Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition Reprint + Three Expansions

by Victory Point Games

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    1. John C

      I can't wait to see the white box UNBOXING video.

    2. RayGobot on

      This is exciting news! How much time before final prints start?

    3. Missing avatar


      Touché @John C. That would be a sight! (Seriously though, I'd watch it.) ;)

    4. Russonc

      Thanks for the update (next time a pic would be nice.....)!

    5. Victory Point Games 15-time creator on

      It is impossible to tell when printing will begin. After we turn around these proofs, we have to check their corrections in a new proof, and so on until it is finally ready. There is still more back-and-forth involved. :D Oh, and Russonc, I just took a picture and will post it to VPG's Facebook page since I cannot update and update on KS. :D