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Spirit rocks the world of oracle cards with the Rock & Roll Oracle™ Deck. Divine Guidance plays to the beat of your soul!

Inspiration, help and guidance can truly come from anywhere. Music has been inspiring people since before language was invented. Rock and Roll has impacted the world more than any other music genre and its influence has touched almost every person alive today. It is no exaggeration to say that today's "new age" spiritual movement would not exist without Rock and Roll. 

It only makes sense to combine the two into a Rock and Roll Oracle™ divination card deck.  For those who don't know, Oracle Cards are a divination tool in the same category as Tarot, and each deck has its own unique approach to providing the guidance needed for each person.  

For intuitive readers, it's a great addition to your repertoire because it comes from a very grounded and practical space. Not all clients resonate with angels, fairies, spirit animals and other otherworldly beings. EVERYBODY resonates with music.

For everyone else, having these cards in your collection not only gives you another perspective from which to get your guidance, it'll blow your friends' minds. Especially the ones who just "don't get it" and think you're nuts.  Even the skeptics will have fun once they realize that the songs playing in their heads can actually be used for spiritual and practical guidance.

The deck of 44 cards and accompanying guidebook are complete and are already at the printer*. You can see all the cards and their descriptions at the WEBSITE (or you can stare at the video over and over and see if you can name all 44) and you can even play with them using the Facebook app (which people are LOVING!)

I've been home-printing individual decks for those who couldn't wait for them to be published and because people are loving the deck so much, I've decided to NOT get bogged down in the multi-year process of getting them published through a publishing house.  By self-publishing, I can have decks available THIS YEAR.

According to the production schedule, I should take delivery on December 16. While I can't guarantee that will actually happen due to a multitude of variables (not the least of which is U.S. Customs), I should be able to deliver to YOU before Christmas (if you're in the U.S.) Even if that doesn't quite work out, the odds are very good that you'll have your decks before 2012. 

I need to raise $2444 (actually it's $2472, but I'm sticking with the set of fours). It wouldn't hurt to have more, so feel free to pledge larger amounts.  The money will be used to pay off the balance of the publishing cost and to get the ISBN numbers. Anything over the goal will go towards distribution and marketing (and paying back my friend who fronted the $2222 printer's deposit).

Thank you so much for your support.  I hope you love these cards as much as I do.

Peace, Love and Rock'n'Roll!!  

David \m/

*Note about the printer. Many publishers print in China. I'd rather not, so I am using Thumbprints Utd. which is an award-winning green company in Malaysia.


5 tracks, including

  • Blue Onyx
  • Dead Soldiers
  • Do Unto Others
  • On My Knees
  • Carolyn
  • PLUS a Bonus track not available at reverbnation/davidrosenhaus



  • I got the idea for these cards while driving. I was contemplating a problem I was having and a song came on the radio and literally answered the question for me. (It was last year, so no, I don't remember the problem... or the song...sorry).

    I realized spirit doesn't only talk to us through angels and fairies and crystals but that messages can come from anywhere. I love music and I love oracle cards. 1 + 1 = Rock'n'Roll Oracle.

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  • That's what I expected. I couldn't believe it when my research shows this had never been done before. I did find a Rock-themed Tarot deck, but it was all about the artists, not the music. And it's out of print, so it doesn't really count.

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  • The truth is that I am not really using songs. I am referencing titles, and titles are not copywritable. While the songs are the inspiration, I am not actually using any part of any song lyric or performance. When I do make reference to a lyric, it is properly quoted and credited to the author.

    I did consult an intellectual property attorney and he did confirm this is correct.

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  • Just go to You can even get discount if you order before the end of the year!

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  • Many reasons, the main one being impatience. Publishers frown on shot-gun style submissions (meaning sending to multiple publishers at the same time), so I can only do one submission at a time. Each publisher can take 6-12 months or longer to respond. So if the first one doesn't have the vision to really how awesome this idea is, it could takes years before they are accepted. Then, once a publisher accepts them, it's still another year before they actually get published.

    Doing it the Kickstarter way, we can have decks for sale in time for the holidays THIS YEAR.

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  • 4 is an angelic number. There are 44 cards in the deck and the quote from the printer was for $4444. How cool is THAT! So I thought it would be fun to carry the 4's through with the minimum pledge amounts as well. (You can still pledge a dollar if you like, but what fun is that?)

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  • YES! This first deck is the first Classic Rock Edition and goes up to 1974. There is a second Classic Rock Edition in the works as well as '80s, '90s, '00s, '10s... Plus Rock Goddesses and genre decks like Heavy Metal, Grunge, Punk and whatever else I can think of or people ask for. I'm also already working on a Tarot deck that is simply mind-boggling.

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  • I love your positive attitude, thank you!! If we go over the goal, the additional funds will go toward advertising and creating subsequent decks. (What subsequent decks? See the first FAQ)

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  • Retail price for the decks will be $22.99

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    ANGELIC GRATITUDE: In addition to my undying gratitude, which will be publicly acknowledged on our website, this pledge will get you a digital copy of my album of original songs "An Experienced Virgin". (An $8.99 value).

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    Here you get the same as the ANGELIC GRATITUDE level, PLUS your very own Rock and Roll Oracle Classic Rock Edition deck. We're retailing these at $19.99 so take advantage of this awesome pre-launch savings now!

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    *** POWER TRIO *** This one not only gets you the same as the ANGELIC GRATITUDE level, PLUS THREE of your very own Rock and Roll Oracle™ decks, but also a ONE HOUR intuitive reading with me via Skype using the Deck. AND I will also make a special personalized 5"x7" card inspired by YOUR favorite song. If that's not enough... you can also get your choice of either a Rock and Roll Oracle™ T-Shirt or Tote Bag AND one of the Rock'n'Roll Rubber Duck band members!

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    WOW!! My good friend (ok... she's my girlfriend) Robin Linke has offered a 1/2 hour remote energy healing session to anyone pledging at this level. This could include Reiki, Angelic IET, ThetaHealing or possibly a combination, depending on your needs or wants. Robin's energy work on me is the primary reason I was able to create this deck in the first place. Oh, yeah... you'll also get FIVE RnR Oracle decks AND a ONE HOUR intuitive reading with me via Skype using the Deck (plus all the stuff from the *** POWER TRIO *** level except you get BOTH the T-Shirt AND the Tote Bag AND the Tote Bag AND the entire Rock'n'Roll Rubber Duck band!). [OMG, that's like a $350 value!]

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    For this level you get my first born! Oh, sorry, I don't have any children. OK, then... here we go: 1. Public acknowledgment on the website. 2. A digital copy of my album of original songs "An Experienced Virgin". 3. A one hour intuitive reading with me via Skype using the RnR oracle cards. 4. A one hour healing session with Robin Linke. 5. TEN copies of the Rock and Roll Oracle™ deck. 6. A special personalized 5"x7" card inspired by YOUR favorite song. 7. Rock and Roll Oracle™ T-shirt AND Tote Bag. 8. The entire Rock'n'Roll Rubber Duck band!

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