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Along with the game's reprint, discover new heroes, events, and more in three new expansions for Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition!
Along with the game's reprint, discover new heroes, events, and more in three new expansions for Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition!
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The Zeds are Shuffling Forward

Posted by Victory Point Games (Creator)

Greetings Zed Heads!

The status of your game is that we are currently proofing the digital version of all the files. As you know, there is a lot to proofread for all of those Dawn of the Zeds components, and the team wants to make sure that everything is carefully inspected before we return these files to the printer. The candles will be burning late (and at both ends) this weekend!

After completing the digital proofing, we will await the “white box” version of the game from our printer. That comes in two parts: 1) a complete version of the game box and components with nothing printed on them (they’re white) so that we can inspect the component quality and physicality (die cuts, card thickness, etc.); and 2) large proof sheets of everything that will be printed onto these components so we can inspect colors and match things correctly.

For now, know that the Zeds Pledge Manager is veeeeeery close. It should be going live in the very near future.

For owners of the first printing:

If you are a first-printing owner, we have some good news to supplement your Expansion Packs!

First, for your information, every little nit-picky clarification between the first printing and the second printing is assembled for you here in this attractive 2-page .pdf file. You can now stop wondering and now start knowing (and, please, sharing!) this data, but I’m afraid even this won’t help you if you insist on rolling a string of 2’s.

And we mentioned the Pledge Manager… Since the new printing comes in a larger box with a glorious storage tray component, many first-printing owners have asked if they could purchase the new box + tray separately. We have heard you!

The good news is that they will be available and you can add them on your Pledge Manager; the less-good news is that the shipping costs (both to get it to our warehouse and thence to you) are more than you might expect due to its high “Dimensional Weight” (i.e., freight services, including the postal service, use an estimated weight calculated from the length, width, and height of the package, rather than its actual weight on a scale!). If you are like me and wonder why shipping your games costs so much, heed that lesson in Dimensional Weight.

That said, the box and tray are looking pretty awesome so far (see below):

Now, we are not going to print a lot of extras of this empty box + tray item. How many of these we make is likely to be very close to how many are actually ordered. This is something of an experiment for us. However, in this age of Social Media, you can help your fellow Zed Head. If you would please reach first edition owners and point them to the Pledge Manager and let them decide, now-or-never, whether they also want a “box upgrade,” we would sure appreciate them at least knowing they had that option!

In the meantime, build barricades and forage. You can never have enough ammo!

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    1. Mayor Jim on

      @Fergus....the pledge manager isn’t available just yet...soon though

    2. Fergus Conolly

      Can you provide a link to the Pledge Manager?

    3. Telgar

      Appreciate your dedication ! Can’t wait to test this game !!

    4. Mike Pace on

      Thank you for making this available!!

    5. Jonathon Mark Johnson on

      Sending over some virtual coffee to VPG for their 'Candle Burning Party' this weekend.


    6. Russonc

      Nice update, Thanks!

    7. Victory Point Games 15-time creator on

      Yardswimmer, we are not planning that. Did you look at how little really changed in that .pdf file? We even made it a match to your Farmingdale Dossier so you could just slide it in.

      Bernardo, I don't know what to tell you, buddy. I'm just a poor game designer and am not quite sure how that would work. -Alan

    8. Bernardo A. Gonzalez on

      Count me in for the box and tray. Some ideas to save costs on shipping, hoping you guys can entertain, group shipping? I live in Kirkland Washington. Obviously shipping things together? Conventions, I’m going to bgg.con. Etc. No reason to pay extra if not needed

    9. yardswimmer

      Since the shipping would be high anyways would it be possible to have the corrected books and cards in that box as well. I know that would increase the overall cost of that though.

    10. Ben Turner

      Great offer!

      I love the bookshelf size box (along with a DVG counter tray, it's the perfect size) so happy to keep my old edition, but nice to see these things offered, even though the economic cost of shipping an empty box these days is somewhat brutal!

    11. Victory Point Games 15-time creator on

      @Alfred Harrigan - Yes, the tray will be able to handle sleeved cards!

    12. Alfred Harrigan

      Will the tray handle sleeved cards?

    13. Mayor Jim on

      Yay! Looking forward to the new box and plastic storage tray...and the bags too.