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In this video series, Feminist Frequency will explore five common and recurring stereotypes of female characters in video games
6,968 backers pledged $158,922 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You All For the Overwhelming Support!

Posted by Feminist Frequency (Creator)
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I'd like to extend an extra big thank you to everyone for sticking with me and especially to those continuing to back this project amid the torrent of misogynist bullying and intense harassment.  I'm overwhelmed and encouraged by the support from people of all genders. Every one of you is an inspiration to me in my determination to make this project as amazing as possible.

Wow! We've now reached over 2000 backers. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

As you can probably imagine, over the past few days I have spent the majority of my time dealing with all this ongoing harassment and trying to secure and tighten up as much of my internet presence as I can. It looks as if this type of backlash will be an unfortunate and continuing side effect of this video series as we move forward.  As some of you might be aware, in addition to the threatening messages sent through, literally, all my social media channels, the wikipedia page about me was vandalized last week (*Trigger Warning* that link is pretty disgusting!). There have also been a few more alarming incidents over the past couple of days but I don't want to publicly disclose them for safety reasons (but don't worry I'm still okay!).  At the very least, this story is being picked up and sparking some "discussion" on a few gaming blogs like Destructoid, Kotaku, and The Escapist.

All of your support and pledges over the past few of days have gone above and beyond my wildest imagination! I also want to thank you for your comments and suggestions about possible future additions to the project. We have some exciting plans and ideas for how Tropes vs Women in Video Games is going to evolve from here.  I'll be sure to post more details as soon as I have a moment to catch my breath!

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    1. Daniel Schealler on





    2. Nathan Sanzone-Mcdowell on

      I pledged back when the stretch goal of 10 videos was still a "goal to be reached"—I'm trilled at how support of this project has taken off!

      Anyway, I hope the overwhelming success leads to even more episodes down the line, maybe not "just" women in video games, but also men (privileged aspirational power fantasies or not, many of the representations are simply not healthy), as well as other flavors of Tropes vs. "race, gender, sexuality, class and ability" in Video Games.

      Looking forward to hearing more about what those "exciting plans and ideas" might be!

    3. Missing avatar

      Thompson Plyler on

      Just from an academic standpoint I was extremely excited to see what you churned out with these videos. When I saw the backlash, I was moved to back you. Do what you do.

      I'm so damned tired of the same old tired hypersexualized portrayal of women in video games. I'm not saying it doesn't have a place, just that it shouldn't be the ONLY place. Oh, and I'm a dude.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan Fuller on

      I'll freely admit I've never been the most socially aware of folk, but I never thought the prevalent attitudes were so bad as they are. Looking forward to this series, and I do hope that no-one causes you any undue trouble.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      As someone who has played video games for 15 years I am deeply sorry you are getting harassed and threatened by a demographic I am part of.
      I'm glad to see that you are determined to stay your course and that a great number of people are rallying to support it. Misogynist and racist hate speech is still far to common on the internet and due to the anonymity of the medium can't be handled properly. The only way to improve that sad state of affairs is through educating people so they might change their twisted mindsets. Your project will probably go a long way towards achieving this, so thank you for soldiering on!

      Take care,

    6. Fried on

      Heard about this on The Escapist, the venom and hate here is pretty extreme, it's amazing that only 3 weeks ago Extra Creditz was talking about this stuff...…
      Glad so many people are rallying against these low-lifes, and if there was one good thing about this, it's the support that has come out of it showing that their view is not the commonly held view and Gamers can be and often are better than that.

    7. Missing avatar

      E on

      Talk about your Streisand effect. 5,000 backers should have just clicked over while I type this. While it sucks that the harassment is happening, you could not have gotten better coverage (not to mention proof of the necessity of the series) if you'd planned it! Good luck to you, and thanks for doing what you do.

    8. Asteroid 5099 on

      Best of luck with the new series. Can't wait to see your finished product :)

      Oh, also: do you think there might be an episode that details the making of an episode of FF, someday? It'd be neat to see your process and meet your filming and production crew.

    9. Marcus Evenstar on

      I'd heard about this harassment on a few other sites but when I read the article in Game Politics, I headed for Kickstart. After reading your plans, I made a pledge immediately. I haven't played many console games, due to bad fingers and early computer possession. Nonetheless, I've still seen too many high heels, corsets and frilly accessories on female fighters, pilots and scientists. I'm keen to see what this project will generate.

    10. SatyrPhil Brucato & Silver Satyr Studios on

      As an award-winning professional game designer, I'm glad to see you doing this project. So yeah - I'm in, and supporting it on my pages as well. Thanks for doing this. I'm looking forward to the results. :)

    11. Matthew Abely on

      PS Also you have my support because, if your thank you cards are an indication, your favorite games are my favorite games. That makes me happy, and spreading smiles is something I support.

    12. Matthew Abely on

      Ms. Anita,

      I am not sure if it means anything from a random guy dressed as Spike Spiegel in his profile picture, but I am going to type this anyway.

