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Along with the game's reprint, discover new heroes, events, and more in three new expansions for Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition!
Along with the game's reprint, discover new heroes, events, and more in three new expansions for Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition!
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General Lee

Posted by Victory Point Games (Creator)

The Dean of boardgame design, Jim Dunnigan, once admonished acolytes, “There must be movement!” That is, players enjoy games where things can and will move around the board.
In Dawn of the Zeds, however, movement is an Action, and Actions are precious, so moving your heroes around is not something done lightly; the pros and cons of each Action spent on moving instead of foraging or some other useful purpose must be weighed carefully. 

Enter the new animal Hero, General Lee

His free Movement Action, 6 movement speed, and ability to have a rider mount or dismount for free make him the perfect taxi to the front lines, an ambulance back to the hospital for the wounded, and then again a ride back to the front. Providing one Hero at a time the opportunity to mount and gain the strength of cavalry combined with the wisdom of horse sense, 

General Lee races around Farmingdale with urgency as only a true thoroughbred can.
Here is his bio: 

Sired by Light Horse Harry through Fleeting Moment, General Lee was destined for a thoroughbred’s life: bred for racing and retired to stud; but that was not to be. 

When Mrs. Hauser settled with her husband Otto into retirement at Lefty’s Pass, they inherited this magnificent stallion from a new friend, “Rocky” Rhodes, who was fading from a terminal illness. May cared for Rocky and his horses during his waning months, and Rocky left her General Lee in his will knowing that the two had greatly bonded.
May Hauser broke and trained him (in much the same way she did with Otto, with great love, determination, and strength). 

General Lee was prepared for the Marine way of life in a way that would make famous war horses of history salute. Sarge and General Lee would often ride together into town and through the mountains and trails, jumping obstacles and practicing the cadence of a cavalry charge (walk, trot, canter, and gallop; starting at a slow pace and gradually increasing while approaching the enemy, and then reaching its highest pace immediately before engaging). 

When the Zeds appeared, Sarge and May went out to the barn and lovingly talked to their animals giving them a “sitrep” (situation report). Interestingly, Pickles was there that day visiting the Hauser’s dog, a black Labrador named Reveille, and also received this briefing. 

Soothing their brood and explaining directly to each what would be expected in the days ahead, the animals sensed a change with the Hausers and anticipated something coming. 

For his part, General Lee stoically accepted the saddle and bit, giving his best under any circumstance of tumult, and rode fleet-footed to bravely charge down the Zeds. 

General Lee (Dawn of the Zeds 3rd edition)
General Lee (Dawn of the Zeds 3rd edition)
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    1. Jonathon Mark Johnson on

      Do you have to be a 'good ol' boy' to ride General Lee?

    2. Tomasz Rospondek

      Please do not start with ‘great America’ again...

      I haven’t heard bout that black uprising cubes stupidity. Few more months and it will be impossible to buy black coffee in US, this land of the free, and the home of the great. Lol.

    3. Felonious Tub on

      I'm not seeing the horse representing treason here. It's a game with zombies in it. It's not a historically accurate game.. I think.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brett LaPrairie on

      I would be happy with a name change.

    5. Shawn King on

      The greatest part of Americana that General Lee plays is someone who stood for treason and slavery. Just because a TV show tried to retcon his place in history doesn't absolve him of his crimes. You could have just as easily called the horse General Grant and thus not paid compliment to someone so disgraceful to American history.

    6. Victory Point Games 15-time creator on

      Hey, Mark! The Zeds universe is filled with Americana and General Lee is no exception. When I was growing up, "General Lee" was a Dodge Charger on The Dukes of Hazzard (there some real Americana for you!).

      Now, Robert Edward Lee was, in fact, "sired" from General Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee III, which ties the horse connection there very neatly, in my opinion. There were a LOT of Lees in Virginia history (where they were known as its "first family").

      The history being present for the establishment of a General Lee Horse (by the way, R.E. Lee's horse was named Traveller), I know that some will ignore that and take popular offense. After all, we were slammed for having black cubes to represent Uprisings in the first printing of Nemo's War. I was a bit taken aback when the accusation of "racist cubes" was bandied about, so you may be right to have some concern.

      But our horse Hero, General Lee, is the real deal and making his own American History. I mean, it is not like Farmingdale's Civil War Reenactors salute a horse when he goes by! ;-) -Alan

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Bisset on

      Might be opening a can of worms here but using “General Lee”as the name of the horse is maybe not the best choice, given the recent events surrounding references to southern civil war personnel in general and more specifically monuments to Robert E Lee. I’m a big fan of Dawn of the Zeds and have always seen it as a light hearted game and would hate to have it perceived in any kind of negative light.

    8. Richard Dennis on

      I love the subtle jokes and references in this game.

    9. Missing avatar

      Edwin Dale Sanders on

      Don't forget;
      A Horse is a Horse: Cannot make Gunfire Attacks.

    10. Tomasz Rospondek

      A Horse is a Horse should be changed. What Hand-to-Hand combat? Hand-to-Hoof combat :D
      And why he can't use vehicles =( For centuries horses use vehicles =( Centuries...

    11. Missing avatar

      David Boussin on

      Yeahh, that's a good boy, for sure :)