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Tuckaway is a superior alternative to other TV stands and wall mounts because it's the only TV stand that hides all of your components Read more

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Tuckaway is a superior alternative to other TV stands and wall mounts because it's the only TV stand that hides all of your components

About this project

The Tuckaway is an innovative TV stand where all your components and wires are hidden behind the screen TV for a stylish, uncluttered look. The Tuckaway includes a built-in power strip, a remote control repeater, easy access to all your components, an ideal viewing height, and the ability to move it anywhere in your room.

Stylish and clutter-free – the Tuckaway eliminates the ugly visual clutter from the components, wires, and lights by placing everything behind your TV. All you see is your TV. A sound bar can be optionally mounted right below your screen.

Move it anywhere – Finding an suitable wall for your TV is often a challenge, but the Tuckaway makes it easy because it doesn't require an empty wall and looks great in any part of the room. Whether against a wall or free-standing, the Tuckaway looks great from every angle – even from behind! Its stable design resists tipping and its adjustable feet let you slide it easily on any floor.
Tuckaway frees you from designing your room around where your TV will fit.

Ideal height – a TV should be mounted at eye-level for an ideal viewing experience, but most TVs are too high when mounted on the wall or placed on a stand. Tuckaway delivers an ideal viewing height for most TVs.

Beautiful from the back – Tuckaway's cape completely hides your components and reduces dust while maintaining ventilation. The built-in power strip keeps all your components organized and accessible.

Easy access to components – In typical enclosures and stands, accessing your components and wires is fraught with frustration. The Tuckaway puts all your components on a high shelf with a spacious 8-outlet power strip that is easily accessible. Components that take discs such as DVD or game consoles can be easily accessed from the side. Tuckaway's remote control repeater supports your existing components and remote controls.

Designed for safety – The combination of Tuckaway's back cover and high shelf prevents children and pets from climbing the stand – a common cause of tipping and injury. The four supports provide a stable base and an anti-tip anchor is also included.

Easy assembly – Mounting a TV to a wall is often challenging and costly – the Tuckaway is perfect for locations when it mounting on a wall isn't an option. Easy-to-follow video-instructions are included and the parts and holes are clearly labeled for one-person assembly. Even the shipping box was designed to be easily carried by one person. 

Quality engineering – Designed and made in Massachusetts, USA. All metal design with a resilient, black finish. Includes a spacious 8-outlet power strip and IR repeater. The Tuckaway is currently Patent Pending. 

Product specifications
Shipping weight: 28 lbs (estimate)
Product weight: 25 lbs (estimate)
Shipping dimensions: 20" width, 2" height, 44" length
Product dimensions (without TV): 39" width, 44" height, 19" depth
   Base: 20" width, 18" depth
TV mount holes: 400mm VESA (fits most TVs)
Support TV sizes: 36" to 75"
Maximum TV weight: 125 lb.
Maximum weight on shelf: 40 lb.
Shelf size: 9" depth, 39" width.
Power strip: 15A, 120V, 8 outlets spaced 2.5 inches apart, covered switch.
Remote control repeater: 1 receiver, 2 emitters, USB powered

From the back, without your TV or your components.  This is what you will get.
From the back, without your TV or your components. This is what you will get.
Closeup of remote control repeater that is placed on the TV's front bottom bezel
Closeup of remote control repeater that is placed on the TV's front bottom bezel
The only two wires from the stand are for power and data.
The only two wires from the stand are for power and data.
Typical collection of TV stands from a furniture retailer.
Typical collection of TV stands from a furniture retailer.
Draft version of diagram for the patent application
Draft version of diagram for the patent application
Samples of current TV mounts that emphasize the safety of a wall mount.
Samples of current TV mounts that emphasize the safety of a wall mount.

Timeline from start to present 2013

January 9 Had the initial idea for a new type of TV stand and I built a conceptual 3-D model using Sketchup. (1 day)

 June 15 Got rid of big CRT screen in a armoire. Recycled the large CRT screen, and sold the armoire because it wouldn't fit a large flat-panel TV.

June 15 Bought new couch and a 47" TV and I decided to build the stand I had designed in January.

June 20 Bought materials for prototype.

July 1 Built the prototype out of basic wood. Replaced L-brackets with much larger ones. (1 day)

July 3 Installed a mirror under the bottom shelf to reflect IR light to the components without resorting to remote control repeater. Didn't work. It proved to be unreliable due to the sensitivity of component placement and aiming of the remote control.

July 4 Started contacting invention promotion firms to see what options there were for making a commercial product without a full-time effort on my part. (LOL in hindsight)

July 5 Filed provisional patent application so I could talk to firms without requiring a non-disclosure agreement.

July-September Visited with several new product promotion firms. The success rate was very low, and the upfront costs were very high. I didn't see a path for a quick success here.

August 31 Bought a different remote control repeater and installed it on September 10. It made remote control a lot more reliable and this is the prototype that I've been using in my home since then.

October, 2013 Added a rear-support dowel for added stability and it dramatically increased the stiffness. This support was only 24" high and on one side. My current design has the rear support attached at 41" high, on both sides, and attached at the corner of the base.  That should make it much stiffer.


March 19  I started working full-time on producing the TV stand.  I've been iterating on the design, contacting fabricators, marketing firms, insurance, patent attorneys, assemblers, wood fabricators, funding sources, custom packaging services, manufacturer reps, retail managers, in-bound marketing, search engine optimization, etc.  This Kickstarter project went live on April 7, 6 pm EST) 

Fabrication and Manufacturing 

I'm in the process of getting quotes from four metal fabricators around the Boston area.  The production costs for the metal should be $125 +/-$25 each for hundreds of units. The fabricator's initial feedback is that they don't see any big issues in making the product.  I will be applying the wood veneer for the top-of-the-line model.


Amazon will handle the fulfillment, and the direct-sales store at is hosted by Shopify. I've started talking with national and local retailers about carrying the Tuckaway Stand. Getting funded through Kickstarter is a great way to show there is demand for the product.

Risks and challenges

There is the proverbial "could certainly be hit by a bus", but otherwise the risks are managable. I'm buying business liability insurance to help protect the business from accidents. The fabrication doesn't require a major upfront investment in tooling, so hopefully the fabrication cost is not much more than $100. I plan on sticking with local manufacturers rather than send it overseas for the Chinese to potentially rip it off. It's simple enough where a manufacturer could copy it, but hopefully the design and utility patents will offer me some protection. The two electrical components -- power strip and IR repeater -- are off-the-shelf products and don't require any customizations. I have a basement where I can do the final assembly, as well as local assembly shops if needed. I feel confident that people need and want this product at a premium over the huge selection of existing TV stands and mounts, but the challenge is getting the word out. I only started a Twitter and Facebook account last week. I'm hoping that you will help me make this a very successful Kickstarter project and overcome any challenges!

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    My thanks for showing your interest and encouragement in developing the Tuckaway Stand. I'll send you updates on the progress and some pictures and videos of the production process.

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    A black metal Tuckaway stand. Does not include the powerstrip or remote control extender.

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    For the first run of black metal version from a CNC fabrication shop. Retail cost will be at least $250 (probably $299). I'm using Amazon for fulfillment. Using funds to file utility and design patents, and for manufacturing costs.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    You can choose any type of hardwood veneer from and I'll cover the aluminum base and supports in wood veneer it to give you a high-end hardwood piece of art.

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    Ships anywhere in the world

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