      Thank you for continuing the fight. We need people like you to continue this fight, because it is not okay. I did not get into video games and genre fiction because I wanted to join and become like the kyriarchal bullies who tormented me in grammar school, but thanks to the state of things I almost did in some ways. Your movies are part of what has been saving me, and now I am here to return the favor by doing all that I can afford to do to help you, because it is dangerous to go alone.

    13. Elaine Young on

      So supporting your work. This is excellent! Stay strong.

    14. Malcolm Harris on

      Anita you are an inspiration!
      Keep it up, you are not in this alone!

    15. Timothy Brannan on

      I would have donated on principle alone. This is a big problem in the video game industry and the fact that no one seems to care speaks louder than protests.

      But then add the vile reactions from some of the slimier sections of the internet, then I could not get fast enough to donate.

      Looking forward to watching all of these.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Best thing about being an Alpha Male for me? Being able to support great work like this, free of the insecurities that plague those little men who seek to demean and belittle women. Stay in the fight Anita, and keep truthing the trolls.

    17. DJ Larkin on

      I'll echo what others have said. Saw the article on Kotaku about the abuse, and that alone earned a donation from me.

    18. Missing avatar

      Tara McPherson on

      Can't wait to teach your work (and the reaction to it) in my courses at USC.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nicolas LEFEBVRE on

      I usually hate posting redundant things but here, in the face of the vile stream of crap that's been sent your way, I guess I feel compelled to repeat what has already been said : congratulations, trolls all of ilks ! You've made this guy feel so ashamed of being a gamer he's just sent 50$ to the project you hate (all the way from France, too !)

    20. Andy Gould on

      I only became aware of this project through reports of the vile abuse you've been suffering. Congratulations haters; you've made my decision to back this project the easiest one I've ever made.

    21. Missing avatar

      T. Andritsch on

      I haven't heard about this project before stumbling over it at the escapist. Now I watched some of your videos on yt and found them quite interesting. Looking forward to the series :-)

      I think the sheer amount of vile in your yt comment section shows how important this topic is and that the gaming community is in dire need of discussing topics like sexism in games and the gaming community. People like me often like to think the majority of gamers are a tolerant bunch, but apparently that's a bit optimistic. Just watching from the sidelines because "it has always been that way" won't help. We 'average gamers' have to speak up and not let the sexist horde pretend they speak for us.

    22. Kelley

      Wow. I've been following this project since it was first posted on Kickstarter, and since it was quickly funded many, many times over, I had decided not to back it. Then I saw updates like this one and the previous one, and I'm astounded. What the heck is wrong with people?! I've now decided to back your project, no rewards necessary. Damn. I know you don't need me to tell you this, but keep your head up! I can't wait to see this project come to fruition.

    23. Tony Heugh on

      I actually heard about your project when a site was reporting on all the awful abuse. Glad you're going ahead with it and looking forward to seeing the result. I love games and comics but it's an issue with both media that I find troubling. It's an important thing to talk about, glad you are!

    24. Liz Beetem on

      I was linked to this kickstarter and thought it was awesome from the getgo, because I've enjoyed your videos before, but since it was already funded and I'm underemployed I didn't donate.

      Then I got into a really ugly discussion with someone on someone else's facebook. And while he only resorted to insults, not to threats, the level of his defensiveness and abusiveness when I was trying to have an honest conversation sickened me. And I thought about how many times I'd wanted a blog or something to speak out about my issues on this topic, but refrained because I was afraid it would hurt my career or that I wouldn't be able to handle the trolling or that even if I stayed anonymous, people would try and hack me just to try and suppress my free speech.

      And I was like, hell no. People should be rewarded for speaking up. So I donated, and it felt good. Thank you for doing what you are doing.

    25. Missing avatar

      Lodrelhai on

      I am so, so, so glad my friend linked me to this project. Cannot wait to see the videos. Keep going!

    26. Patrick Lee on

      If it's any consolation, there is at least one comments section on the internet that fully supports what you're doing here. The Gameological Society has your back:

    27. Shenzi on

      @K.P. Badertscher, thanks for leaving that link, that was so funny!

    28. Missing avatar

      Brittany Welsh on

      I'm delighted to have discovered this project and even more delighted that I learned about it in time to back you. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and research on this very important issue!

      All the best :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Bugeyedmonster2 on

      Came over here from LJ. I really don't pay much attention to video games (other than look at the pretty art) but all that harassment you've been getting has convinced me to back your project. There must be a good reason they are trying to shut you up, right?

      I've also posted about this on my LJ and my FB. Good luck to you!

    30. Missing avatar

      K. P. Badertscher on

      Congratulations on the continued success! I know of at least three or four of my friends who backed this project as a big FU to all the harassers and youtube jerks.

      I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with better funding!

