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Crush monsters and get loot in a persistent world full of gorgeous 2D sprite work with a sweeping throwback soundtrack.
Crush monsters and get loot in a persistent world full of gorgeous 2D sprite work with a sweeping throwback soundtrack.
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Update 5: Feedback Mailbag and new Let's Play videos!

Hey Everyone!

Lots of exciting news to cover. Let's start with the most important: your feedback! I've tried to pick examples of the most commonly reported issues and display them here. Please remember, if your feedback isn't listed here that doesn't mean I'm not listening.

Feedback Mailbag

No doubt that in 1.06 there's a difficulty ramp that just turns into a fun free-skate party time near the end of the mid game. It's really cool to see the better enchanted weapons show up, but it made some of the later fights silly easy. That, and there's a bug with the Ring of Jungle Fighting that applies it's damage to spells as well as melee. Pretty awesome to throw poison laced fireballs, but there's got to be a better way. Monsters are going to be tuned up, and some super powerful items are going to be tuned down. On top of that, The Dread Spire will become a slaughterhouse. I will see to that.

However, for another opinion on the matter of balance, we turn to this Totally Fair and Balanced Monster:  

Well my friend, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. You will remain cool, tough, and strong, but being able to one-shot well equipped heroes at level 5 is going to stop.

This is a super common complaint, and it will be rectified soon. In the mean time, don't forget you can toggle on enemy health bars in the Options menu (press ESC), maybe that will help you along. 

This came about from my ears being terrible, desktop mixer being constantly out of wack, and thinking I actually had muted the game. This will be fixed soon, and Fighter you can be all the King of Carrot Mountain you want to be. 

Awful! Good news ahead though, in 1.07 any knockback ability (player or monster) will break doors apart, as well as breakable objects like urns and barrels. Smash everything!

 Right now, crypts come in three flavors of difficulty, not the nice gradual curve that overworld encounters and dungeons have. The plan is to add more monsters to the crypt (including more that aren't undead) and create a better gradient of monster power across the range of crypt levels. 

New Backer Tier!

Multiple people have asked about a tier where they can get Alpha access without needing to buy in for the (awesome) physical copy of the Dungeonmans soundtrack. This is a fine idea, especially for monster crushers outside of the USA who would be forced to pay extra for shipping. 

I've introduced the DIGITAL EXPLORER tier which will get you into the Alpha as well as provide you with a PDF copy of the Dungeonmans Almanac! Perfect for those of you who want set out into the earliest Dungeonmans experience but like to pack light.

Let's Play Dungeonmans!

Some awesome Let's Play videos have made their way to the interwebs. If you want to see more about the game while doing something else, or just laugh at some misadventures, there's plenty for you here. 

Johnnyliltoe picks up from his last ignoble defeat and gets back into the dungeon with a brand new Rangermans! 

The Game Hunter, known for cruising through ALL of the recent 7DRL roguelikes, has made three videos as he adventures forth to become the strongest. 

Kawa tries her luck in the Convenient Scrobold Warren in another Rangermans journey! 

Dungeonmans In The News 

RPGFan writes a full preview of Dungeonmans after spending some time crushing monsters and exploring the world. 

Kotaku makes a brief mention of Dungeonmans, thanks for helping spread the word!  

Check out a full developer interview with the Jace Hall Show. What's this cryptic crapola about secrets!?

The Next Build

I'm going to delay 1.07 for a bit. I've been just overwhelmed with the media / business side of the Kickstarter and I'm not going to rush things. 1.07 features include:

  • New dungeon layouts, as explained here.
  • A smattering of new monsters.
  • Bug fixes, balance changes, and a really difficult Dread Spire.
  • Actual hidden things! Hidden on purpose, not just obscured by the UI!

It won't be too long before you see 1.07, I've just go to clear aside the time to focus on getting the T's dotted and I's crossed. It'll happen!

Thanks for your support! 

As always, the Kickstarter thrives and survives based on the support from fans of the adventure. Every mention, tweet, and share helps the game get into more hands, which means more financial support, which in turns means a successful Kickstarter and a better Dungeonmans. I really appreciate it!



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    1. Patrick Lipo on July 18, 2013

      Soooo excited about 1.07... ...and Totally Fair and Balanced Monster always has the best feedback.

    2. Missing avatar

      Icefire on July 18, 2013

      I pledged the Pioneers Guild. However saying I get "early access to the Dungeonman's Beta, scheduled to begin sometime before shipping."?? I certainly hope so. I don't want to receive the full version of the game, and then be granted access to the beta!! Got a good chuckle out of that. And this is meant in a lighthearted way. But you may want to change that description. Good luck and I hope this game is a tremendous success for you.

    3. Jesse Dylan Watson on July 16, 2013

      This is hilarious, seeing the comments next to the sprites and getting your replies. I'm getting so psyched for this game! It really does belong on Steam.

      Thanks! (New backer)