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Crush monsters and get loot in a persistent world full of gorgeous 2D sprite work with a sweeping throwback soundtrack.
Crush monsters and get loot in a persistent world full of gorgeous 2D sprite work with a sweeping throwback soundtrack.
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It's March 2014, Where's My Dungeonmans?  

Unfortunately, Dungeonmans is not shipping this month. 

I apologize for missing this deadline, I probably should have been a bit more conservative in my estimations. I feel bad for letting any of you down, but hopefully I've been transparent enough in my updates to give you confidence that I'm working hard on the game and progress is being made. If you've got any questions or concerns, I'm happy to answer them.  

So what's the hold up? There's no single point of failure (aside from myself, I guess), the entire process is just taking extra time. Art isn't coming in as quickly as estimated. I'm iterating on work and taking the time to get it right. I've gone down a couple of roads that have led to dead ends, and features are being cut. 

Here's the new, tentative, schedule:  

Beta: Set to begin by the end of March.

Ship: Sometime in the month of May.  

Physical Goods: The timing on the CD is uncertain, and I'll have more on that when I can, however the books and deck of cards will be printed and shipped after launch. The Dungeonmans Almanac PDF should arrive with the game in May, if not just after.  

Greenlight: 15 January 3180 AD, or 405 E.N. by the calendar of His Luminous Vastness Star-Emperor Zenod.  

You said cut features, what's been cut?  

The only feature announced publicly that's been cut are Fortress Battles. They just weren't fun with the current set up, and the extra time and energy required to make them fun would have been too much work focused on a specific part of the game that would amount to a handful of battles over the course of many hours of Dungeonmans.  

Mans-At-Arms and Armorer Backer Rewards! 

The first sets of gear have been produced! Plenty more are on the way, assuming I can wring gear descriptions out of the rest of the weapon and armor tier backers. Check out some of the first WIP:  

What's Next?  

Right now I'm working on Tower dungeons. Short, tightly focused, high action battles in fortified areas where the enemy keeps great treasures. Defeating the Warlord at the top of the tower will grant a powerful reward as well as a tome of old heraldry, stories of knights in gleaming plate and banners flying above the battlefield. Boring!


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    1. Jim Shepard Creator on March 12, 2014

      Ha! Well I appreciate the support. Let's hope "couple of months" stays couple of months :) I'll do my best.

    2. Joshua Rodman on March 12, 2014

      On the topic of stuff you already know...
      In software, you should always strive to have a sane deadline, and choose whether you want to jettison scope or time as the reality sets in. Both are fine choices, especially when communicated well as you are here.

      Realistically, finishing a multi-year project a couple of months past projection is a notable success.

    3. Daniel Reuter on March 3, 2014

      Agree with all the agreeable folks below me. I actually didn't even remember it was supposed to release this month because no Kickstarter games release at their estimated date. ;') Looking forward to getting in on the beta!

    4. Raging Robot
      on March 3, 2014

      Kind of par for the course with regard to kickstarter. I agree with the others, I backed to get a fun deep adventure game and when you finish it I'll be ready to play it

    5. Adam Neugebauer on March 3, 2014

      I don't think any game I've backed has met it's original ship date, so don't stress about it. Anyways, I didn't back this project to have a game by this month; I backed it because I wanted a copy of the great game it was shaping up to be, whenever that was ready (though preferably within the 21st century, if that's not too greedy).

    6. Robin Watt on March 3, 2014

      No worries. I'd rather you take your time and get it done right the first time :)

    7. Chris on March 3, 2014

      No worries here. But I beg you with all my might to work on Fortress Battles post release. I was super excited about that. However, I do appreciate not allowing something half-assed in the game. Do it right, or don't do it at all.