      Oh, and if you haven't seen this video, I think you might enjoy it, it's a sarcastic "love letter" to YouTube hate monkeys:…

    31. Missing avatar

      Mika Kaplan on

      It would be cool to have an episode with some examples of Tropes vs Men in Video Games, something guys can relate to that uses the language of Feminism 101. There are so many people I'd send that to.
      About that "extra" money raised... I hope you use it to fund your own future series. Keep them coming!

    32. Erik R Green on

      I stumbled upon this from the Kickstarter Home Page and am glad I did. Happy to give my money to support the fight against misogyny - it is disgusting the attacks against you.

      A humble suggestion - could one of the stretch goals be to help fund some other women trying to do the same things as you? Create some paid internships or something and pay yourself and your pupils to do some classes. The power of social media is to get more and more involved!

      I'm so glad you're including the curriculum guide. As a graduate student in Education, I have actually been looking for things to include in my class on digital identities. Having something like this available to all would be incredible, and I hope it makes it into every classroom out there.

    33. Ryan Casey

      2000 backers and then another 1,375 18 hours later? Brilliant. Glad to see this project's going so well, trolls and femiphobes notwithstanding.

    34. Missing avatar


      ...I wish some backers wouldn't feel the need to mention how they don't believe in feminism, or how they prefer the term "equalist", etc.

      How about a feminism 101 resource?

    35. Missing avatar

      Breitegan A Paules on

      Sorry it took so long. I believe in what you do. Thank you.

    36. Chi-Young on

      I don't believe in feminism, but I hate trolls even more.

    37. Jennifer Bolton on

      I have been a big fan of yours for over a year now, and I am so sorry that you have had to deal with such vitriol. I am just glad that so many others have also shown their support. Please, please, please stay safe, and keep up the good fight! I look forward to your future projects.

    38. Cormac Russell on

      Just backed the project as well due to the horrific harassment that has been going on. My $50 can't make the trolls go away, but hopefully it helps counteract their awfulness.

    39. Andrew Busby on

      Hey just backed, because of the stupid comments and haters on /v/ - it really surprises me that in todays day and age men still exist that see feminism or even the mere mention of it as an attack on their masculinity.

    40. Missing avatar


      I doubled my pledge after reading through the comments on youtube (yes, all of them!). ~Haters gonna hate, backers gonna back.~

    41. Chris Leach on

      I had seen your stuff before all this went down, and while I do think you tend to nit pick on things that don't bother me, (very tiny things and over-analyzing things that you wouldn't probably if genders were reversed), you seemed pretty level headed. I wouldn't have donated if not for some escapist idiots I've been arguing with. Most just don't see the problem right in front of their faces. But as a girl who grew up gaming with mostly male protagonists, I'd love to see what you have to say about these issues. (I hope Okami is listed as a positive!)

      One major thing: Since the money has gone waaaay over the initial asking amount, what do you plan on doing with all of it? I hope you answer that somewhere soon, most of the stuff I've been seeing besides the hate and the support is about that. (I swear, ZeFrank didn't get this much grief over his kickstarter webseries drive.)

    42. Tweevle on

      Add me to the list of folks who probably wouldn't have backed without the ridiculous backlash. How very effective they were! /sarcasm

      And is that Twilight Sparkle I see in the background? Love and tolerating the shit out of them is right! *brohoof*

    43. Missing avatar

      Kayla Whaley on

      I'm so glad that I found Feminist Frequency this week before the Kickstarter ended so that I could support you and your project. I, like so many others, am horrified at the abuse you've had to deal with. Horrified, but as a female gamer, not entirely surprised. But reading through the comments and everything nearly brought me to tears. Thank you so much for everything you do. We're with you.

    44. glamgeekgirl on

      Keep going, Anita!

    45. Cassidy McCurdy on

      I doubt I would have backed this project if there wasn't an ugly misogynist outburst. I just couldn't stand by and let these people give a bad name to gamers. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    46. blazinwolf on

      You're awesome!

    47. Arthur Dent on

      Sorry to hear about the harassment, I wish you all the best.

    48. Missing avatar

      Erica Garofalo on

      Anita- you are truly an inspiratiion to female gamers such as myself. I've been playing video games since I was a little girl and have found very few female protagonists that I can actually relate to (Jade from Beyond Good & Evil being an exception). I really hope game developers pay attention to this video series because this poor portayal of women is something that should have changed a long time ago. You obviously have a great head on your shoulder, so keep doing what you're doing and dont let these trolls get you down. I'll be rooting for you!

    49. Austin Green on

      Your project is the only project I have thus far decided to support on Kickstarter purely because I want to stick it to those MRA asses and show them their bullying is ultimately meaningless. Well, and because you write and produce great feminist literature. Just thought you should know.

    50. Katrina Lehto

      I am so very sorry that this abuse is headed your way. I had supported your project before I heard about the awfulness but now instead of just being a supporter, I'm going to try to spread your work to others to see what we can do in support of making these changes.