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Along with the game's reprint, discover new heroes, events, and more in three new expansions for Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition!
Along with the game's reprint, discover new heroes, events, and more in three new expansions for Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition!
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Zeds Morph into Super Zed Packaging!

Posted by Victory Point Games (Creator)

FARMINGDALE: We have just received a scrawled note that Dawn of the Zeds 3rd edition reprint and its Expansion Packs are having its files submitted to the printer today. This means that it is the printer’s turn to manufacturing press proofs for our inspection (and to make any corrections) before the presses roll.  

We are also currently in testing the Pledge Manager for this project, and it is there that you will have the option to add the Zeds Bag to your order (mockup shown below). We hope to have the pledge manager live (or at least undead) soon.  

Zeds 3 Reprint draw bag
Zeds 3 Reprint draw bag

Important: This printing of Dawn of the Zeds 3rd edition is going to come in a different “standard” size box! It will be a large (roughly 12”) square box (as many games are packaged in, such as Ticket to Ride and Black Orchestra). This actually makes it easier to protect in shipping. It also allows us to include a free plastic insert tray in the game box that will help you organize the components (and, yes, you will be able to fit sleeved cards in the slots and those slots should handle a good many of those planned for future expansion packs, too).  

Pretty cool, huh?

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    1. Jonathon Mark Johnson on

      Over from Update 7 also...

      Recently I saw a playthrough by Catweazle who pulled out a 'Dawn of the Zeds' bag and it had 'Dawn of the Zeds' written on it.

      Is this bag only going to have the zombie head on it or will the other side have the game name on it?

      Maybe have an option during PM to choose a bag with the game title on it instead?


    2. Jonathon Mark Johnson on

      Hey all-
      Not trolling - don't do that.
      Just stating a fact of past experience - Mint Works and Shadows of Brimstone Forbidden Fortress - I did buy them though.
      No idea about the Event Deck.
      I play the full experience - box and content.

    3. Felonious Tub on

      I like the idea of the insert. I’ve seen how many pieces are in this game and I want a good way to store it all.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joseph Smith

      Thank you for providing a large box that will fit everything, including room for sleeved cards. You are already light years ahead of publishers who don't provide these essential features.

    5. Missing avatar

      jupiter999 on

      @Jonathon Are you playing the game box or game content? I'm confused ;D

    6. Lagoon on

      @onathon Mark Johnson please tell me you're just trolling... You aren't serious, are you? :|

    7. Victory Point Games 15-time creator on

      We will discuss producing some additional empty boxes + insert trays and see if that's viable. That idea has to be vetted first, so no guarantee on availability or price at this time -- just know it will be discussed and, hopefully, we will have some news soon.

    8. Mayor Jim on

      Yes! New sized box and storage tray as an add on is almost a “must have”. Too many little pieces to properly store in the current sized box...not to mention needing room for sleeved cards.

    9. Missing avatar

      Florent Leguern on

      I'm like Michael Smith, I too would love to see this as an addon. The extra space and ordering for sleeved cards would be nice. Though in my original box, I put a DVG tray for the counters, and that's great. No space for sleeved cards...

    10. Missing avatar

      Florent Leguern on

      Jonathon Mark Johnson => are you serious ? You're complaining that the game will be less good because of its box ? The originality will be lost with the size of the box, yes. Your Event deck wont come out the same, I understand. Seesh...

    11. Jonathon Mark Johnson on

      Changing the box size from rectangle to a 12" square. Errg...

      Though it may be easier to protect in shipping, you are taking away from its originality look - why not just put everything in a garbage bag?

      Not ok with this move as another game did the same thing by kept adding and adding to the KS stretch goals which meant that they had to increase the size of the tin, which took away from its original look (One of the top three winners in a recent BGG contest) - one of the reasons I wanted the game was because of the tin's original look.

      To me with this box change is just turning this original game into just another zombie game. :-(

    12. Russonc

      Nice update! Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Smith

      To join in on the sentiment, I'd also love to have the new box and insert but I already own a copy of the game. I would buy just that as an add-on if possible.

    14. Philippe PETIT

      Awesome ! Great news ! Can't wait to play with DotZ !

    15. Missing avatar


      the bags looks awesome! And I like the idea of the new box with inserts.
      Thank you for your hard work!

    16. Missing avatar

      David Boussin on

      Yeessss ! It begins to smell the dead... and it smells good !

    17. Missing avatar

      Jean-Yves on

      Awesome! Can you deliver it tomorrow please ? ;p

    18. Toni Valle on

      As a returning backer, I'm also interested on have the new box and the insert.

    19. Jack Francisco on

      I hope the bag will be large enough for actual adult hands to get inside. ;)

    20. Missing avatar

      Piliego Dimitri on

      Great news ! Impatience is growing...again!

    21. Ed Farias on

      Can we buy just the box and insert if we already have 3rd? :)