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By Christopher Hall
£7.00 pledged of £100 goal


Being homeless made me realise one thing, memories are important. However without something to help you remember the good times they can soon fade away.

Looking at those memories

After my return to 'normal life' after losing everything I was fortunate enough to be invited to peoples houses. I enjoyed looking at the walls and the photos that hung there. The constant reminders of times gone by.

Pictures of families together, weddings, births, children growing up or just that special occaison.

In years gone by I would have been able to afford to have someone take those images. Not now though, things had changed. Circumstances had made my life different.

Am I alone in this?

For so many people times are hard and getting harder. The single mum wanting that picture of her child before he grows up. The groom who lost his job and can no longer afford the photographer for his special day.

Is it right that they should miss out on the opportunity of a photographer just beause they don't have the same money as others? Well I for one don't think so.

The proposal

With the average cost of a photographer for a portrait £50 per hour, this is out of reach for a lot of people. The main part of this price is for experience rather than developing the images.

Part 1 - My time doesn't cost me anything so why should I charge others for it?

The service that I would be offering is to be able to attend at location 'free of charge'.

Part 2 - In this digital age why should people have to pay for images they don't need?

The photo album would be delivered via a secure gallery. From the gallery the client would then be able to select the images they want and how they want them printed. Saving money and the environment, while giving control of the budget to the client.

What do I need?

To set this all up I aim to raise £100 to help pay towards updating the website for full commercial use and providing an 'Open Day', early in the new year, where people can just drop in to have their portrait taken. This I hope will raise awareness of the project which will then enable it to be self-sufficient.

How do I intend to do this?

I am aiming my project at keeping the cost down. Funds are limited and that is why I am not asking for large donations. Simply donate £1 and have your name appear on the website. I have also set the goal low so that it is achievable and with this money I would realistically be able to provide this service.

Thank You

Even if you don't feel that you can donate just £1 I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your time spent reading this and hope that you would be at least able to share this with others.


Risks and challenges

Every project has challenges. The question is what should you do with those challenges? Do you think of them as something to stop you or something the help you improve?

A lower price equals a lower service

The main challenge I can see I that by offering lower priced service it will be seen as an inferior service. That is why I want to spend time and money getting the advertiing right. By having a gallery of examle photos ready I want to be able to put peoples mind to rest that just because the price is lower they are not getting any less.

Service abuse

Another challenge would be people abusing the service and taking advantage of the free service. For the wedding photography I am to get the churches involved. I want them to feel comfortable with the service enough to recommend it to people who they feel would benefit.

As for the other aspects involved I think that this would be an experience thing. It will take time to be able to recognise those who genuinly need the service and those who are abusing it. I am however open to suggestions on this one.

Not selling prints

People not buying prints and just using the online gallery. To get around this the gallery will online be available for three months. After that it will be taken offline. Also downloads will be disabled and the use of a password will prevent the images being linked to.

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