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In this video series, Feminist Frequency will explore five common and recurring stereotypes of female characters in video games
6,968 backers pledged $158,922 to help bring this project to life.

FUNDED in the first 24 hours! New Stretch Goals

Wow! Funded in the first 24 hours.  I'm honored and excited by all the positive feedback and support.  Thank you all so much! Wanna help expand the scope of this project? See expanded funding goals and new trope videos below!

When I was initially planning this project I came up with 10 tropes focusing on female characters in video games but I wasn't sure what the level of interest would be in this project so I narrowed it down to the 5 most common and easily recognizable tropes.  I figured I would do another Kickstarter later if this was successful to continue the series.

Since the funding has happened faster then I could have imagined and there seems to be an enormous amount of interest, here's what I'm going to do, for every $1,500 dollars I raise above my goal I'll do another one of the trope videos on my extended list.  Some of these additional tropes are a bit more complicated and will require some more time and finesse to explain clearly.  Check out the new tropes and goals below:

Stretch Goals

  • $7,500 - Voodoo Priestess/Tribal Sorceress (Tropes Video #6)
  • $9,000 - Women as Reward (Tropes Video #7)
  • $10.500 - Mrs. Male Character (Tropes Video #8)
  • $12,000 - "Ugly" = Evil (Tropes Video #9)
  • $13,500 - Man with Boobs (Tropes Video #10)
  • $15,000 - Special Video To Be Announced If Goal Magically Reached!