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Crush monsters and get loot in a persistent world full of gorgeous 2D sprite work with a sweeping throwback soundtrack.
1,468 backers pledged $43,155 to help bring this project to life.

Update 4: Halfway there + Dungeon updates.

Dungeonmans is 50% funded!

This is an excellent milestone, and you all have my thanks. Getting the word out to friends and in front of other games has been a terrific challenge, and I appreciate the help along the way, both in cold hard coin from backers and the genuine enthusiasm and support from players who are helping spread the word. 

People are enjoying Dungeonmans and I couldn't be happier for that. As the number of players has grown, so has the amount of feedback that's come in, and all of it is being used to improve the experience. The media is starting to pick up on it too, and that's very helpful! PC Gamer recently ran an article about Dungeonmans!

While nobody likes a letterbombing spam campaign, don't by shy about nudging your friends you might have who'd enjoy playing and talking about Dungeonmans. It genuinely helps!

New Dungeon Improvements

The current vanilla Dungeons in the game are a myriad array of rooms and hallways. They're a touch dry in shape, and while the combat and loot remains interesting the layout needs to improve. So here's a shot at it! Take a look at this old vs new layout.

Fancy! Irregular room shapes, obstacles and cover, and a healthy mix of chokepoints and open areas. Here's another:

Rooms within rooms! Pandemonium. Here's what it looks like in the battle:

So what's going on here? These are the goals:

  • Reduce the amount of long-ass hallways that lead nowhere.
  • Make more interesting rooms, and more interesting combinations of rooms.
  • Create more avenues for sneak attacks and double reverses.
  • Mark locations for treasure that make sense. Won't always appear there, but it could!
  • Add more decisions for the player when chasing down ranged enemies or hiding from big bruisers.

What do you think? Look like fun? What sort of rooms would be interesting to you?

What else for 1.07?

Besides bug fixes, you mean? Well I'd like to include Secret Doors, as well as a new room type (like the Armory and Library) but no promises. I will add in a new monster or two as well to shore up some weak spots in the roster.

Also, the overwhelming majority of feedback indicates that Coldnado is broken. It costs way too much mana for far too little return, I'm thinking about a 500% boost to both damage and range.


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    1. Jim Shepard Creator on

      @Erik Thank you! I think people will enjoy them, there's a couple of new tricks involved now, more than just the the dungeon shapes. I should probably explain more in an update but I don't want to spoil!

    2. Erik Avalos on

      The new dungeon layouts look awesome, Jim! Can't wait to get horribly, irreversibly lost in them!

    3. Jim Shepard Creator on

      @Jonathan It was a bit of humor. Coldnado is horribly overpowered and will be nerfed significantly in the next build.

    4. Patrick Lipo on

      I will celebrate the demise of the long hallway that leads to a long hallway that leads to a long hallway that leads to a dead end... Those new rooms look awesome!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Osborne on

      Nice I really hope this game gets funded!

      While you're buffing Coldnado you might want to look at how it scales with Foom. At level 12 (44 Foom) its 40 mana for an AOE centered around the caster doing ~180 - 270 damage which seems to be more then adequate for most Legendary areas.

      40 mana takes three turns to regenerate back to full after casting Coldnado.

      Lava Lance does comparable damage for 10 mana but has to be cast in a straight line.

      Bolt of Foom does 140ish damage, costs 25 mana, and is a single target attack (currently with a better range).

      When I read that it was broken underpowered wasn't what I was expecting to see ;)
      (but it was one of the last spells I learned so I probably missed the slow start)