Just took a peek inside the box as it arrived. I'm very pleased on how everything looked and can't wait to start playing. Just wanted to give you fellas a big thank you.. So, thank you!

    23. Arjan de Haas

      Mine arrived yesterday, looks great!
      The game background is a bit strange, it's folded in a strange way that it does not realy fit in the box and the slip cover is weak. Rule book could use a quality update too.
      Some room for improvement, but thanks!

    24. Ty Snouffer on

      Mine arrived today and I was anxiously awaiting it. This project delivered likeidly-splt compared to others I've backed with 1-2 year waiting times.

      I wish the quality of the cards was better as mine have white specs on the sides and there are some poor cuts on the corners. The rulebook quality leaves room for improvement too.

      I'll gladly show off the game as it is fun to play, but still at $35. . .

      Just an opinion folks . . .

    25. Jason Webster

      @Graham- there are plenty of us backers in the USA who have not gotten the game yet. Alan said about 1/4th of the games have been shipped. That leaves quite a few backers' games that haven't even got out the door yet. No worries.

    26. Missing avatar

      Saleena Au

      Received my copy of the game (New York) but I was slightly annoyed at the slipcover. It was so tight around my box that I had to "unglue" the slipcover to take the game out of it. I wish you had given it some breathing room to remove the game. Now I had to keep the slipcover in the box.

    27. Mike Marshall on

      Got my copy today! Thank you Victory Point Games for doing what all the rest of my kick starters that I've backed, can't seem to do. Namely ship an item when they said they would! I would definitely back another project from your company.

    28. Justin Steinberg

      Just got my copy in the mail. Only thing was that the slipcover got damaged on the edges on one side, crinkled and bent. I did the best I could to undo it.

      Noticed Moriarty and Clay tiles are in fact not matching VP. Tiles say 5-6 respectively, while their spaces say 5-4 respectively (Moroarty and Clay). Is this an error?

    29. Justin Steinberg

      Is there an issue with the John clay tile and Moriarty? If so, I would hope Victory point games would change this.

    30. Missing avatar

      Graham Frederick Trickey on

      Iam getting worried still no sign in Bonnie Scotland perhaps because I was a late comer and they are dispatching chronologically.

    31. Fraser Grant on

      Just received my copy today and really love the artwork and production values. However, I noticed that the back of the John Clay tile says 6vp although his space says 4, and the back of Moriarty says 5vp although his space says 6. I am assuming this is a printing error- and we should go with the Vp as stated on the board.

    32. Fraser Grant on

      The postman just delivered my copy here in sunny Windsor- (that's Windsor UK). Just in time for my Saturday Boardgame meet up!

    33. Samurai Sheepdog

      Oh man, I was hoping to get this to Board Game Bash in Austin the first weekend of August. Maybe I will get lucky. I was going to try to film the game for my channel. Hope I am in a batch the shipped recently or will soon. Game looks great.

    34. Scott Laughlin on

      We received ours and have played our first few rounds. What a great game! Got a universal thumbs up for our players, including kids. The game is more fun and interesting the more players you have, so invite over some friends. Thanks for such an attractive and thoughtful game.

    35. Alan Emrich on

      Hello, everyone! I see a lot of "Hey, they got THEIR copy! Did you forget to send my copy?" I'm afraid that in our most recent update we failed to remind everyone that we're STILL MANUFACTURING your orders at our little game factory here in Costa Mesa, California. We're getting them built and shipped at the rate of so-many per week, and will be filling orders well into August at this rate, SO PLEASE BE PATIENT!!

      I'm guessing that we've filled roughly 1/4 or so of the Kickstarter orders; we are hitting our stride now and really getting things going! Please keep in mind, we have been very up-front and honest that we're a little old Made in the USA game manufacturer, and not some Big Press in China, and even though we got started fairly quickly after the KS campaign ended, we can only manufacture so many games a day!

      Please be patient, it may still be some weeks before YOUR game is sent, but we are on the case, just like Sherlock himself. We haven't lost any orders, and everyone's games will be sent; this is how we have planned to spend our "Summer vacation" -- getting your games built and shipped out to you! We just wanted to remind you that work differently than the other game publishers because we manufacture everything ourselves on site.

      Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated, and WILL be rewarded -- as you can tell from the comments of those who have already received their copies, I SAY, HOLMES! is a game worth waiting for. We are super-thankful you backed The Little Game Company That Could, and we will... deliver your game(s) to you, that is. But we can only go as fast as we can bake them in the factory!! :D - Alan Emrich

    36. Victory Point Games 14-time creator on

      Classic art versions of I Say, Holmes are still being shipped. We're doing what we can to get the games shipped out as fast as possible!

    37. Tim Porter

      Have all the Classic versions shipped ? I'm about 80 miles up the road from VPG and have not got the game yet.

    38. scott strantz

      Got mine today, super excited! Top notch production....these tokens are fantastic!

    39. BoardGameGuy on

      @David - My copy arrived yesterday. (OHIO). Mine was in a priority bubble but I did not have to pay anything extra.
      Can't wait to play

    40. Missing avatar

      Graham Frederick Trickey on

      Anyone in the UK got it yet???

    41. Missing avatar

      David Bresson

      Just FYI, my (classic) I Say, Holmes! arrived today, and there was $0.90 in postage due upon arrival that I had to pay to take delivery (I'm in the state of Illinois, USA). Mailman said he thought it has something to do with the amount of postage being paid for a Priority Mail box, but instead it had been shipped in a Priority Mail bubble mailer, which costs slightly more.

    42. Lindsey Scully on

      Just got my copy in Seattle, super excited to play it! Thanks for being such a communicative and quick campaign!

    43. Chris Heffernan

      Received mine today in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada (near Ottawa). The game looks gorgeous!

    44. William Cunningham on

      Aaannndddd it just arrived. It looks fantastic! Can't wait to play now! :)

    45. William Cunningham on

      Thanks Alan! Like I said, I was just being anxious (I'm a kid at heart even in my 40's :) ). You guys are one of the best when it comes to customer service!

    46. Alan Emrich on

      Oh, yes, we're building and shipping mightily. Dozens are going out every week, and we have folks working extra hours to get your orders caught up. No need to worry about that. :D We just posted a picture on our Facebook page of a recent trip to the post office with buckets and buckets of I SAY, HOLMES! being sent...

    47. William Cunningham on

      Absolutely not a complaint in any way, shape or form. But just wanted to verify that games are still in the production and shipping phase? I'm anxious to get my copy to the table, but I'm fully aware (after being a happy customer for so many years) that VPG prints on demand essentially.

    48. Missing avatar

      Richard Keker

      Got my four games last night!

    49. William Cunningham on

      @Richard Keker: Great idea! I would gladly pay for playper versions of the cards from DotZ (and Cruel Necessity, Darkest Night, etc.).

    50. Peter Maslin on

      depending how they shipped it , it can take up to a month not all companies ship via air mail because of the cost so it goes in a ship.

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